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Avi by Belle...

New information...

I'm still writing. Just haven't had the time to post anything in a while. Just made a few new vids though and posted a story just for Christmas. Check it out. Here's the link to a little something that I made to go along with my new one shot Dear Santa, All I Want... Enjoy and happy holidays and happy new year!!.

Adding some new vids to my video section and some of my new/old favorite ships and bromances. Damon/Stefan Salvatore among them. I've always loved a good bro-bro relationship (One major reason I adore Barney). Love the complications and their interactions.

Updated 12/25/09

Here are the vid Recs I was talking about before my new story Crash Into Me. Just a taste of who Chuck/Blair or Barney/Robin are for any who haven't really seen their shows and are reading the crossover I'm working on. ~What I Like About You by Dollsome ~ Season of Love by Bumcrackmosh (Fran)

Two amazing vids that exemplify these two respective couples. Watch'em if you haven't seen them and watch them again just because. Seriously wonder two vids.

When I'm supposed to be working or doing just about everything there's always some new story that wants to be told. Or element of a piece that won't let my brain rest until it is all out. I never go anywhere without my little notebook and my family has long since grown used to me forever toting around my notebook in one hand and a book in the other...just in case :D. There was once this especially boring NYE party when that actually came in handy but I digress.

ETA: My poor notebook has fallen by the wayside. Technology is a wonderful thing and I can just tap away on my Ipod all the live long day.

I am truly enjoying the little community here. A place to come and share the fruits of our labor and expansive imaginations.

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Okay so as you can tell I enjoy an inordinate amount of television. It's always been that way and the parents never saw fit to rein me in as long as I brought the grades home. I've simmered down a bit these days. Who has all the time now between work, school, and full-time addicted shipping of Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf's amazing relationship as it is showcased on the CW's Gossip Girl and many, many wonderful fics that I've read on this great site. Grew inspired and took a break from other projects to try my hand at bring a little mystery and intrigue to the world of the UES and Chuck/Blair's pairing...along with NV &'s incredibly fun to you can tell by my sometimes long-winded efforts.

Now I've started vidding, too. Dear. Dear Lord. Ha. Ha. It's just something about some characters and show that inspire poetry of the written word or moving pictures and sound. So check out the story and my newly resurrected vidding attempts.

Vid Accounts:

All vids are GG/CB related but I've had a few ideas for other vids lately for some of other other ships ie Puck/Quinn (Glee), Jax/Tara (Sons of Anarchy) and a few others.

My Secret Santa gift to Issa (CB)- Shakin It

Love Song (CB)-

Hot Mess (Multiship_CB featured)-

Crush (CB)-

By Your Side (CB)-

Godspeed (Chuck/Bart)-

Don't Forget Me (CB)-

SpyGames Pt 1 (CB)-

In Your Eyes (CB)-

Let Me Go (CB)-

Naughty Girl (Love 2 love U) (CB)-

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Okay still space to fill. Consider this still under construction. :lol:

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Breakfast at the Basses by SimplyShelbySJL reviews
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My Saving Grace by believin'inluv reviews
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And They All Lived Happily Ever After Or Not reviews
This is a post 2X13 fic that takes an AU turn. A story of lost love and tragedy. Only children and the foolish believed in magic and fairytales of happy endings. No one knew that better that those of the UES. Ships CxB,DxS,& NxV
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It's Chuck and Blair's first Christmas as a couple and they want to make it memorable. This is a one-shot with a little bit of everything.
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