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just a guy with time on his hands, and if someone could leave a review, that would be appreciated to.

Sometimes in life, things fall by the way side

Abandoned and forgotten, these dreams remain, if only in their vestigial forms

What is to become of these forgotten dreams, these broken souls?

Flickering and fading, their light dims but never fades away entirely

each had such potential, each had the ability to rise

each had the power to ascend to the stars, to go beyond being a mere idea and become something that burns brighter then any star

But now they lie, abandoned and forgotten, flickering and fading

What is to become of these forgotten dreams, these broken souls?

Enough is enough

looking back on my life, i see all the things i left behind

I see what i was

I see what i am

I see what i will be

I will not be one of these forgotten dreams, these broken souls

I will collect the scraps of my misguided ambitions

I will rectify my errors, right my wrongs

I will gather those fading lights to me, and with the ambition that each was born with i will climb

I will rise

I will realise my potential

With these forgotten dreams and broken souls i will forge a new being

I will ascend, and become more then a boy

I will become a man

My name is Erol Carstein

Remember me

"if there's a book you want to read that hasn't been written, it falls to you to write it" my mate bidie, quoting something in english

if anyone ever wants to ask me anything then just drop me a pm, i literally check the site everyday so i'm never going to miss it

i do take requests, just tell me the general theme and the charaters you want involved and i'll be on it

if you ever want to just ask me a question about anything i'm fine with that to

My current project is named "The sins of the celestial empire" and contains OC's submitted by the users of Fanfiction.

If at some point you want to submit an OC, feel free to PM me at anytime

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