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I'm going to write a few things about what I might do with the future of this account. Just to keep me honest and to catalog it somewhere. Feel free to drop me a line to ask me how the progress is going. The best way to reach me is Deviantart, which I check frequently. Same account name, kilroywuzheere.


The Trans-Dimensional Adventures of Mark: Eliwood's Story - The style of humor will be different, less random humor, more character humor. Although I will be taking a few liberties with the characters and might keep a few old quirks that I added before. There might be a few things that change between the end of Lyn's story and the beginning of this one. I might focus more on a certain group of people, like the lords, with occasional intermissions to other groups than trying to keep everyone going at once. We'll see, might make it easier on me. ETA: Probably next year, might be sooner.

Noir Emblem - This one is going to be re-imagined with the first chapter as its starting point. I can't say too much really, besides it'll be a ripping good time. ETA: Started up by the end of the month I hope.

Ike's Madness/The Trans-Dimensional Adventures of Mark: Ike's Story - Basically, a satire of FE9, humor based. Might not include Mark, since there's no tactician character, but we'll see. Right now its more of an idea than a plan. ETA: Probably after Eliwood's Story, don't want to take too much on at once. Might see the light of day sooner, but we'll see.


Baccano! - Idunno, something to do with Baccano! and the supposed infinite stories within it. Doubt it'll ever come about, but hey, we'll see.

Fire Emblem: Aftermath - Basically a series of one shots about the characters after the games. Might skip some of the characters that I don't like as much or that would make for a better stand alone fic. No idea if this is a good idea or even if I could keep it going. *shrug*

Time Hollow - I fucking love this game and I want to write something with it.

The World Ends With You: Another Game - Basically another incarnation of the Reaper's Game. Probably will be very few characters from the game, but I doubt it'll be all about them. Might never see the light of day.

Pokemon - I might do a more "adult" version of a typical Pokemon journey. Instead of little kids, it'd be adults, might be gritty and dark, might be slightly more lighthearted, but still serious.

Other random junk - Basically, if I have a stupid idea, it'll go into a one shot. Maybe. XD

Alright, I'm not going to mince words here, for anyone who cares, my old fics are essentially dead, with the exception of Noir Emblem, which will be updated sparingly for now, I'll write a few words about why.

The Trans-Dimensional Adventures of Mark: Lyn's Story: Okay, this... I have fond memories of it, but really, this was the first thing I ever really wrote. It was heavily influence, and blatantly ripped off a number of the dumber webcomics I read at the time, which I still think of more as references than downright ripping off... But my point is this story, while fun, its time has come and gone. I might write one more chapter to wrap up Lyn's story arc and set up for a sequel of sorts that would be slightly more serious in nature, but still, overall, a satire of the whole thing. I still love it, and I hope you will enjoy reading my idiocy.

Plans for the future: Wrap up chapter, and a sequel, we'll see if I think I can stick to it.

Canas' Journey: This is another fic from my high school days, although the reboot was from one of my attempts to get back into writing, which I miss doing. It was supposed to be more serious, and was going to be epic... I have since realized that this story was probably going to try too hard and I was writing myself into a corner and following formula too much. Although it was fun while it lasted, I think this one is going to kind of just rot... I might upload all the old chapters, but there will probably not be anything new from it for a long time. Also: Canas as my favorite character was heavily influenced by a friend of mine at the time, I now find Canas somewhat dull.

Plans for the future: None, this one's dead, its been too long since I was excited about it, and the main character is no longer my favorite.

When the Chickens Finally take over the world: Yeah... this was another failed attempt to get back into writing, it was fun and for one of my still favorite webcomics, but really, it was probably better suited for a one shot than any number of chapters. Go read Emergency Exit anyway, its great.

Plans for the future: I might do a quick ending chapter, but really, its dead. I'll revisit if I feel like it, but I probably won't.

As I said before, feel free to contact me about anything you want.

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