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Hey, everyone who is still watching me - I do still exist, and I do still have plans for my main story, Warrior of Art. Yes, it's been a stupidly long time since I've updated - I'm actually a second year at university now, and my social life and work load have really picked up in that time. But I've never forgotten about WoA - it's always been kicking around in the back of my head, and I've re-read it a few times, just to try and get back into it, but I was never quite back to where I was. The plot is still there; my long, long absence has given me chance to mull over a few awkward plot points. Anyway, the point of this whole spiel is this: I won't update until I have completely written the story up in my notebook. Then, I'll post a chapter a week until we get this beast over and done with. I don't blame you for being annoyed it's taken me so long to get my arse back in gear, but please give me the chance to make up for it when the time comes again!

-Lorze the Brookes.

Basically, I write what I feel like, trying to keep as much in character as possible, but always looking for the humour. If you don't like it, fair enough, but don't think that if you leave immature, derogatory comments I will immediately go "OMG I SUCK I MUST LEAVE FOREVER THEN KILL MYSELF" because it just doesn't work like that.

Info on me:

Female, 18, English.

Glasses, dark hair, hazel eyes.

Adore cats, purple, and the internet.


Warrior of Art is still in the making, and it really is going to go onto another notebook after 259 pages - it's now actually more like 388 (dies). Believe it or not, it's still nowhere near being completed, and you can all see how much work I've put into it. Huge thanks to everyone who's reviewed, favourited, or alerted the story or me as a result!

EDIT: Oh, god, I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long, people. I just got utterly side tracked by other events in my life, but after I type this, I'm going back onto Dynasty Warriors so I can fight a certain battle. It's been so long I've completely forgotten how the map looks! But I haven't left. I'm still here! And hoping you won't all kill me for another 2 month wait... /EDIT


Smoking Shotguns is kinda taking a back seat, and I'm probably going to edit it to make it a oneshot. Sorry!


I've volunteered to be a Beta-reader for English stories. If you'd like me to help, just ask.


If you're on DeviantArt, so am I. My username is eyeeyeYzrol. The rest of the person to go with that face in my picture is there somewhere. I drew it (or at least, I didn't steal it or anything like that).

Also, any RuneScapians, feel free to add me (my main account is Yzrol Bree - yep, that one from Deja Rune, which I may update at some point!) Oh, and I also have another RuneScape story going on, so I hope you enjoy it!


I'm probably going to update in this order:

Warrior of Art (I'm probably going to try and get this out of the way - but first, I'm going back over it and

editing it for some characterisation consistency and less general "WTF"ness.)

Deja Rune (Because it needs updating, frankly, preferably before my friend kills me)

Smokin' Shotguns (I have no excuse, I've practically finished the game)

With Changes Come Chances (This one's gone to pot a bit, but I'm going to do my best - I have regained my mojo for it!)

I've deleted Amnesia and Suprise, because I've really come to a dead end with them. Suprise was badly thought out (and the title misspelled), and Amnesia is just a bit too far fetched for me to continue with it. Sorry if you were watching these stories.


One last piece before I go: If you're new here, don't worry if you aren't an instant hit. Things like that take time - just look at the amount of time I've been on here... Just give people chance, and be friendly at all costs. Unless they're flaming you, or something.

EDIT: I guess I am having an impact on here, even if it is only a small one. thebladeofchaos has started his own story based somewhat around my story, Warrior of Art (the story's called Friends in Warfare), and also Kirinfang has given me special thanks. Thank you all for reading my stories and being inspired (sounds corny, I know). /EDIT

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