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Basic Author Profile

Name: Ross Manuel (I also answer to Doc)

Age: mid twenties

Primarily a Writer of: Science Fiction, and Anime, but I have dabbled a little in Fantasy and other genres.

Random Stuff About Me: I'm Australian, but I have an American Accent...I dont get it either but I do. I love to write and read, as well as play games in my spare time. I love Science Fiction and a little bit of anime; though not as much the Anime. This shows up a lot in my writing, and I hope to publish one of my many unfinished novels in the future. I've been writing since I was five so most of my grammar and spelling issues are regional (we write using the Queens English here). I rarely use Canon Characters as mains in my stories as I believe their story has already been written, so most of my characters are my own which also allows me to write their story without worrying about annoying people in regards to shipping. Though I'm all for canon ships, I tend to not venture in on the whole non canoning shipping.

My Policy on Flaming: You flame me, I ignore you, and delete the review if I can. When someone spends time and effort on a fic, it's not nice to char-grill it is it? Constructive Criticism I approve of, but flaming is just a pathetic waste of everyone’s time. Besides, if you really think my work is that bad, why on earth did you even read past the first few lines?

My Policy on Requests and Collaborations: I'm up for it, if your interested in writing a story that exists in the genres I've written in then sure I'm more than willing to work with you; however other genres or cross overs; pop me a message and we'll give it a go

Incomplete Story Status

Name: Dark Eldar: Insertion
Category: Warhammer
Status: Active
Notes: The first story I have uploded in a long time, and I'm impressed by the interest it has recieved, with a few more views/comments I'll probably upload more chapters when I get around to writing them

Name: FMA: The Quest for the Sphere of Justice
Category: FullMetal Alchemist
Notes: Working on this one is a little difficult as I technically wrote it ages ago but lost the original so I've decided to rewrite it, at the moment the first chapter isn't long enough to be uploaded but it will be soon

Name: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Darkness Rising
Category: Gundam SEED
Status: Active
Notes: This one is going to be my flagship story, I've already written two chapters for it, I just need to work on some editing before I upload them

Name: The Elder Scrolls: The Other Side of the Mirror
Category: The Elder Scrolls
Active..Sort of
Notes: I'm not sure what is going to happen with this one, I started writing it without any purpose; but it is sufficient soon to be uploaded

Name: Star Wars: The Purge of Alpha Cyan
Category: Star Wars
Notes: Another one of these stories that I started writing and didn't know what I was going to do with them; but I enjoy it so I'll keep working on it

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