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Thank you for coming to learn a bit about me! I'm Livia Ellis and I'm a writer. Many of my readers have found my fanfiction after reading one of my books or my serial Memoirs of a Gigolo. Many of my fanfiction readers have discovered my books by reading my Star Trek fanfic.

You can find me at twitter or on Facebook. I often update my Facebook Author Page with information on my books and my life as a writer. Please feel free to look me up over there! I truly love interacting with my fans. I get more story inspiration from these fun and spontaneous interchanges than from anywhere else. I also have a page on Facebook devoted to Fanfiction Readers. It's a new page that could become a great resource for fanfic readers and writers.

Now a bit about me...

I love to write fan fiction for a few reasons. Mostly because it's a great place to just let loose and let the story flow organically without having to worry about what an editor or publisher might want to publish. I also like to escape into my writing from time to time which is probably why I love writing Star Trek fan fiction so much. In my day to day life as a writer, I write romance and erotica which is more than likely the reason why my fan fiction has a lot of romantic elements. I love to write about people falling in love and discovering the love they have within.

Please let me know what you think of my work. Did you find it interesting or engaging, or was it so far off the mark for you that you couldn't even finish a chapter? It took me a long time to break into main stream publishing and I can handle the criticism (positive and negative) so please feel free to tell me what you think. There really is no such thing as negative criticism as long as what is written is thoughtful and relevant. If you want to tell me that you think I suck, please do so, but also tell me why you think I suck.

It is my dream to keep on writing my books and maybe one day to write for television. In the meantime, I'm going to keep on plugging away.

Saavik is my favorite character. Partially because she is so unexplored in canon so that leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation. Her character is inherently conflicted because of her mixed background (human/vulcan is tricky, but vulcan/romulan is just messed-up). On top of that, she has a troubled history which always create emotional baggage (sorry for the psycho-babble). I am currently working on a story stemming from the relationship between David Marcus and Saavik. There is a lot of speculation about her relationships with both David Marcus and Spock. I think that it would make for an excellent premise to have Saavik engaged in a passionate "fling" for lack of a better word with David Marcus (this would be in keeping with the Romulan nature she spends her life attempting to control and then that resulting in the pregnancy so many of us fan-fiction writers love to explore. Although a Spock/Saavik pairing seems to be more popular, I like the idea of her producing a half-human, quarter-vulcan, quarter-romulan child. A child with Spock would just be too easy. A Spock/Saavik child would be more or less Vulcan. But a half-human child... I could see that be a constant challenge on many levels for Saavik. I've just finished the first chapter of a story-line introducing my interpretation of what a David/Saavik child would be like. In essence, a very conflicted person that consistently fails to earn the approval of her mother while trying to come to terms with her parentage and future.

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