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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy VIII.
To anyone who has read 'Alternate Fantasy' and wants more: do you want me to post a summary of what I intended to be the plot? I would still love to get the story finished, but I can't make any promises that it will ever happen, so the summary is a bit of a compromise... Message or email about your take.

My name is Draic. I'm into just about everything artistic, and am constantly trying to find a 'true meaning' to everything I come across. I have worked as a checkout operator and a theatre lighting technician/stage hand, am currently studying Microelectronic Engineering, but may yet wind up doing Psychology.
I love the Final Fantasy series, but I have only ever been inspired to write for Final Fantasy VIII. I think so many stories have been written about this game because the relationships in this game are the most numerous and complex of all Final Fantasies so far - it's the soap opera of the series :)
I also write stories at fictionpress.net, also as Draic. If you are into fantasy stories or general poetry/fiction, check it out!

Featured Story: "A Question of Honor" by Gietzeng.
Why: This story, and the two that come before it, are the first I've seen that actually take Garden seriously as a military institution. Too many FF8 authors end up thinking only of the characters and romantic 'cutesy-ness', and not the world they live in, or the way they were brought up. Garden is a mercenary group, guys! Think of the training you'd have to go through to become a SeeD! Gietzeng takes all this into account when writing this post-game FF8 fic. He also provides a large selection of both action and reflection - there is plenty of character development and HEAPS of backstory. All in all, this series has turned out to be the best story I've read in a long time.

Looking for some good fics? Here are my must-reads:

For Action and Character Development: ""Figlio Perduto", "Pity the Child", "A Question of Honor" by Gietzeng
For World Development and Backstory (and Xu!): "Sowing the SeeDs" by greenbeans
For Emotional Impact/Tension: "Crimson Lies" by Ashbear
For Romance: "Of Damsels and Dragons" by Mintbaby (completely won me over - and I don't like romance!)
For Humour: Any humour fics by Vick330! (try "Seifer's Camping Trip" or "Me, Myself and... Huh?")
For Short Stories: "We Have Been Called Elementals" by hybrid2
For something a little dark and unexpected: "Fenrir" by Al Kristopher
For radical changes to the world you know: "Griever" by Larathia

For Squall and Rinoa: "Ace of Spades" by Luna Manar
For Quistis: "Rain of Roses" by Saravien
For Irvine and Selphie: "Sincerity Cowboy" by seventhe
For Angelo (!): "Understanding" by White Crescent

For FFIV (The one with Rydia and Cecil): "Going Home" by Masaka
For FFVII: "Evolution of Innocence" by Quinctia

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