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...I can't think of anything to say about myself, really, so I'll write about the story (which is a massive freaking thing). Besides posting here, I also post review responses and some chapters in my livejournal, http:///users/lightningwave, so you can look there if is having trouble displaying them. Or you can join the Yahoo!Group, http:///group /lightningonthewavesfics. I have a Skyehawke account at http:///authors.php?no=1324&PHPSESSID=a8168dcb6695ac76a635c7e39ad9a8a5. Complete .doc and .PDF files of the first four stories for download are available at . Thank you to Therio, who hosts the files, and to Teri R., who compiled them.

There is a list of OC's in the Sacrifices Arc on my LiveJournal, at this address: http:///98058.html

Saving Connor begins an AU of Harry Potter's school years, the Sacrifices Arc, where Harry's twin Connor (bearing a heart-shaped scar) is acknowledged as the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry and Connor have a loving relationship, and Harry plays the role of personal bodyguard/silent support for his brother to the hilt. It's in fifth year currently, but will, I hope, extend all the way up to seventh year. I'm really excited about and interested in it, so right now I feel that there's a good possibility of that. I'm writing it because I can, and so far as I'm concerned there's no better reason for writing.

A couple things about this AU:

-Most chapters are Harry's POV for a majority of the action. Some include small Snape and Draco POV's. A few chapters will be all Snape's POV, or Harry's, and sometimes James, Lily, or someone else. 'Interludes' will be things like Draco's letters to his father and his diary entries; most, but not all, are Draco-centric. The story's heart is Harry, though, so most of the time it will stay there.

-It will have at least one major slash pairing (Harry/Draco), but that's much further along in the story than I am right now. As for other pairings, I can't say, though I can promise that I'll not be writing Ron/Hermione- for reasons that will become obvious in about the fifth year analogue- or Snape/anyone.

-Harry is a Slytherin in this story, but he's also devoted to his twin brother, to following him and protecting him and making him look even more heroic than he might. Therefore, he's going to clash with both people who are purely Gryffindor and with Slytherins like Draco and Snape, who will get frustrated with him. I can promise there won't be physical or sexual abuse. There will be a lot of arguments, darkness, death, and mayhem, though.

-One conceit of this story is that a lot of things are different, the prophecy and the night that Harry and Connor received their scars included. The prophecy question should get a few answers in Chapter 11 of Saving Connor. I'm afraid the full story of October 31, 1981 won't be told until the AU version of Prisoner of Azkaban.

...Okay. I had to switch this around, because what I thought of as a fairly compact story at first (like, about 15 or 20 chapters for each school year) has gotten way out of hand, and is now more like 180-something chapters (and more if you count unnumbered ones). So I'll be posting them as separate stories, one for each school year. Below are the titles I'll be posting them under, and brief passages for the poems each title came from.

I really do think I'm going to finish this. I've never had a story, original or fanfiction, grow with such speed and power before.

Warnings for the series as a whole: Violence, language, AU, HP/DM slash mentioned as a distinct possibility from Year 4 on and growing, multiple character deaths in later stories.

Saving Connor

This story is complete. It's Year 1 and the AU of Philosopher's Stone; it has 20 chapters, not counting the Interludes. It introduces Harry and Connor, and starts the different resonances that will ultimately (if all goes as planned) turn the AU into its own universe, despite some canon similarities.

No Mouth But Some Serpent's

This is complete, and is Year 2, the AU of Chamber of Secrets. It becomes considerably darker than first year, and involves Harry's Parselmouth skills (as you may have been able to tell from the title). Said title is from Swinburne's Anactoria, http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=97791:

I would my love could kill thee; I am satiated
With seeing thee live, and fain would have thee dead.
I would earth had thy body as fruit to eat,
And no mouth but some serpent's found thee sweet.

Comes Out of Darkness Morn

Ths is complete. It's Year 3, the AU of Prisoner of Azkaban and the one where Harry finally finds out the full truth about October 31, 1981. Title is from Swinburne's The Garden of Proserpine, http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=265832:

Pale, without name or number,
In fruitless fields of corn,
They bow themselves and slumber
All night till light is born;
And like a soul belated,
In hell and heaven unmated,
By cloud and mist abated
Comes out of darkness morn.

Maze of Light

This is a James-centric short story, and tells part of Comes Out of Darkness Morn from his perspective. Don't read this until you finish reading the novel itself; it spoils a good portion of the plot, as well as the ending.

Freedom And Not Peace

This is just completed, and is Year 4, the AU of Goblet of Fire. The plot will follow the Tri-Wizard Tournament for only part of the story, and twist rather violently in the middle and at the end. Also, there will be the first mention of HP/DM slash. Title is from Swinburne's To Victor Hugo http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=222866:

But we, our master, we
Whose hearts, uplift to thee,
Ache with the pulse of thy remembered song,
We ask not nor await
From the clenched hands of fate,
As thou, remission of the world's old wrong;
Respite we ask not, nor release;
Freedom a man may have, he shall not peace.

Wind That Shakes The Seas and Stars

This is Year 5, the AU of Order of the Phoenix, and complete. It follows the beginning of the War and the gathering of Harry's allies. Also complete. Title is from Swinburne's Ilicet http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=127287

Wind wherein seas and stars are shaken
Shall shake them, and they shall not waken;
None that has lain down shall arise;
The stones are sealed across their places;
One shadow is shed on all their faces,
One blindness cast on all their eyes.

A Song In Time of Revolution

This is Year 6, the AU of Half-Blood Prince, and complete. While this contains character backstories and concepts from that book which will count as spoilers, the plot by this time looks almost nothing like HBP's, save for the occasional homage. Title is from Swinburne's poem of the same title http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=218409

Where the waters are emptied and broken, the waves of the waters are stayed;
Where God has bound for a token the darkness that maketh afraid;

Where the sword was covered and hidden, and dust had grown in its side,
A word came forth which was bidden, the crying of one that cried:

The sides of the two-edged sword shall be bare, and its mouth shall be red,
For the breath of the face of the Lord that is felt in the bones of the dead.

I Am Also Thy Brother

This is Year 7, the current story, and the End. Contains HP/DM slash, and is by far the darkest story of the series (there's a reason it's under Tragedy/Horror). Title is from Swinburne's Hymn to Proserpine http:///cgi-bin/?type=section&rgn=level1&byte=117105

But I turn to her still, having seen she shall surely abide in the end;
Goddess and maiden and queen, be near me now and befriend.
O daughter of earth, of my mother, her crown and blossom of birth,
I am also, I also, thy brother; I go as I came unto earth.

Phew. And I think that's it. Just wanted people to know the titles and my decision to split it into seven separate stories rather than one long file, so no one will be surprised when Saving Connor suddenly stops updating.

Happy reading!

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