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Author has written 5 stories for Sailor Moon, and Harry Potter.

My original penname was Maeli and I decided to change it. :D So L.M. Rhyn it is, now. Also, the general profile of this bio was taken from a friend, DBZ. I followed her outline cause I liked it. I'm MaeMaes on FictionPress.com. :P

Update : May 08, 2009

Forgive me, forgive me. -bows- u.u I've been playing on FictionPress, lol. That, and I sort of have grown out of SM fandom. But, I have up to chapter 8 written and like half of chapter 9 down, so, we'll see how that goes. :) For those looking for review replies, I will be putting all of that on my website: MaePoohxD All that should be up there sometime this weekend. It was just too much to go and reply to all your reviews (as much as I love you all) tonight, if I wanted to post the chapter, so please forgive me for excluding the replies to your reviews! :)

A forum can be found here for First Circle: CLICK!


Story Manager : December 5, 2006

Die Softly: Being Written. This fic DS is pending currently. It will be finished, but that will take time. :D I have my ideas of how I want it to go right now, but I also want to get First Circle going. No worries, though, it shall be updated!

First Circle: Being Written. First Circle aka FC is being set into motion. Presently I have 4k words of the fourth chapter typed up. I'm taking my time, I guess, 'cos I'm kind of stuck with Writer's Block, and I've been procrastinating. I really want to get to a certain point in the fic, though, so I will get it out. Eventually. XD Thanks to DBZ ( Her FFnet Page) for critiquing and helping me with tips. :)

It's My Goodbye: Completed. An actual fic I finished! FOL, nevermind that it's essentially only one chapter. :grins: It's a one-chapter fic. A songless song fic. For this fic, I chose a song and tried to write a fic that was as close to the theme of the song as possible, without rewriting any of the lines into the fic. You're supposed to guess what the song is. :D

Moonlight Magick: Being Written. MM is one of my very first fanfics of the SM Fandom. And I will indeed finish. So, for those who liked it and read it and reviewed, please keep doing so. It's wonderful encouragement for when I need it. :D

Strength of Heart: Completed. A short challenge done for an LJ comm called Fawkes-Reunion that gave a theme, which was to include only one of the Weasley twins, either central or mentioned.

The Art of Blackmail: Coming Soon. TAoB or just AB xD; was originally a fic I had wanted to post on FictionPress.com, but I decided against it. I had it all set up in my head half-way, anyway about how I was going to write it. But then I realized that I hate having to go between FPcom for original stories and FFnet for my SM fiction. -.-; So I guess I'll be making it an SM AU? Anyway, it'll show itself one day. :3


Personal Info : August 13, 2008

Name: Mae
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Major: Accounting
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