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Description for "The Bastard and the Lady"

"True love cannot be found where it does not exist and cannot be hidden where it does. W.Shakespeare."

Kathryn Cousland had always wanted to do something important with her life. The Blight was to be her chance to prove she was more than a pretty face. But after the attack on her home, she was left with only a promise to keep, a promise to fight the Blight, end the civil war and gain vengeance for her family. But despite all she had lost and suffered, despite the emptiness and numbness she felt, she found herself drawn to a fellow warden, drawn in ways she didn't understand and that frightened her. But she couldn't fall in love, not now, not with so much at stake and especially not since he didn't seem at all interested in her.

Alistair was content to devote his life to protecting Ferelden, saving the world so that others could have the things he knew he never would. However, this new recruit, caused feelings in him he hadn't thought were possible. But it couldn't be love, could it? Just admiration, respect, and even friendship. Besides why would she, a noble, be interested in him? Especially after her first love miraculously reappears from the dead. No, with her in charge and a Blight to stop, he'd best keep those feelings to himself.

Then again, could he really live with never knowing if there was a chance she might feel the same? The fate of Ferelden might turn on the answer.

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After the attack, Kathryn Cousland was left with a promise to keep and a Blight to fight. Alistair never thought he'd experience the feelings Kathryn caused in him but he'd best keep them to himself, especially when her first love miraculously reappears. This is not a novelization of the game but does stay close to lore. Includes an original sequel called "The Doppelganger"
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