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I am write gud.

Really though, I'm just here to relax and write some stuff for my own amusement and practice storytelling. Will write about whatever strikes my fancy; I have a few pet themes, which include adventure stories, thriller stories, keeping canon plausibility through drastic tone shifts, and wallowing in continuity. Examples of my writecraft:

=Rainbow Leap c (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Genre: Sci-Fi, thriller, airport novel, stream of consciousness.

Rainbow Leap: The title is a play on Quantum Leap, though the fic itself is not a crossover. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash discover a way to cross universes by travelling at extremely high speeds, in a slightly counterintuitive way. Thriller-esque take on MLP, and a Sci-fi take on Cupcakes and its numerous alternate endings and sequels. Kinda like Quantum Leap meets Inception at Cupcakes' house. Complete, rated M for grimdark.

A Storm of Chaos: Complete. Basically, this is me taking this story series away from Cupcakes. Takes place in the same multiverse continuity, but not in the same universe as the previous story - this is a different Rainbow Dash. Discord breaks out of his stone imprisonment, and starts playing with the mane 6 again. This happens to be on the same day that Twilight and Dash are testing the flight suit in this universe, and as such, Dash escapes by jumping into another universe. I don't feel like this is my best work, but it's definitely a more worked example of Rainbow Leap's concept.

Paradox Reset: Idle idea stages. This is a terrible idea. It really is. But one day, I might just write a sequel to A Storm of Chaos.

=Harmony's Wrath c (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Genre: High fantasy, action-adventure, minor cosmic horror.

Harmony's Wrath. Complete. Twilight and her friends are snowed into the library one evening, and happen upon a book she doesn't recognise. The tale of adventure they find inside ends up shattering their worldview and sending them on an adventure of their own. This is basically what came to my mind when I heard that Lauren Faust's original concept for the show was more arc-based, magical girl style (this turned out not to be true, but my mind ran with it anyway). Also draws on select Homestuck and Dungeons & Dragons themes and plays with a lot of things the canon leaves unexplained. T for violence and occasional swearing.

Eris's Riddle: Complete. Six months on from its rude awakening, Equestria is still dealing with the fallout. Daily life has changed irrevocably, and it's only a matter of time before the dangers of the real world inevitably rear their ugly head. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are taking the lead in preparing ponykind for its trials, but some unusual reports from the outskirts of Trottingham lead them to believe that the world might be a lot wilder than they had anticipated.

Also of note is my currently ongoing tumblr comic, Plane Sailing (). It's more a spiritual successor to this series than a proper sequel. Set in a straight-up anthro AU, it's one plot point I was going to put into a scrapped sequel to Eris's Riddle that I extrapolated into a whole story in its own right. Twilight Sparkle dies in an... accident? And the rest of the Mane Six, with the escort of Princess Luna, trek across the inner planes to get her back.

The Secret Of The Fillypine Islands: Complete. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fic. My entry for the February Write-Off, using the prompt "the mane six go on vacation". Twilight Sparkle is just having one of those days when most of her friends ditch her to follow their own interests, and she's left to explore the ancient Mustang ruins with just Rainbow Dash and her Daring-Do-Esque delusions of adventure for company. And to top this, what they find down there isn't going to make their day any better.

Broken Sky: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fic. After writing lots of tumblr comic and very little prose for nearly a year after finishing Eris's Riddle, I decided to come back and try again with less focus on pulp novel rollercoaster plot and more on meaningful character arcs, and taking my time to get each chapter just right instead of rushing through the whole thing.

Equestria's been shattered into countless floating islands, รก la Bastion. The protagonist, Key Stone, is bored with life on his little island, and upon turning eighteen he and his almost-sister (he's adopted) run off with a group of complete strangers who are adventuring around the place trying to piece together why Equestria is in a million pieces. None of the above details are unrelated.

Fallout: Equestria - Duck and Cover!: A satire of Fallout: Equestria in which I basically rewrite same story with caricatures of the main cast, more economical prose, the occasional silly tangent, and no angst, and with no further changes it becomes hilarious.


This is where I just talk about whatever, since FFN doesn't have a built-in blogging thing.

How to Review

When you're reviewing my stories (or anyone's, but I'm just making the point here), there are cheap reviews and there are meaningful reviews. All reviews are appreciated, just... some are more useful than others. Cheap reviews are things consisting mostly of plot summaries or unqualified statements (both praise and criticism). They're nice (even flaming, watching people get mad at the internet is hilarious), but not fantastically helpful. Meaningful reviews have thoughtful, evidenced critique and/or specific praise. This helps the author recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and capitalise/work on them.

Just a little critique on critique.

"Someone" vs. "Somepony"

This issue comes up every now and then. Personally, I feel terms like 'somepony' and 'everypony' are clumsy, artificial constructions that look and sound horrendous. Yes, they are used in the show (MLP:FiM), but I don't feel they add much in the way of immersion. It'd be like if you walked into a room and asked how everyhuman was. It's just extraneous. And then when you add other species (dragons, gryphons, etc.) into the mix, it just lapses back into -one and -body anyway. Even the writers of the show forget to use 'somepony' a few times. So while yes, I'll try and use them for the sake of fidelity to the source material, don't be upset if I forget. I'm doing the language a favour by forgetting.

Music, Manuscripts and Me

Personally, I can't write without some kind of music filling my head. When I'm writing I really need to get into the same headspace as the characters. Anyone who's watched me will know that I pull faces when I'm writing. This is part of that too. I'll compile soundtracks of mood music for a story, even if nobody who reads it will hear it. I guess here I can share what I was listening to when I was writing, so maybe you can get the same mood benefit from it.

Harmony's Wrath and Eris's Riddle: Not A Clever Pony - Princess Luna (As Imagined) EP, and many, many remixes of For The New Lunar Republic; ArtAttack & Robbi Dez - Defense Of Canterlot; Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera; Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack - Amy In The TARDIS; 300 Soundtrack; Red Faction Guerrilla sountrack; ISMBOFepicly - Luna's Lullaby (Hope Remains Remix); Portal 2 Soundtrack; Eluveitie - Helvetios.

A Storm Of Chaos and The Secret of the Fillypine Islands: Portal Soundtrack; Michael Guy Bowman - Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido.

Two Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

I want to make a point about what the "ancient" ponies in the Harmony's Wrath continuity look like, since there's a lot of popular anthro pony art that looks nothing like the show - e.g. Kingcheetah (Rob Liefeld bodies and Disney noses), Slugbox (brightly coloured humans with ears, horns and wings), Sssonic2 (anime faces and very human proportions). Not bashing these artists, just saying their styles don't represent what's in my head when I'm writing, and shouldn't represent what's in yours when you're reading. Think more like this: http:///art/Meet-the-Ancestors-271038076 (ungulate legs, change in posture but not proportion).

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