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MESSAGE FROM HELLISH: Guys, I'm really sorry about the lack of updates. Fact is, I'm planning to remove the Harry Potter stories that have not been getting too much reviews and which have been written years back (Think 12 years old) that I could no longer think of a way to revise it with the original plot in mind. The stories I will most probably update soon are Senseless and Pureblood and his mudblood Pauper. But till then, I still have other stuff to focus on:) I'll keep you guys posted, thank you for bearing with me:)

Name: Johanna V. (The Vargas)

Age: 16 (So I'm 16...oh joy...geez, can't wait till I'm 18 so that I can drive)

Gender: f(it kinda shows you know...)

Books I read: Harry Potter naturally and some books shoved into my nose by my dad, they're cool though!

Location (Just in case you want to give me Tom Felton, hehehehe in my dreams) : Cebu, Philippines.

I LOVE: My reviewers, I am apparrently obsessed with Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe and of course...Ryan Philippe(Get out of the way Reese, the guy is mine!),Final Fantasy Games, HARRY POTTER(duh?),Pizza, 50 cent, Wayne Wonder and my newest crave...R.KELLY YOU RULE! (cough cough)...itz USHER NOW! Usher, yeah! Go Usher go Usher!

I HATE: Claire Danes( I really hate her! I abhor this girl for insulting our country, it will affect your ego if your citizenship is insulted by a conceited btch like her, yeah she's a btch, I don't care if I just said that but she must first scrutinize our country well before making any offensive remarks about it and if ever I become president I'LL HUNT HER DOWN AND KILL HER FOR SURE), she's the only reason why I didn't watch T3 and I loathe her for that! Pretty mundane aint it! Like I care! I'm offering fat cash to anyone who kills her off for me! Anyway, I'm sorry to all those who like her, I just hate her. This is getting really puerile! It's just that I really really hate her all these years...I HATE YOU CLARE DANES, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL YOUR NAME RIGHT! YOU SUCK!

Well, it's very true that I once had a poor grammar and maybe...just maybe, okay? I improved...You'll see when you read the Pureblood and his Pauper.

Maroon5, 50 Cent, Usher, Chingy, R.Kelly, Eminem and D12 RULEZ! USHER!


Let's first start with...

Resident Evil:

Jill and Carlos(FOr Sure, Love them!)

Claire and Leon (I dont know, they kinda look cute together)

Cindy and Kevin (Okay, I know that Kevin is way old! But anyway, David will do)

Harry POtter:

Harry and Hermione(Yes, I am a former shipper but hopefully I still am, I'm working on a fic about this couple, it's for my cuz who once tried killing me for being a H/D shipper)

Hermione and Draco(Gawd! This is so apparent, I am a major fan of Draco and Hermione fics, they rule and they are the cutest couple ever invented!) They say that this is the dead ship...WHO CARES! This is fanfiction, no one gives a damn about it anymore!


Final 7:

Cloud and Tifa (Cloud doesn't go with Aerith, Aerith is meant for Barett! Hahahaha)

Rufus and Tifa (I simply love RUFUS, he looks a lot like Draco that's why I want him with Tifa!)

Yuffie and Vincent (Well, they are the characters that you have to get manually, so I guess that is enough reason to pair them up)

Final 8

Squall and Rinoa (Aww...everyone agrees with this!)

Seifer and Quistis (They are both blondes, they should go together!)

Irvine and Selphie (They look cute!)

Final 9

~Sorry I don't play this game anymore, so that means I have no ship~

Final X

Tidus and Yuna (Well, squaresoft made the match, let's deal with it!)

Tidus and Rikku (They're cool)

Lulu and Wakka (They look good together and what's more, they end up together having a cute baby in X2!)

Auron and...somebody else

FInal X2

Still TIDUS and YUNA

Rikku and Gippal (They're a perfect match!)

Paine and Baralai (Nope sorry, I just don't think Nooj and Paine are meant for each other)

Leblanc and Nooj (What can I say? Leblanc is my favorite character! She's funny and cool! SHE ROCKZ)

Here are some ships that I go against

Ron and Hermione: There isn't enough chemistry (I'm sorry to the fans) and Ron is quite immature sometimes.

Snape and Hermione: WHOA! This mot certainly is against my ethics. Hermione is like..let's say 17? and Snape will be like...50 or so? That's like a father and daughter relationship and hel-lo? Isn't Snape Hermione's vindictive teacher? Just imagine the two of them having a romantic talk..NOPE, sorry..I just don't think they go together, so sorry to the fans, I offer you my sincerest apologies.

Ginny and Draco: They look cool but I like Hermione and Draco better.

Blaise and Hermione: We are not even sure of Blaise's gender yet!

Narcissa and Sirius: No! Definitely not!

Lily and Snape: No way! I think that Snape should just be paired by someone we hardly notice like Mrs. Norris perhaps, I'm really sorry it's just that I can think of no one that goes with him.

And basically anything that has incest in it (with the major exception of Ayashi no Ceres, Aki and Aya look cute together) and anything that has guy and guy relationship or girl. Whatever!

...Okay that's all, I know this is fanfiction guys but those stated above are just...OPINIONS! okay?...So please if you have any objections about them...forget it, just think of me as a mumbling butter worm who has no life

And some others like the one I stated before...

Feel free to email me at: decreased_sanity@






blood_angel@(I'm not sure about this one, I have so many email ads basically because it's my hobby of making one...)

~Whoa? Still reading, you're not there yet, READ ON!~

Thanks a bunch for reading my pointless BIO


Hellish ( still in hell and I wonder if I'm still burnin') :)

Here are my fics...

Hermione finds true love: My very first fic, a major disaster! Anyway, if I have the luxury of time I promise I'll revise this and make this better and put more plot in it, It's actually written in a notebook and my god forsaken classmate happened to lose the 5th one,but I have a ready replacement(I'm always READY!) I can assure you that this story will be more than 35 chapters, it's already 36 in my notebook! I'll post as soon as I get more reviews and besides I'm more attached to the newest fic.

Behind the Mask: I will try to revise this if I can,this is actually one of my prior fics but it was a disaster, I'll try to make this longer because I really like the whole concept here...Continue giving me reviews because my story is falling to dearth.

THe Pureblood and his Pauper: I had more feedback in this fic, which means I'm basically gonna update this more often than of the others...Keep Reviewin! Next Chapter: Apology Unaccepted...Here is a brief summary of what's gonna happen next: Draco will basically notice his feelings toward Hermione more and his slightly feeling that he is going insane, he will explain why he kissed Hermione in a scorn way and he isn't being entirely truthful in his explanation. Hermione on the other hand will be in deep contemplation of Draco's sporadic attitudes towards her, she will also be thinking about Harry more and begins to think that all hope was gone in escaping.

Enduring Hate: Help me with this, it just popped out of my head and I'm finding it really hard to continue

The Fighting Temptations: This is still a Draco and Hermione fic...you'll find out as soon as I post...

My Crimson Sky: Still a Draco Hermione fic...you'll find out as soon as I write but I guess this would be posted around summer..

One moment with you: Gawd! I wrote this since I was 13 but still have no time to post it! It's not complete yet but I'll find time and yes...this is my Harry Hermione fic...

Glued on you: still a Draco and Hermione fic.

A mudblood's kiss: still a Draco and Hermione fic.

This is what I think about the books made by J.K. herself:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: I read the book about 6 times already, judging it as the shortest. It is by far, great and creative.

Chamber of Secrets: I read the book only 5 times because I don't like the plot that much but it is however, very creative and imaginative.

Prisoner of Azkaban: I read the book 4 times but nonetheless, it was good

Goblet of Fire: I read the book around 8 times(It's my favorite), I think. I simply loved the way how the mystery started to unfold and the puzzles just fitting together, this is the best book that was ever printed by scholastic.

Order of the Phoenix: I read it sadly, only 3 times. I don't like this book at all, I think she was writing this under strain. It explained a lot more about Harry though and it showed that Harry really is human by acting like others so by getting angry sometimes and some disputes with his two best friends. I was expecting a more creative approach on this book but it didnt have that much creativity than the past 4 books.

The Films:

Sorcerer's Stone: I liked the film judging it as the first, some cons: THEY MISSED A CHAPTER: The duel

Chamber of Secrets: Tom Felton looked hotter in this film plus his voice started to break but anyway they still missed a chapter and it was my favorite chapter cries: The deathday party

Prisoner of Azkaban: It is my favorite of the three since it is very funny and they're all grown up, I saw it four times in a row already. Anyway, they could have done better, the film was so short! Plus there ws no CHO CHANG?/ What? Anyway, they missed several parts but the funny parts compensated it though(like the new fat lady for an instance) and most of all...DRACO'S MEANER THAN EVER!

~I wonder why there is no Peeves though, he is one of my favorite characters!~

~Now, I am amazed, you had to endure a bunch of words that were all said by me? Why thank you! Really...Thanks for reading the longest yet the most pointless BIO of all~

Okay there's no point making this any longer now, SO I JUST KNEEL AND BEG B4 U TRY READING MY FIC AND Review if possible because my reviews are my source of INSPIRATION( I must say)

A simple note: REad and Review AltoidMonkey's work, believe me they are good, she happens to be my friend who is currently banned from the net, I hope I could hear from her soon!



Thanks a lot for reading the most pointless bio of all


The Queen of Insanity

PLEASE OH PLEASE ADD ME UP IN FRIENDSTER! My email ad is crucified_virago@! Thanx

~I think I should change my pen name~

People, I advice you not to read first the stories that are undergoing a revising process since most of the chapters or the chapter has/have errors and the scenes are too fast, unless you want to flame a person who is innocently warning you not to read the fics.

I advice you to read THE PUREBLOOD AND HIS PAUPER mainly because it happens to be the only fic that is satisfactory and it isn't undergoing any revising process.


ABOUT THE PUREBLOOD AND HIS MUDBLOOD PAUPER(PAHMP): I seriously lost interest in this story and was planning to discontinue it since I had no heart to continue it anymore BUT thank you so much to your reviews, I decided against my idea, I mean somehow it was already getting good. So it really is thanks to you guys that I am continuing and no thanks to the bastard who broke my heart...lol, he inspired the story that is why. So anyway, I'll be updating maybe in mid September or October at the latest, I'm halfway through the next chapter but I can't assure you that it's good, still suffering from WRITER's BLOCK and that disheartening heatbreak. But anyway, my story shall go on, Thanks to you guys that is. I just hope I can update before I get disconnected from the interent which will happen by the next 6 months, THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! ;p

UPDATES ON SENSELESS: Guys, I swear after my midterm exams I will be updating! I'm sooo busy with my course, lol I can't even write a story straight, thank you for your continued support though, lol. And yea, I will be updating sooner or later! THANKS GUYS:D

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