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Name: Vinnie, or Vince, or Vincent. Sometimes my wife calls me Idiot (which I despise), but I like it when she calls me Asshole.

$ Comes From: I curently teach 7th grade Language Arts (that's English to the old school like me). My toleracne for teen angst usually runs out around April, usually resulting in a non-stop rampage about propper spelling, grammar, homework, and proper documentation. I do love when the students ask why I decided to teach: I respond with "What other job gives you summers off, long holiday vacations in the middle of the year, and allows me to make fun of kids?" If they complain that I treat them unfairly, I say "I dislike all my students equally." Despite this, they still love my class. :(

Reasons Why I Write: I've loved to write since who knows when, although you could never pay me to do it for an assignment when I ws in high school. It probebly stems from my love of comic books (X-Men, Iron Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Cry For Dawn, and so on. . . ). Hmmmmm. . . maybe that is another reason why I teach English, er, Language Arts.

Likes: Comic books, comic book conventions, Transformers, New Orleans Saints (I hope Reggie Bush works out), teaching (DON'T let the kids know), writing, games of the online and PS persuasion, and dark beers (but Guinness can be over rated at times).

Dislikes: Being called an "idiot" by my wife, bone headed administrators in the front office who can't make a decision to save their soul, hemmerroids, Yankee fans who brag about their rings, students who sit by the trash and constantly throw paper in it and say they have nothing to write on when it comes time to do assignments, and slow drivers.

Loves: Cam, my daughter Mauri (the whirling tornado of doom), my son Alex (AKA Little Man Little Man), Atlanta Braves Baseball, and Star Wars (boy, did my wife love going to the midnight showing of Episode III).

About My Fan Fics: They revolve around Transformers G1 and Beast Wars; I really didn't get into R.I.D., Armada, Energon, or Cybertron. I like to think that they are set in the discontinued Dreamwave universe (I bring in aspects of the comic in some of the fics).

Apocalypse Song: Takes the place of Beast Machines, which wasn't that good in my opinion. Follows Prowl, Swiftwing, Orion Magnus (more on him will be revealed much later in the series), Liger, and Victory to an almost abandoned Earth (again, more will be revealed later) to stop a rogue Predacon known as Kross from gaining access to ancient technology that was left behind after the Dread War (sorry about the broken record, but more later on this as well). Plenty of old characters will be back, as well as new ones too.

Beast Wars Zero: Set prior to the cartoon. Also sets up some aspects of Apocalypse Song (Bloodhound in Chapter 7 as well as who is chasing him). Some stuff might not jive with the cartoon, but it works in my universe. Characters like Atrocity, Bloodhound, and the Daughters of Taranchulas will make appearances in Apocalypse Song as well.

Wrath of the Terrorcons/ Return of the Wreckers: Takes place 800 years in the future. The Terrorcons escape and it's up to the Wreckers to find them. Originally part of what I was calling the Omega Generation which sets up events that lead to the Dread War, which also leads to how the Transformers were downsized.

More Than Meets The Eye: Rebuilt: Thought that I would put a spin on the original show. This fits into my universe, and I hope that it fits into the original G1 as well. Takes plenty of Transformers and places them into the mix.

Beast Wars G2: Has nothing to do with the IDW series, which was great (Simon and Don kick arse), but rather fits with my timeline.

Genesis Of War: Tells the events that started the Great War, leading up to the first war Within series by Dreamwave.

Feel free to e-mail me with comments or complaints, most likely complaints, but oh well.

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