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Name: Keroberus Reed

Height: 5.4 inches

Weight: 1.3 lbs.

Age: unknown

What I'm reading: "Samurai Revolution" by Romulus Hillborough [a history book on the last years of the Tokugawa shogunate and the main players who brought about its fall, written in a won't-put-you-to-sleep storytelling style]

Recent manga/manhwa: none at this time

Activities: packing...I'm moving

You can follow my madness and look for me on:

DeviantArt (includes my blogs and blurbs on NaruxSaku, Juuni Kokki, Blood, and the JRPG Tales Series)

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Or visit my blog: Kero's Tea Room, for updates on Chihayafuru, the Tales of Series, Korean manhwa or what I've been obsessing about lately.


I've been uninspired recently. I've pretty much emulated Hotaru (Hotaru no Hikari) in my lifestyle recently. Also, I'm packing up my stuff and moving so you might not hear from me for a while :-( You don't realize how much junk you've accumulated in your life until you need to pack it all up and haul it somewhere else LOL.

-Kero (6/11/16)

Ok, I just finished Tales of Zestiria and what do I do? I write fanfiction of course. I didn't think it was impressive for a 20th Anniversary title, and I wasn't impressed with the characters, story or background, but I liked the gameplay (aside from that wonky battle camera). Without dropping spoiler bombs everywhere, the ending left me a little unsatisfied, but oh wells. There's always Tales of Berseria...

-Kero (12/15/15)

Whoa, my head cannon is outta control! I am totally shipping this new Xillia 2 pairing I invented in my head [ElizexGaius]. As a follow up to Princessia in the Snow, I actually doodled a fan comic... It's called "Never Alone" and it's got a soundtrack because I have roots in song-fics...

-Kero (10/13/15)

Finally DONE! Princessia is my last hurrah for Xillia before I put that down and move on to Zestiria (pre-order!).

When I paired Elize's darkness with Gaius's light I felt like it could work: darkness with the dawn. It was a good OTP since I imagined all sorts of awkward moments and Gaius getting flustered at every turn. Still, I skipped most of the fluff and got down to how they worked with and for one another. At first I had a hard time with the pairing because of the age gap, but when you go back to some of my favorite books, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, there was Mr. Knightly and Colonel Brandon, so I let the age thing slide. Elize is at least legal in my head-cannon (I don't ship Alvin x Elize at all because she's like 12 in that ship...)

As always, my soundtrack was very helpful throughout this story, so I thank the composers of:

1. In Memories from "Master's Sun" (for the beginning of Chapter 14)

2. Austenland Symphony, 2nd movement, Romanze (for what happened in Kabalar Chapter 5)

3. Ouran High School Host Club OST, Nocturne pour Tamaki (all introspective moments for Elize)

4. Tree of Hearts, Escaflowne OVA (Elize's interactions with others from Labari)

5. Friends in my Heart, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 OST (all references to the original Xillia protagonists)

6. Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15 "Raindrops", Chopin (the scene on the bridge in Xian Du)

7. Etude, Op. 10 No. 12 "Revolution", Chopin (inspiration for Chapter 8)

8. Kung Fu Panda's "Oogway Ascends" (the scene in the Silent Caves when Elize remembers her parents)

9. A Lord's City Towering in the Mountains, Tales of Xilla (my inspiration for understanding how Erston became Gaius)

10. A Mountain Village in the Dawn, Tales of Xillia (my inspiration for understanding Elize's inner darkness)

11. Proof of Choice, Tales of Xillia 2 (the scenes with Milla in Chapter 13, and Remmy Chapter 12)

12. Ashita kara, from "Trusty Bell" OST (for most scenes where Elize is traveling alone)

13. Dawn, from Pride & Prejudice (for the epilogue)

Hope you enjoyed the ending and let me know what you think. After this, I'll go back to drawing sexy pictures of Gaius in my sketchbook, haha j/k. (Not really, he is one sexy 2D character)

-Kero (7/26/15)

VACATION: After a week in the beautiful island of Oahu I've gotten some much needed R&R. Though visiting the Dole Plantation for the first time kinda left a bad taste in my mouth (I promise I only bought a smoothie) it was a good trip. (Note: look up "Bayonet Constitution" on Wiki) Thankful for the sun and the rain and the sales people who gave me great discounts at Aloha Stadium Swap Meet! Now maybe I can get back to writing something...

-KERO 7/5/15

SHORT BREAK: Alas, due to the death of my poor pup, whom I've had for the past 9 years and was my sitting buddy while I wrote fanfiction into the wee hours of the night, I've taken up soju, ramen and k-drama to drown my sorrows. I'll be a little out of it for a while.

-Kero (3/27/15)

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Tales of JRPG series, I am having a writing revival of all my favorite Tales of characters!

I've been working and reworking, editing/cutting/pasting, writing and deleting chapters in my Elize fiction like a mad person. Next thing I know the short fiction I planned is spanning 14 chapters or more. I couldn't seem to get the feel of it correct, went back to finish 3 alternate endings in Xillia2, meditated on it with more Xillia OST, and after 97 hours of gameplay I think I've got it now.

I struggled with Elize because in my head I really wanted her to fall in love if she was going to die but I didn't know with whom. But it wasn't merely a love story I was going for so I chucked those chapters. What I realized was that I was so attached to the Xillia2 game because I loved the interaction of the characters as a team, just like in Tales of Vesperia. So, 14 chapters later, I'm still writing in characters and situations that help Elize grow as a person and take away some of the angst and edge of the underlying plot. Elize is really a contradiction, an optimist grounded in darkness, which is why I found Gaius to be her perfect foil. I'm sure I've just upset an entire legion of yaoi fans there... my apologies.

-KERO (2/15/15)

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