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UPDATE! 06/28/05

I'm supposed to upload the last chapter for Ore no Haru. But... I don't know what's wrong with FF.Net... It isn't showing any of my stories... So I can't edit anything. I'll be waiting a few more days before uploading the chapter, in the hopes that FF.Net will fix whatever error it is I am experiencing. Thank you for your patronage.

UPDATE! 06/04/05

I'm so sorry for not being able to update for the past week or so. I have the next chapter to Ore no Haru all written out, believe me, but then it's on paper, it's at home, and I'm on vacation. I'm terribly sorry. I'll update once I get back, which would probably be next week. Thank you for all your support.

UPDATE! 05/21/05

It's been more than a year since I wrote on this profile thing. Sigh. Although I've actually been updating.

Check out Beyond All Words, Rain and Ore no Haru. Those were my updates. Ah, so few. But I'm planning on finishing Ore no Haru before hibernating again, so expect that I won't be as dead. _

Check my blog: ">

UPDATE! 05/06/04

I've updated my profile. lol It still isn't much, but at least, it's more personal. XD

I've re-edited "Ido" again. This would be its second edition, then, and I believe it has more improvements than the previous edition. This is mainly thanks to the people in the WAA forums, particulary those in the Fanfiction section. Thank you guys. I've removed all Japanese phrases and statements, to match with the setting of the place, and in acknowledgement of the fact that none of the characters are Japanese, as Ravenel has pointed out.

Thanks again, forumers.

UPDATE! 04/15/04

Your author has grown up! After almost a year of fooling around with Sakura and Company, this author has found new victims! Meet Asato Tsuzuki, just one of the beautiful characters this author has chose to wreak havoc with. Be sure to read her newest one shot_

UPDATE! 04/06/04

Uploaded Chapter Eight of "Beyond All Words" Thanks for all those who reviewed Chapter 7 and may you keep reviewing.

UPDATE! 02/21/04

So far, I have been able to edit 3 stories and 1 chapter. It's still quite a long way, but I'll get there. After that, I'll be updating Beyond All Words.

UPDATE! 02/07/04

Yikes! It has been months since I touched this profile. I don't really have anything to add, no new chapters to upload. I've been uploading a lot of stuff without posting it here. Go check it out, ne?

Well, before I add a chapter to Beyond All Words, All my fics are going to go through minor changes. I'm gonna re-edit everything, I'm gonna be using html instead of MS Word. And I'm gonna remove all Author's Notes except for translations of both common and uncommon japanese. From now on, if I'm going to thank someone, it's gonna be here.

Well, that has been quite a long update! Ja!

UPDATE! 07/25/03

Oh, it's been almost a month since I've updated! Well, I've got a new fic coming along, I'm encoding it right now, so you just stick right there and wait for me.


Hi! 2nd chapter to "Beyond All Words" is up. I hope all you guys read it! I'd like to say sorry to Ophie for uploading a stroy without informing her. Ophie! I'm sooo sorry!


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