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Author has written 5 stories for Law of Ueki, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Devil May Cry.

Name: Eliot Wolf

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Hello, I you are reading this it means our snipers can hit you... damn. Any way It mostly means I was interesting enough to take you away from your busy schedule hehe and interest you in some strange thoughts. First off I'm a rocker, yes I'm the real rocker, all you other Fing rockers are just imatators, so would the real rocker man please stand up, please stand up, Please stand up.

Also I'm fast on my way to being a head producer for a company I made. Have a bunch of writings for you people but that's only if I choose.

I do enjoy reading and one of my pet peeves is bad grammar. 3xc3pt 1337 sp33ch, b3cau53 that 5tuff i5 aw50m3n355 in a handbag.


By Eliot Wolf

Forward by author-

I actually started Lycanthropy right after the first Underworld movie came out. It was going to be about one lone family of vampire hunters and their struggle to suppress the vampire population around the world. I was going to work in how their oldest son showed the most potential but was forced to be killed by his brother when he was bitten. The younger brother would then be recruited by lycans to be the perfect warrior, but then that idea died on me.

I still liked the title though, so I continued the idea. It was hard to come up with anything, because I wanted something different that would thrust the lycans on people. I finally settled, grudgingly, on the war. This seemed like a logical place to start, seeing as that's all people ever seem to care about. I then started the characters. Goliath was originally going to be a one-shot in the original, seeing as he was brokenly over-powered. Then I started getting attached. I thought at first, after I had bought my first copy of Hellsing, that his main weapon would have to instantly cauterize the blood in a vampires body. That stayed. Then I wanted him to wear an eyepiece. That also stayed, however at the time I didn't know what it would be for. The hair was always spiky, even when I was just starting the plan. But it would change in length and amount of spikes. Finally I had him all planned out and started making minor changes, some that only made it to a few drawings that will probably never see the light of day. There was one where he had replaced his arm with its own generator. Another where he had his eyepiece off and images were flashing (I might actually do that again because it was a cool idea).

But the characters were the easy part. Next was finding their place in the world, as well as the story. Since they were all mostly god mods, I had to give them personallity flaws, instead of physical. Goliath became over-confident; Alex became Apethetic; Anubis became pacifistic; and Cain became psychotic (okay, Cain was always crazy but after I was done with him you really felt sorry for him).

Then there was the story itself. The plan came easy somewhat, but I didn't have the details figured out yet, and what would be the true meaning behind this story. Too many animes have failed because they had over used their awsomeness and couldn't go anywhere else. So I really put some planning into Lycanthropy and hoped it wouldn't FAIL!

Anyway, I hope this was informative to my readers who have known Lycanthropy since the begining, and interesting to the new readers, and I hope you all enjoy this FanFiction.Net presentation of the Novel form of Lycanthropy.


Book One

Note: This is completely mine. Lycanthropy is a pure creation of Eliot Wolf and Wolf Den Productions.

Outskirts of Ipswich, Massachusetts 11:54PM

Goliath stood there, his face feeling the salty air from the sea. Around him, the ocean hit the jagged rocks with the natural force. He raised his head to view the full moon above him. The light glinted off his eyepiece and he smiled. A perfect night for his kind.
“Sir,” Lucas shouted, his second in command. “The army is restless sir.”

The army. Goliath hung his head. Another perfect night ruined by work.

“Then give them the order…” he swung his head up and he stared up at the cliff in front of them. Its might was the only thing in the way of their freedom. “TO ATTACK!”

At these words, the crowd behind him started to move in a may most people would not understand. Howls and barks could be heard for miles, but it didn’t matter. They all knew their presence was known.

All at once they started running for the cliff. Their padded feet muffling the thunder of their charge. Almost in unison, they leapt for the cliff, digging in with their claws into the tough granite. What would hove instantly would have worn out a regular human was nothing compared to the lycans.
Goliath watched as his soldiers climbed, and he knew it was time to show them why he was the General. He fell to his knees, blood dripping down his outstretched arm, his other ripping the flesh from his bones. Goliath was a special lycan. Because of a mutation at birth, he had immunity to silver. This turned out to be a double edged sword because instead of the usual transformation he had to remove every part of him that was of another DNA. But it was normal to him.

He started to run towards the cliff, but something out of the corner of his eye caught him by surprise. A quick flash darted up and over the cliff. Goliath took it with mixed feelings. Either it was a friend or foe, or either way they would meet sooner or later.

In a single stride he jumped to the top of the cliff and looked down as his pack climbed to catch up. One by one they got to the top. Goliath stood in front of them with happiness in his eyes. “Welcome brethren. The battle that you are about to take place in could decide for us whether we live without the reminder of the past, or live on always looking over our shoulders. The only difference is do you fight with all your passion or do you fight with an unsure spirit. If you are the latter then leave now.” No one moved. “Then let us begin our final battle of the races. Let us dive into the pits of hell with fangs and claws at the ready. Let us free ourselves from the Vampire menace, and charge!” They all ran towards the castle in front of them. The castle Domina and its final queen Anno.

More Coming Soon

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