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Hey there~

I'll post all my fanfictions in here with time coming and when they're complete.

Well, the next fanfictions (2010) will be posted chapter by chapter, but I've also have a thread at the DCTP forums (http:///index.php?topic=1709.0) where I'm posting my fanfictions up-to-date.

Except some special ones, I'll post soon here...

UPDATE: 12/30/09 - I'll post the next fanfictions the next few days if I have time. Until then, read my fanfiction 'Fake Tears'~

UPDATE: 01/27/10 - Okay, I'm uploading a special story (In-Progress) for GERMAN ONLY. And be assure, it is a great one! Next fanfictions coming soon.

UPDATE: 03/03/10 - Man, it sure has been a while since I last visted this site... Sorry for that but hey, no need to be so upset~ Cheer up! I finally will upload every fanfiction I've wrote so far to my account here, just lean back another short time, thx. You won't be disappointed by them, I can assure you.

!GERMAN: Okay, meine Fanfiktionen (was fürn Wort) sind bald auch hier zu lesen, bis dahin, für Freunde ausschließlich der deutschen Lektüre, meine Fanfiktion "Apokalypse" wird sehr sehr bald geupdated. Die meisten der kommenden FFs werden aber in Englisch sein, da Englisch einfach die coolere Sprache ist~

UPDATE: 03/27/10 - So, I finally did some updating on my second story here, Pandora's Opening. And yeah, the story was on-hold for some time but she will go online again with new chapters the next weeks. And, for the german readers:

Hier dann ein neues Kapitel nach langer Pause, es schließt den inoffiziellen ersten Part der Story ab. Im nächsten Kapitel wird dann eine neue Hauptperson eingeführt, also immer schön dabei bleiben und ja, Part 2 wird mit einem Mega-Update online gehen und das ziemlich bald!

And that's it for todays' update, more coming soon.

UPDATE: 03/28/10 - FINALLY! It all works again, sorry for the inconvenience, but it wasn't from my end, believe me. But I corrected the mistake, so here, last but not least, Chapter 19 of my german-only fanfiction is online - along with a brand-new style to scroll down the chapters, but go there and see for yourself! As already said, chapter 19 closes the inofficial first part of the story, so enjoy~ And yes, my promise still is on, Part 2 will be going online with a bang! A mega-update with more than 4 chapters, if everything goes right...

But for now, all is fine!

And I'm really sorry for the long time with no updates, I was busy keeping up with life and 5 different stories to write. ;)
But I'm looking foward to updating more and more stories very soon.

One last word to my announced newest FF, 'Earth Shadow': Once again, it is german-only but for those who'll read it, let me say to you, it's great! I myself can't really believe something that great could have turned out so soon, but as said, patience is needed. PREMIERE RELEASE DATE has been set for JUNE.

Same time as Burn Notice kicks off its 4th season (yeah!) but that's another story...

UPDATE: 04/18/10 - And here I am again, yeah, it has been a while, sorry for that, but: As perviously said, here is the maga-update for my german-only No. 1 fanfiction. And believe me, it gets better and better. So, I am sorry that at least one chapter is very very short, that it shouldn't even be conscidered a chapter but I hope that Chapter 23 ('Flashback') makes it up to you, guys.

And be assured, there are only two or three more short chapters coming up and then it's time for the big ones! And also the story gets to big points, so wait for it and enjoy~

More updates are coming soon and for the english readers: Updates can be found in my (very) above mentioned thread, there were some. I'll upload them here asap next time. And since I'm happy because Burn Notice returns for a fourth season this June and after that for another fifth AND sixth season, there will be lots of chapters coming up very soon, I promise. And this time, I think I'm able to hold my promises... ;) And: English-readers-only! Finex and me are writing together on an all-new hit story for you out there in a joint venture (project). Check it out at my thread at the DCTP forums. - It is titled: 'The Moon Light Skull Baron Conspiracy'.

UPDATE: 05/02/10 - Yeah, I'm finally getting close to keeping my promises! So, this time Part 2 of last sundays mega-update of my german-only fanfiction. Also auf deutsch: Part 2 des Mega-Updates geht jetzt online und wie schon gesagt, es bildet das Summer Finale. Okay, back to world's language No. 1: Part 2 of the mega-update just mentioned will place as the SUMMER FINALE of my story and it will return after June with a big FALL PREMIERE. Also: Some few new chapters of 'Pandora's Opening' - we already passed the mid, so keep reading.

Along with the FALL PREMIERE of my german-only story there will be a bunch of new stories (yeah, stories!) being released but nearly all are german-only.

But for the english readers: The time is finally here. Due to the SUMMER FINALE, I will release plenty new chapters the upcoming weeks, enjoy~

More updates coming soon and in/after June. See you~

Stay tuned~

Seeing you soon ;)


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