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Author has written 26 stories for Gakuen Alice, Kamichama Karin, Digimon, Clamp, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Harvest Moon, and Fire Emblem.

Hi guys!! I'm jory014 and I love manga and anime!! (obviously XD)

I love watching: Digimon, Kuroko no Basketball, Vampire Knight, Gakuen Alice, Itazura Na Kiss, Shugo Chara, Chibi Vampire, Kodomo No Omocha (Kodocha), Kirarin Revolution, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hana To Akuma, Moe Kare and a lot more!!c:

Thanks for visiting my profile... :)

please read and review my stories!!c: (I promise you, they're great XD)

And yes, I also have twitter:!/jory014 (PLEASE FOLLOW, I VOW TO FOLLOW BACK :P)

I also have Instagram (jory014)!!!

(Oh, yeah! Did I mention that my profile pic is the protagonist of the game we're making, titled A Confidant From Darkness?? check my 08/09/11 announcements for more info :p It was made by our Sprite Artists, -Tag!)

-o Announcements o-


As you can see I'm back. After settling my final term from college, I'm finally free from any academic responsibility as I am just waiting for my graduation this coming October (Yes, I passed everything including my thesis, so hell yeah! I'm so done!). However, aside from that I'm currently looking for jobs. :p

Well, even though I'm currently looking for jobs, I have also started writing again. I started to write my own original fic. (although I have been doing that, I just borrow characters from certain anime worlds and use them to my hearts contents such as Gakuen Alice and Yugioh 5ds characters) But, this time world, characters, etc everything is mine. Buwahahaha. However, laid low from my usual style of writing something fantasy related such us Searching and A Cloud Drawn to Snow and just went for something simple like my newest work The Dove. But then, I realized that writing something not fantasy/sci-fi is not just me. Hahaha. But nonetheless, I'll finish my new work along with my new and first official work of fiction. Aside from that, I'll have to see if I can update everything, but for now I might concentrate on Cloud Drawn to Snow, Searching and Dark Reveries or perhaps Love Written In The Stars.

Anyways that will be all for now. Please support my works! I can promise you that they're great! :)


I am now, back to the game creating business, and is currently recruiting people who can draw, use photo shop, and color drawings via photoshop. Also, looking for programmers especially UI designers using Ren'Py.

The game I am making is already like 40% complete over all. If you want to see a small glimpse on the game, then here it is:

Title: ”A Confidant From Darkness” (The story is actually based on my one shot: A Friendship That Generated From A Negative Source)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Type: GxB Visual/Sound Novel
Planned Date of Release: Somewhere around December this Year To January. If not by those dates, then April at max, or could be earlier depending on the progress.
Price : Free For All


A Confidant From Darkness is all about a girl, named Rika, a girl well-loved and admired by all—would it be her parents, peers, and teachers. It was definitely a life full of bliss.

But, as the wheel of fate spins, suddenly she was wrongly accused of theft, thus making everyone to turn their backs on her. Her family almost disowned her, her friends completely ignored, and left her behind, and the teachers started to look down on her.

However, as she struggles her way alone, would she be able to find someone who would believe in her, and at the same time find the culprit, who’s really responsible for all of this? Will she be able to bring her life back? Or forever live a life of an outcast?


The Main Protagonist
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Features: Blonde Hair/ Blue Eyes
Rika, the main protagonist is a girl that lives her life to please everybody. Due to that fact, she has earned the love of her parents by being the “best daughter”, her peers as being “miss popular”, and by her teachers as being one of the “most responsible”.
Though in reality, she never really wanted to please everyone, and be “miss popular”, all she wanted was to have friends that would never leave her side, and most especially, the recognition of her family, due to her family’s high expectations from her, and the fact that ever since she was young she was lowly regarded by her parents and all her relatives, and is labeled the dumbest among the clan.
But, due to the fact that she grew to love the attention she’s getting at school, she just tried to retain her the current life that she has and makes sure that it stays that way by living as a person that everyone wanted her to be. However, due to the false accusation, her current stable life that she has tried to build up all these years started to crumble down causing everyone around her to immediately betray her, including her family.
She used to be really close with Chase during her younger days, and is the only person, who knows what she really is. However, ever since Middle School, they suddenly grew apart and started talking less and less. This is also, the point where Rika decided to become what she currently to cope up with the loss.
Rika is actually just like any other girl that loves cute things, and most of all, MUSIC. She usually appears calm, and cool as her peers would always view her, but deep inside she’s always fearful and cautious of what people think of her, which gives her another reason to strive for perfection.
She hates cockroaches, being an outcasts, and under-appreciated.

Other Characters:

Rika’s Best Friend
Gender: Female
Features: Black Hair/Eyes
Age: 16
Claire is Rika’s bestfriend ever since Middle School. She is usually shy and would just follow Rika around quietly, but definitely admires her best friend so much. She is also the type to go with the flow, regardless. In short, she’s just like the girl without a backbone, and is prone to groupthink.
In contrast to her friends, she’s very simple in style, and not all that girly, but is still accepted by Tara due to the fact that Claire is the only person that would put up with her attitude.
She’s the type of person who hated conflict, thus would often yield to anybody just to minimize whatever conflict crosses her way.

Rika’s Friends
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Features: Olive Green Hair & Caramel Eyes
Tara is one of Rika’s friends, and is definitely a person who really aspires to be popular. She really loves making herself beautiful and being beautiful. She doesn’t care what people think, as all she cares about is being the best girl out there and popularity, and is probably one of the reasons why she even befriended Rika—to attain a popular status.
She’s also the type of person who likes the stuff that’s ‘in’ and hates what’s not.
She really likes Chase, and would do anything to get Chase to like her.
She hates losers, and would gladly trample them down even more.

Rika’s Friend?
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Features: Black Hair & Emerald Eyes
Like Rika, he’s definitely one of the most popular guys around, and is a basketball player(actually the captain of the team). He’s well loved by all, especially by the girls due to his looks, which is enough to get Tara’s attention.

He’s usually cool and collected, and mostly gentle to girls regardless of their feelings towards him, however, he does kind of hate it when girls are being mean to other girls, as much as he hate guys who belittle the weak. In short, bullying.

He doesn’t really care about popularity, as all he cares about is doing what he wants regardless of how people view them.
Chase and Rika used to be really close friends ever since they were young, and is the only person, who knows the real Rika, however, during Middle School, they have seemed to have grown apart and started to hang out less and less.

One of the guy’s in Rika’s Class
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (just turned 17 during the course of the story)
Features: Chocolate Brown Hair & Hazel eyes

Clyde is a very anti-social person, and would prefer to hang out alone. Due to that fact, his existence is almost to the point that he’s invisible.

He has no friends at all, but he’s a very gentle guy, who wouldn’t hesitate to give a calm smile to anybody. However, is sometimes cold in words, and usually stoic though in contrast to his boy-next-door appearance.

He just really disliked crowds, and being in loud places.

He is probably a guy that Tara would never lay her eyes on to.

Pictures of the characters are to Follow soon enough.

Story: 100% complete (currently editing)
Encoding: 60% complete
Characters: 10% complete
Sounds/Music: 10% Complete
Background: 80% Complete

If you wanna see the basic designs of the characters you can view them here.

I hope that you guys would also look forward to this! If you love reading then this game is definitely for YOU!

Ei, just because I'm back into game making it doesn't mean that I'll be abandoning my fics, and as a person who does it for free, I am totally not obliged to write on them religiously. :p But, the fact that I promised you guys that I'll be finishing it makes me obliged to finish it. But, that's just up until there. lol




A little more about me ;p

PenName: jory014

Age: 22

Birthday: July 14, 1993

Brief Description:

I'm just a choleric-phlegmatic girl that loves, all kinds of art , whether it would be drawing, painting, playing instruments, writing and what not.

I took up and graduated with the degree of BSBA-HRM (Bachelor of Science-Business Administration Major in Human Resources Management). This is due to the fact that I love psychology. (Thank God, I already graduated!) Currently wanting to pursues Master's degree on either psychology or Business Administration.

I bet you're wondering why not take up psychology instead. Well, I guess it's because it's more specific and I'm not really after being a doctor or something XD I'm more of a business-oriented type of person. ,

I am the type of person that certainly loves making friends, having fun and mostly LOL-ing around despite my introverted attitude. ;p

I'll admit to be a bit stubborn and arrogant but not always it's just me feeling hyper ;p

I can say that, I'm a bit frank myself, that's because I'd rather be true than be fake. So, when I say I really like your story, I mean it tons.

If you're wondering what I can play? I can play the piano, harmonica, flute, lyre, accordion and a little bit of violin and banduria.

I also love the colors PINK and BLUE ;p

Did I mention I love dogs and cute boys! (anime or live! hahaha!)

(Anything PINK is cute to me hahahaha! XD)

When it comes to artists, I'm definitely up for anything RnB, pop, hip hop, and a little bit of rock ;p

Friends in FFN (INC and not in order)





Yinyang Equinox






Sister Of The Pharaoh




Aero Angemon

note: they're all awesome XD

My (very own) Synchro Summon Chants: [English/Romaji] and also Hikari Yuki, Aquaand OC' from Searching

Brionac Dragon of the Barrier (Yusei also chants this when summoning Brionac)-Hail that shoots forth from the azure skies, come forth, and be the light that pierces through a frozen heart! Synchro Summon! Appear, Brionac, Dragon of The Ice Barrier

Gungnir Dragon of the Ice Barrier-Like the light that shines through the depths of a dark sea be the light that shines through the depths of a dark heart with full splendor! Synchro Summon! Rise from the seas, Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier- Crystalline Snowflakes that falls beautifully from the azure skies, storm forth and fill the dark world and purify it! So, I call for you, Trishula, Dragon of The Ice Barrier!

Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon-like the water that can purify, be the light that purifies a heart filled with darkness! Synchro Summon! Emerge, Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon

Ally of Justice Catastor- Light that shines from the azure skies let your rays expose and annihilate the darkness! Synchro Summon! Descend from the skies, Ally of Justice Catastor

Other Character's Synchro Chants: (will be updated as more chants will come up)


Ally of Justice Decisive Armor: Light hidden in the depths of darkness, shine forth and be the light that annihilates the darkness! Ascend from the Darkness! Synchro Summon, Ally of Justice Decisive Armor.


Gungnir Dragon of The Ice Barrier: Like the melting light that disperses the cold winter ice be the melting light that pierces through the depths of a frozen heart! Synchro Summon! Burst Forth! Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

OC List:

The Heart Of The Crimson Dragon/The Heart of The Crimson Dragon: Autumn Tryst/The Heart Of The Crimson Dragon: Somebody To Love/Ares: The Only Exception/Undressing You:

Hikari Yuki

Clyde Yagami

Ares ???? (soon-to-be Fudo?! Read to find out how and why?!!)

Love Written In The Stars :

Aqua (Rika ????)

Searching :

????????? (Find out the name in Searching itself... it's so much of a spoiler to reveal thy person's name :p)

A Cloud Drawn to Snow

???????????? (Female)

???????????? (Male)

???????????? (Male)

(Same reason as I have for Searching. Saying it would spoil too much.)

Dark Reveries

(Same reason as I have for Searching. Saying it would spoil too much. Find out in the future the presence of the OC is not even confirmed hahahaha! so the fact that I'm saying that there will be one is already a spoiler.)

-I basically didn't put descriptions. All I can say is that I made sure that they're not Mary Sues, and that they're NOT real people however realistic enough to be considered LIKE ONE. If you wanna judge them just read them from the fics that they came from. This is so that I have two rules governing my OC Making: Anime World's Canon Rules, and my very own special rule: REALITY. (oh wait, that's actually the society's rule lol)

My Special Babbles (I):

When I draw I feel like it's real

When I hear songs related to it I feel that I can hear it's voice

When I write them in stories I feel like they're moving

They maybe just fiction but they're actually alive.

Art can make our imaginations real, living and breathing.

My Special Babbles (II):

We may have a share of Painful memories

But, don't hate them...why?

Because these painful memories are a part of what makes us...


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The Tinkling Jackal." Mikan stated. "I find it quite suitable." Natsume folded his hands over the desk."Oh yes, because pissing dogs are so intimidating." --Note to self: Never ever, give Hyuuga Natsume a chance to name you.
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You are my rib. It was said that God saw that Adam was lonely, during his sleep God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. Every man has been searching for his missing rib, only when you find the woman of your life, you'll no longer feel sadness" he said
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