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n. Japanese for granite

Never underestimate—or expect too much, either.

Confined in the asylum of reality with life sentence and no possibility for early release on the daybreak of 30 August in the Year of the Golden Dragon.

24-year-young Virgo.

Magna cum laude of the state university of the country. Seriously.

Now about to graduate Summa cum laude from the Master's level in the same state university. Still serious.

Born and bred Noypi with Spanish-American features.

Family-oriented (being an only child and all).

Scapegoat—always to blame (being an only child and all).

Anime and manga otaku.

Faint of heart.

Open but stubborn mind.

Misunderstood (without being an artiste).

Immedicable slipshod, and picked on for it.

Feline fanatic.


Sociable standoffish.

Inferiority complex-afflicted braggart.

In a quiz entitled, "Are You Boy-Crazy?" bagged the score of 9 over 100. ("Are you scared of boys? Can’t handle any testosterone in your life?")

Loner who enjoys company. -sweatdrop-

Perfectionist nearly at all times.

Pessimistic idealist.

Rueful as a sinner, unyielding as a forgiver.

20-20 hindsight (no foresight at all).

Singing apprehensive.

Disciplined and organized—only when someone is looking.

With first-hand job experience at editor-in-chief, librarian, babysitter, and dunce.


Lazy bum who knows when to take action anyhow.

More often a leader than a follower.

Could (and would) live on lasagna.

Crankiest human to have set foot on dry ground if the self-imposed ten-hour slumber-in-one-night expectation is not met.

Energized upon hearing classical and acoustic tunes, lulled by hard rock.

Exercises through mall rampaging and air hockey.

Smitten to Minamino Shuuichi—but not Youko Kurama!—of Yu Yu Hakusho… for sixteen years now. Yes. Sixteen.

And for anyone who wants to read this… (Then again, isn’t everything on this website written “for anyone who wants to read this,” anyway? XD)

[MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for all who have not read my long-running Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic entitled The Kurama whom Kurama Never Knew, and a refresher to all who have]

The Kurama whom Kurama Never Knew
Chapter Titles and Synopses
(Because each chapter was intended to stand as a fanfic in and by itself)

1: The Weirdest Gardener Ever (or Swiss Army Knife)
While accompanying his younger stepbrother Shuuichi to the boy’s first music lesson, Kurama meets Setsu for the first time. She seems to know too much about him for comfort, so he erases her memories of him.

2: The Meek Masochist (or Bitter Gourd Trellis)
Kurama and Setsu soon meet again, but this time she is not alone. An unexpected encounter with Kuwabara leads Kurama to suspect that Setsu is not whom she appears to be.

3: The Urameshi Thermostat (or Spring Onions in Shoyu Ramen)
A casually investigating Kurama and a hungry Setsu cross paths yet again in Yusuke’s ramen shop. As she leaves, the stall goes up in flames.

4: The Imaginative Nocturnal (or Open Bedroom Window)
When Kurama hunts down the arsonist responsible for burning Yusuke’s shop, he finds that someone had beaten him to the chase. And all circumstances point to Setsu.

(Note: Chapters 3 and 4 were supposed to be just one chapter.)

5: The Best Big Brother in the Human World (or White Fox Plushie)
Summer has begun, and Kurama’s household is expecting a family guest. Before staying over in her cousin’s house for the summer, Setsu looks for a particular toy to give him and finds it with Kurama.

6: The Forgotten Form of the Romantic (or The Romantic Form of the Forgotten)
What starts out as a secret escape for Setsu soon turns into a mysterious nightmare for Kurama.

7: The Male After All (or Tutoring (Torturing) Shuuichi)
After a less-than-pleasant first overnight stay in the Minamino home, Setsu takes her cousin and Kurama out for some educational family fun. But not for long.

8: The Guilty (or Rematch with the Master)
Kurama’s dark past comes back to haunt him as he relives that fateful time he had no other choice than to murder an innocent human child.

(Note: Chapters 7 and 8 were supposed to be just one chapter.)

9: The Childhood Sweetheart (or Maya)
A surprise reunion with Maya triggers romantic childhood memories in Kurama.

10: The Unknowing, Unknown Rival (or Kaname)
A picture of Kaname and Setsu together prods Kurama to wonder about Setsu’s past.

11: Setsu’s Nicknames (Told in two parts)
Part 1: Nami-chan (or Setsu and Nami’s First Meeting)
Part 2: Ame-kun (or Setsu and Kaname’s First Date)
Part 1 tells the story of how Setsu made her first friend. Part 2 continues Kaname and Setsu’s romance in Chapter 10. Includes FAQs for Chapters 1 to 10.

12: The Single Friend (or Butterfly Cove)
After spending time with Maya and Kaname respectively, Kurama and Setsu find their way back to each other.

13: Setsu’s True Form (or Caught in the Act)
A side story, not to be taken as part of the plot of Never Knew. Both Kurama and Kaname get to know what it’s like to play rough with Setsu. Or so they think.

14: The Secretive Son (or Kurama’s Closet)
While Kurama is out to pry information from Koenma, Shiori discovers proof of his double life. Setsu finds herself caught in between a mother, her son, and the web of lies he had weaved around them over the years.

15: The Thief (or Decoding the Eternal)
Kurama obtains a document containing the answers to his questions, and learns even more after spending more time with Setsu. But just when he changes his mind about her, she leaves his life again.

16: The College Heartthrob (or Classroom Crossfire)
Kurama and Setsu are back together again, this time in college. Kaitou is less than happy to have either of them as classmates, since he sees Setsu as a threat to his newfound love Nami’s affections. He and Setsu forge a Taboo contract, and Kurama is powerless to stop them.

17: The Convenient Telepath (or Youko-sempai)
As Kaitou and Setsu settle the score in their no-words-allowed Taboo game, hired demon assassins ambush Hiei in the Human World. Kurama’s got Hiei’s back, but he isn’t quite what—or who—he seems.

18: The Accessory (or De(con)struction)
Old friends, foes, and flames reunite. Kaitou and Nami grow closer. Making amends for the past, Maya pays a visit to Kurama, with disastrous consequences.

19: The Saboteur (or Prince Charmless)
Kurama refuses to take things with Maya to a new level. Setsu lets him know point-blank what he's doing wrong in his relationships with women.

(Note: Chapters 16 to 19 were supposed to be just one chapter.)

20: The Slow but Beautiful Lover (or Shiori) (Part 1)
Most recent chapter posted; chapter summary withheld for now—Just read it for yourself

21: The Slow but Beautiful Lover (or Shiori) (Part 2)
Most recent chapter posted; chapter summary withheld for now—Again, just read it for yourself

(Note: Chapters 20 and 21 were supposed to be just one chapter.)

(Future chapter; Chapter number withheld for now): The Trial of Minamino Shuuichi’s Lover
The story of just how—and how much—Setsu loves Kurama.

This list will be updated every time a new chapter is uploaded.

For the titles and summaries of the future chapters of Never Knew, do feel free to send me a review or PM. Or e-mail me at heliotrope_nepenthe@!

Random Never Knew tidbit: In my country, Kurama's local dub name is Dennis, whereas an anime character named Setsu (not from Yu Yu Hakusho, but Mirumo Zibang!) is Dylan.

So yeah, Dennis and Dylan. (Sounds like a gay couple to me. XD)

Finally, I have Internet access at my fingertips again! *does the happiest dance I’ve ever done in my life* (I’ve been posting the chapters of Never Knew in public hotspots, you see. Since Chapter 11.)

Now that I can upload chapters even in the unholy hours of night again, I will do my best to update the fic more regularly, then. Thank you for continuing to read it. In fact, I’m so thankful that I have something just for you…

SURPRISE! Never Knew now has a Downloads page!

It may sound crazy to you—at first it did to me, too XD—but I'm serious! *laughs hysterically* Here: http:///u/Ifbd0xU8/Mikageshi.html

Feast your ears on various anime songs performed by Paku (Park) Romi—the One True Voice of Setsu XD—as well as actual (cracktastic!) conversations between Kurama and Setsu! They’re MP3s, and in Japanese, but I’ve provided the translations as I always do, downloadable in document form. Check out the few eye candies in there, too! XD

Now, before any of you write me off as nucking futs, this is how it all began:
Originally, I was supposed to simply e-mail all the contents of this Downloads page to a (very persuasive XD) reader and friend of mine who had requested for them, but she reminded me that you just might want to have a listen, too. So they’re all up there now, waiting for you to download away! More goodies to come—along with the next chapters, of course!

Happy downloading! And listening!

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