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Yo everyone!

I'm KamenRiderRival and as the name implies I'm a massive tokusatsu fan, but I'm also am a massive Whovian too. I love both Classic and New Who, with my favourite Doctors being Fivey, Eighty, Ten and Eleven. In terms of toku I watch Garo, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I'm still watching through the first series of Garo - I need to start catching up quick!! Super Sentai is what got me into toku, with my favourite seasons being Go-Busters, Kyoryuger and Gekiranger (in that order), though I've started Dekaranger, Boukanger, Go-Onger and Goseiger. I am enjoying ToQger so far too. Kamen Rider is my newest toku love, with OOOs and Den-O being the only series I've watched to completion, but I'm enjoying what I've seen of W and Kiva. OOOs is my fav at the moment, the Gaim may usurp that position by it's completion. I do enjoy Power Rangers, however I have fallen out-of-touch with the more recent series, maybe Dino Charge will change this. My favourite seasons are Wild Force, Jungle Fury and Dino Thunder

I'm not always good at sticking to stories and often have several ideas whizzing about at once. Reviews, favourites and follows all help me to be more motivated with my writing.

What I'm currently working on (rotational basis):

Power Rangers Dino Drivers - A Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger adaptation
Yuzuki's Story - A Kamen Rider OOO edit with my Rider OC
Before the War (not uploaded yet) - A Doctor Who series featuring the Eighth Doctor and my companion OC

Other Ideas (which I may or may not work on during/after the above pieces):

Kamen Rider Knightress - an original Kamen Rider Series based a tad on Den-O
Garo Knight or a Garo-inspired series based loosely on concepts and characters created for Kamen Rider Knightress
A Kamen Rider Kiva adaption and possibly if that goes well other Kamen Rider adaptions
Power Rangers Buccaneer Strikers - My own Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger adaption
Power Rangers Data Crew - A Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters adaption

I am also on Tumblr as oceanlordthelugia, where I blog/reblog animals, Kamen Rider (mainly OOOs and Gaim) and Pokemon.

I am also on deviantART as DragonsAreGaia, where I upload drawings, photos and more stories - often as PDFs, so they have a different appearance to them, especially my OOOs story.

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Dreams are for Nights by Mana Goddess reviews
Kamen Rider OOO - Eiji is trying to bring Ankh back to life, having found out he has to follow the Orpheus Myth and venture down to the Underworld to get Ankh's soul back. With the help of other Riders, can he save Ankh? Ankh x Eiji *Beware of spoilers from lots of Kamen Riders*
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Power Rangers Dino Drivers reviews
As a 65-million year old seal unlocks, an ancient creature known as Avitor must summon teenager that hold the power of Bravery to fight against this new threat to the Earth. Aided by their Spiritasaur Zord, watch as these teens charge up and morph into the Power Rangers Dino Drivers! (Kyoryuger Adaptation, written and conceived before Dino Charged was announced)
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