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Author has written 16 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VIII, Mario, Final Fantasy X, G. I. Joe, Star Fox, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, and Perfect Dark.

Age: 30 (oh no!)

Introduction: I'm a simple poet and author and like gentle, funny stories. It's one thing I tend toward when I write. I've been writing stories and poetry for some time and some of them can be pretty long. I'm a big fan of detail and plotline twists so if you've got some hours to kill I can help you out. (chuckles) I like to do stories where the female has a more central role than "damsel in distress." Girl power rocks. (chuckles) Hence the giantess themed stories displayed here. Writing stories with that as a main theme has been something I've had a lot of fun doing and I love having people give a review of my work because of that. I have to say this as well, this window is way too big to fill with text. I'm not that interesting. (chuckles at own expense) My poetry is at my home page and it details the experiences of life. I invite you to stop by if things that rhyme often enough are of interest.

I do poems and stories by request as well for games, cartoons, or anything I halfway know about. If you're interested, drop me a line and ask. I also beta-read stories if you need a second opinion so ask me or send me a file and I'll proofread it and help if I can. Also, I am still polishing my own story techniques. If you find something I can improve on in any of my works then let me know. Don't be afraid to leave a review or send a personal message. I like to learn things too. I just finished posting all of my fan-fiction. All that I've finished at any rate. So if it's been a little while since your last visit scroll down and check out what I've got for you.

Keyboarding: Nothing, really.

Writing: I am in the process of a Shining Force 2 novelization that I have mapped out. I'm in the middle of a playthrough and writing.

Glossary: Two-hundred fifty-five letters is not enough to describe something that could get past 10k words. I mean I write really long things on occasion and it's worth knowing if it's up your alley before you make a commitment then decide to stop after an hour. I'll run through a quick description of the longest of what I've written for brevity's sake; call it the glossary and my attempt at being helpful. None of my works center on original characters made by me if you're wondering that since I think if you wanted to read about characters I made up you may as well buy a novel (chuckles). Ask a question if what I put below doesn't cover what you want to know and I'll try to help out.

My Little Angel, Unwilling Weapon, and To Save the Planet are a Final Fantasy VII series which should be read in that order. I did it romance style and went over the plot from the game from a certain point to the end with a bunch of twists and additions. It's a Clo/Ti for those who go for the FF7 fan-fiction abbreviations.

Red-Haired Girl and Red-Haired Girl 2: Setting Things Right are from Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time time-line. You are going to want to read the first one before Setting Things Right of course. They are stories based on friendship and helping out with a bunch of humor throughout. If you wanted to hear Link actually manage coherent conversation now is the time. (chuckles)

To Be Skilled is a story based on Final Fantasy VIII. It's a tale where Seifer and Xu take the spotlight and also is a friendship tale where people find that they really can learn from one another. I had a lot of fun writing it.

A Soldier First is a story from GI Joe Sigma series time-line. I made it somewhere in the powerstone saga and tried to pace it just like an episode of the show would go. It is suitably random.

Aparoid Influence is a story from Star Fox. It is a tale that centers around Fox and Krystal and is worthy of being called an action/drama with a bit of romance added in. But of course plot twist after twist are included and it's not the average boy/girl tale.

Play Responsibly is a story from the Sonic X universe. I did it by request and used the plot device, beginning and ending that the client wanted. The rest I filled in for humor. If you've read this elsewhere you'll notice that I edited it here for additional humor since the original version did lack a bit of content. Made for all ages to enjoy. A light-hearted take on the anime.

Sonic Shrink-a-thon is another story from the Sonic X universe. I did it by request and used the plot device and some plot details specified as per the client's instructions. Just a story to read and have a laugh at. Another light-hearted take on the anime which happens to feature Lindsey Thorndike, one of the little used co-stars of the show for a special treat

The Drink of Champions is a story from Shining Force one that's a tribute to a character that got no explanation and an ignoble death in my eyes. If you played the game on Genesis you may like the one-shot story that's here. Not too long at all.

Curse of Immortality is a very short story from Shining Force II. It's only 877 words so give it a glance since describing it would ruin it but it's part of my character introduction series and not the most likely character.

Final Correspondence is a story from Perfect Dark. It's a new point of view to the purpose of regret after covert operations and the mission "DataDyne Extraction". It's simple and made to convey something similar from the Perfect Dark story in my favorites called Seeing Flames

The Test of Time is another story from Ocarina of Time. It is a story I had brainstormed over a year ago and wanted to write. It is both a shot at contemporary civilization and a "What If" for if you swapped the Triforces between two of the three holders of the Triforce. Made for Humor and Drama with some teen humor and grit.

Stories are visions from the mind we share with others. They are pieces of the soul we allow others to see. With this in mind each one is magical and unique in its own way and can mean something different to everyone.

That's Ex in a text-created, word-wrapped nutshell. Stop by, relax and read a bit. Enjoy your stay.

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