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14th October 2009

Whoa! This place is awfully dusty! And cobwebby!

It's been ages since I've logged on to, I think nearly 5 years? Well, in between, real life happened - got a degree, so no more stress with reading politics and economics, had to deal with doing economics in the real world before deciding to leave my job and taking a crazy risk with my life. But that's another story for another day.

So plenty of things have changed since 2000. I've moved on to a new fandom - Doctor Who and bade a tearful farewell to FF and Dragonball Z. Don't ask me to continue writing them, I can barely remember writing the stories much less the nuances that made me so attracted to the series in the first place.

I now write as Adschumi and my current fandom is Doctor Who. I adore Doctor Who. Ridiculously so. I'm currently posting work as Adschumi on Teaspoon, but Gatsby and Adschumi are the same people.

Master and the Wolf is a multi-chaptered story set in an AU where S4 Doctor Who never happened. Rated PG mostly for naughty language.

Sometime in 2001

Alright, first things first. Updates on my life to whomever that do come here lol. Firstly, to be honest I've been avoid fanfiction for awhile now, mainly because its been distracting me from my work...but I can't seem to stay away from it lol! Yeah, I noticed that I've two works that I haven't completed and therefore I should complete...but, only if I've time

For those of you who are reading this probably spider-webbed dusty part of the internet realm. Interests on writing fanfiction: FF 10. Yes I've moved on. Mainly FF stuff. The moment I venture into something else, it becomes addictive and I stop having a life. Not good.

Currently writing an Auron/Rikku fic. But not sure if I'm going to post that. It's a stress release fic i.e. I write it whenever I'm sick of reading politics and economics. It does have a plot but don't know if its quite coherent ;)

Finally a special note to my Twenty Day readers. You see, I stopped after the 2nd Chapters for two reasons. One was that I kinda lost interest in the story and secondly, I don't believe it was as dark as the first one.But hopefully, if my muse allows it, I would continue, and perhaps rewrite Chapter 2. It's a cute story that I thought of ages ago but didn't continue on with...

I might continue...who knows. During the summer holidays...Later. Most likely the Seifer one. Always did have a soft spot for blondes ;)

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