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How long have I been gone? 4 months?! Jeez, school's gotten in the way. Oh, and my job. And my hospital stay (Hepatitis). But I'm back! Though I can't say I'll be very active...

I appreciate that you decide to visit my profile. *Updates may vary*

http:///user/Bronies - A New FiMFiction profile put together by me and my dear buddy, Zack!

About me: Hello there, and welcome to my profile. My name is Nicosnaviar Milorad Vladimir Miroslav Dimitry Slava Kesvanovic, and that's just a short version. My family isn't very diverse, but has quite a few middle names. I find it alright for you all to know my name, as I exist on no other site on the internet, apart from my e-mail and my private school server.

I am a sixteen year old Yugoslav who resides in Sofia, Bulgaria and originates from the genocidal grittiness of Serbia, Belgrade to be exact, where I grew up under the religion of Serbian Orthodox. I live with only my mother, who divorced my father after my brother died in a school accident late October 2012. She eventually won a case in her favor to keep me as a legal child, but given the choice, I would've chosen her anyway.

Sounds insensitive, but my dad was not the best of men. He was an ex-army veteran from the brutal Balkan war, who was also a drinker and not very kind to non-Serbs. Due to this, I really struggled to convince people of my nature, as I SERIOUSLY detest all kinds of racism, especially being born during the Bosnian war and eventually having to grow up during the war between Kosovo and Serbia. I also never got along with my brother, we'd get into serious physical fights as well as verbal, but needless to say, I lost it when he died. He was pushed off a five-story school balcony by someone who happened to be drunk.

During that phase (Late october to mid-november), I fell out of touch to the world, gave up on religion, gave up on life in Serbia and lost hope in society. Thankfully, my mom and I eventually received a warm offer from some of her friends to move to Bulgaria, where we now live. I can now resume a normal life, make friends, and pursue religion. I recently converted to Islam, largely thanks to the Islamic community that resides in Sofia. I also changed nationality, so I'm officially no longer a Serb, but a Bulgarian.

Despite everything, I still feel like the same person and can now gladly carry on a normal life, attend school, make friends and do everything I need to do. So, if there's anything else you want to know, don't hesitate to send me a message.


Okay, there's some other things I'd like to say:

I like various sports, especially football, where I have three favorite teams: Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Leveski Sofia (Bulgaria) and FK Partizan (Serbia, and honestly the only thing I miss from Serbia). I also like skateboarding, as well as tennis and water polo.

I'm also a passionate follower of Formula 1, of which I support Force India's German driver Adrian Sutil. I've been a follower for about 11 years, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

I adore video games, of which the Mario series is my favorite. Despite this, I don't own a Nintendo system, yet keep an Xbox with me.

I don't read much, but I do enjoy Geography well enough.

Like reading, I don't read many comics, but I do like Scandinavia and The World.

My music taste is Punk, but you will not be seeing me dress in black with greasy, colored hair. I listen to only Canadian and Yugoslav Punk, of which I prefer Billy Talent and Atheist Rap. I also do like various other rock, like Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, and to a more extreme level, Metal.

I work at a small pizzeria in downtown Sofia part-time, and can make some awesome stone-baked pizzas as well as 60 Lev a day (plus two slices of pizza).

I can fluently speak 17 languages. No joke. SEVENTEEN. I treat learning languages as a hobby. I speak English, Serbian, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian, Albanian, Danish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Macedonian and Arabic.

And no, I will only be writing FanFics in English. It's not that I don't want to write in different languages, it's just that the audience is majorly english readers.

I am a Brony (imply my pen name) and a HUGE fan of My Little Pony, this will take a lot of time to post and require a separate section.

Apart from MLP, I do like The Amazing World of Gumball, another great cartoon.

I constantly eat pizza, it comes with my job. However, nothing beats a good Pljeskavica, in my opinion. I also have a love for muffins. (DERPY ALERT)

I am a Horror movie obsess, with my five favorite movies being Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ring, The Exorcist and Final Destination. Yet I can watch all five of them in a row and still go to sleep. :) Don't think I'm a psychopath, I have perfectly normal thoughts 96% of the time. The other 4% is anonymous aka completely random, which can be a huge source of inspiration.

Yes, I'm a Muslim and not ashamed of it. All that talk about 'Islam is Terrorism' is a wad of lies. Like almost every other religion, Islam is actually quite passive (at least to my knowledge). Remember, Religion is not evil or offensive by default, but some people can choose to make that happen.

(And now for something completely different): My Brony side:

Favorite Mane 6 character: Pinkie Pie. Energetic, random, psychotic, crafty, expressive and likes making confectionery. What more can I ask for? And no, I do not find her annoying. She just cool in her weird way.

Favorite Princess: Luna/Nightmare Moon, she's got a great personality, is nowhere near as annoying as Celestia (My opinion), she got THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE, and she's very, very, very pretty.

Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Applebloom. Really good at fixing stuff, determined and was the HNNNG factor before it was cool.

Favorite Background Character: Muffins! Wait... Oh yeah, Derpy Hooves! Uh, Ditzy Doo? Whatever, she's Derpy to me.

Favorite filly: Dinky Hooves! Just seeing fanArt of her with her mother, Derpy, makes me wanna hug the screen. (Yes, I do, in fact, hug my screen. :D)

Favorite Villian: Discord. Come on, he was awesome! And he had a really great voice actor. Or is he not a villain anymore?

Favorite FanFic: Err, most horror fics, provided it's sex-free. I don't like clopfics, and if it doesn't make me a true Brony than fine by me. Hm, my favorite is perhaps Cheerilee's Garden, or Rocket To Insanity.

Been a Brony since April 2011, and will never stop until everyone else does too. Unfortunately for me, contributing to the Fandom has been difficult, it was made more my internet restrictions set upon by my parents and an inability to make stuff pony-related, but I think I can pay back what I owe to the show and the Fandom through FFN.

Favorite FanAnimation: Well, there's plenty of great videos on YouTube, but I really like all things Derpy. I'll admit, I cried after watching 'Save Derpy', because it's just so unfair to her.

Favorite FanSong: Ooh, a tough call. Really tough. There's plenty of fantastic Brony music on YouTube, Soundcloud and other sites (which I didn't have much access to due to Internet resrtictions in Serbia), but like my music taste, I lean towards Punk/Hard Rock/Metal. I give credit to my pal Zackovic for showing and sharing some fantastic Brony songs.

Some of my favorites? Here's some examples:

Smile, Damn It (By Vaceslav)

Bullies And Best Friends (Prince Whateverer)Other songs...

Favorite FanGames: Well, from what's available, I play Ponymon a lot, and I have played all the games in both Dreamy Rainbow and Luna Game, if any of you still think I'm psychopathic, but they didn't freak me out one bit.

My Pony OC: Name: Cyrillic SpritzGender: Male, obviouslyType: Earth PonyCoat: Dark Gray,with white hoovesMane: Spiky, slick black with streaks of blue. (Total Punk Rock)Eyes: Round and deep indigoBuild: Slightly stocky, fractionally taller than an average stallion and quite fit, but not overly athleticAccessories: A one-piece red jacketCutie Mark: Black Cyrillic letter Š“Speaks: Alternates between English, Serbian and Bulgarian. (Something I do daily)Personality: Is always happy, sometimes overly happy. Can be brash, loud and panicky, when he usually switches languages, but is a good friend who is always happy to lend a helping hoof.

My two best pals:

I want to give special thanks and mentions to my two greatest friends, the best I could ever ask for, who go by the nicknames of Zachary Stylo and Acoustic Danski. Zachary is in fact IPreferParakarry-Zackovic, another author on this site, so you can check his stuff out. Acoustic Danski does not have a FFN account but can always be depended on for the odd idea or so. We all are Bronies, all like various types of guitar. (Me:Electric, Zachary:Bass, Danski:Acoustic), all like Rock and all are not afraid to share our thoughts. There's more reasons, but I don't want to go on forever. Zachary is Canadian and Acoustic is Danish. Acoustic took over my profile while I was out, so I owe him a huge thanks, plus his care and support kept me going through rough times. Same with Zachary. Although we can't see each other in person (We live in different countries), they still have a spot in my heart.

God bless you two. I really don't know where I'd be without you guys. /)

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