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Current News: 28 July 2017
No update...?

I wanted to update that yes, Estrelita Farr is still alive and well!

It's just that, well, I've been caught up with other aspects of life. Yep, I'm still writing, but probably not as much as I'd like. @_@

Where have I been for the last couple of years? Well, as always, I'm still struggling with writing Azure Dreams (have been for the last 5 years...), but I'm determined to finish it before I start posting another story! Of course, I can't help to wonder if I'm determined or just stubborn. xD

Still, Azure Dreams is something I'd love to see completed; it's been my dream for the last 5 years, despite the struggles! Though this time I won't put a deadline to finish that story; I'd say it'll be finished when it wants to be. xD

Wish me luck!

Estrelita Farr, still alive. :D

Update Note: If you find I haven't been posting here for a while, I might be busy elsewhere, like my weekly writing challenge on Tumblr, or chances are I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo. Or maybe I lost my sense of time and, well, forgot. x_x

Shameless Advertisement: My best buddy and weekly challenge comrade Diana-HND has a DeviantArt page and a Tumblr page! Do have a look, her comics are great! :D

Current Novelisation:

Azure Dreams: Monsbaiyan Tales

Total Chapters: 14
Completed: 12
In Progress: 2

Works in Progress:

Wild Arms: To the End of the Wilderness

Total Chapters: 30 1 Prologue 1 Epilogue (Estimate)
Completed: 20
In Progress: 10 1 Epilogue (Estimate)

(And too many more to list...)

Estrelita Farr is:

1. A uber Dragon lover. So don’t expect a story with purely evil Dragons! Oh, and a cat lover too. xP

2. A female (mostly RPG previously but now random) gamer. A bit rare still, no?

3. A great lover of Wild Arms composer Michiko Naruke’s music! But I like music from other games too. :D Current favourite song: To the End of the Wilderness and Deployment from Wild Arms / Wild Arms Alter Code: F.

4. A Chinese in Southeast Asia! Surprised?

5. Unfortunately easily distracted. When the PS3 came, there was no writing until I finished Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood at 100%. And then there's Team Fortress 2 and Terraria... x_x

6. Used to be an anime fan, but now just an occasional manga reader. Really, anime episodes are now too longwinded, so much that I end up fast-forwarding too often. I can at least go at my own pace with manga!

7. Not to be confused with another author called estrelita. Despite having the same name, we’re not related in any way and we’ve been using this name for some time prior to joining! (I think, at least I did.)

Estrelita Farr would be writing:

...a lot of novelisations. Why novelisations?

I'm one of the type who is easily moved by game soundtracks. Whenever I listen to soundtracks of a particular game, memories of that game will come rushing into me and I'd feel like revisiting the game again, only that I prefer to read when I don't feel like replaying the game. Unfortunately, a lot of my favourite games don't have a complete novelisation. When I feel like going through a game story again, I'd search for a novelisation... only to find it's not completed. Okay, so I'd search for a game script... and find that there's not even one. x_x

So I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Some games already have official (Japanese) novelisations and manga, for example: Tales series and Suikoden series. While I can't read Japanese novels, I do read English scanlated manga online. I find that these manga tend to rush too much, probably due to the page / volume limitations. So for these games, I still might novelise them... but don't get your hopes too high. xP

It's like a tribute to the games, for gamers and non-gamers alike to enjoy the deep storyline that each of the games present. :D

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