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Author has written 2 stories for Ranma, and Alien Nine.

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Project: L (as to what the "L", stands for, I'm not telling; it's definitely not standing for "Leif") is currently my only work of fanfiction. I am planning a second, shorter not-so-short-story (too short for a novella, too long for a short story) for something that will actually need a new category. Look forward to it.
I would have posted Project: L sooner, but Fanfiction.net destroys formatting, and until they got italics and bold implemented reliably, my work(s) would have been unreadable.
A few notes on how I write:
Project: L is paragraphed by scene, not by vocal transitions, meaning that lines are not skipped when the current speaker changes. This is partially because it helps one work on transitions, and it's also because it would be too horribly mangled and falsely long on Fanfiction.net without it.
Italics are used for emphasis when only found on a few words within speech. "Having an entire quotation in italics" represents voice-over-style thoughts of a character. An extension to this is that an italic thought quotation might have a few unitalicized words, and these are the emphasis for the quotation.
•Bolds are emphasis, but are considered much stronger than italics, and used sparingly.
• Triangular brackets indicate speech in a non-standard language.> Please note that while Project: L is written entirely in English, Ranma ½ takes place in Japan, and thus Japanese is the "standard" language. (Note that the writing pattern is English because most people, including me, can't stand having "Rifu-kun" used every ten seconds.) Thus, when Leif or someone else speaks English (or any non-Japanese language), it will appear in triangular brackets>. Please note that thoughts are exempt from this, since thoughts are assumed to each speaker's natural language.

Enjoy my work.

Please note that all my works were originally word documents with things like formatting, charts, and differing font sizes. All the originals are available at my website, so please don't hesitate to visit and nab yourself an unedited copy.
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I'm also at FictionPress, with the same handle.

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