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Howdy guys!

Not so sad to announce that there's a very high chance I'm gonna be abandoning this profile (and by extension site), 'cause I just can't put up with how horribly coded it is. xD There's no excuse, man. Basic odt files with 'full support' being converted into illegible messes of code shouldn't happen, nor should the same thing go for copy-pasting stories. So, if any of my followers or anyone else was wondering why there were no uploads here for a while, it's because of that. I just can't get the damn thing to work. Gonna go ahead and take that as a sign that I need to scram and find a better platform for my stories. Or, you know, ANY platform.

I won't remove any stories -- they're here to stay, but there will be no more updates, unless I'm somehow persuaded to come back? I'unno. Pretty biased against this site now.

If you want more of my shite, check me out at DeviantArt:

I'm restarting Wave: Endemic there right now, and Epidemic is well beyond what it is here. There's a lot more fun to be had over there, too, like commission artwork and concept sketches. All that good stuff. Hopefully I'll see y'all over yonder!

vvv This shit is adorable. Honestly.

I have come to write!

Here is who I am:

Name: Chris Mnesia!


Gender: Male.

Mnesia is my pen name here as well as my alias in a few other social sites. Steam and Gaia are included. For Steam, my avatar changes a tad, and I'll get into that in a sec. But it's plain and simple: Mnesia.

I have a Deviant Art account called C-Mnesia, the avatar being the same as this one. Apparently, Mnesia is already taken. Wut. But yeah, I'll try to make concept art that flows with my fan fictions.

You should expect video game crossover goodness from my works. Oh, and a little bit of homosexuality. Aaaaand a little bit of over-the-top-ness.

Anyway, I'm a KH fan, a BIG Pokémon fan, a lover of Indie titles, a bit of a brony... uh...

I enjoy all kinds of games, really. I'll experiment with things. I haven't been gaming much lately, but if anyone has any recommendations, I'll give 'em a play. Currently, thanks to a buddy o' mine, I'm real into BlazBlue. Don't be surprised if a fic of that turns up around here at some point!

Although, with the way my experience has been, most, if not all, of my stories are connected.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liquid Starlight is DED

It's dead, guys! Any reviews about that story PPPPSSSHHHHHH... don't bother. Please. xD That's unfair! You're reviewing something old and crappy. I've already learned about my mistakes and have moved on from Liquid Starlight. Okay, truth be told, I should just remove it if I don't want reviews. But eh, I can't be asked. Alright fine, rip a new on on that story if y'all so please. It means absolutely nothing to me. :3

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: EoS Elucidation is also dead!

Wave: Endemic is finished! It finished all of a sudden, but it was a little strange how things happened in that story, due to the pretty epic plot build I'm planning in the series. It -is- a Pokemon transformation epic. Used to be rated M, but I've settled down the use of harsh language, making it T. I'll probably end up making a more elaborate TF story focused on one character.

Wave: Re-Endemic is the rewrite of Endemic. I wanted to make the story that started it all off to be a little less cheesy, filling in some plot holes and adding some new elements for the sake of continuity and depth. Re-Endemic is an ENTIRELY different experience than Endemic, so if you've already read that, I encourage you to go back and read the rewrite.

Wave: Endemic - Splash is a special add-on to Endemic itself, which features a few characters from Epidemic. It'll make the ending of Endemic seem a little less fantastic, I think, but that's viewer's discretion, honestly. It doesn't toy around with the storyline. Instead, it foreshadows some of the elements seen in Epidemic, such as Katalyn's story. Splash will most likely be moved over to Re-Endemic.

Wave: Epidemic is the direct sequel of Endemic. Unlike Endemic, it doesn't take place in a couple days. It takes place over a much longer period of time, featuring the big struggles the folks have after having transformed into Pokémon, along with some plot-heavy things all tying the series together There are some more TFs, and some more drama, and some more crazy-ass sci-fi time-space stuff. And conflict! Did I mention that? Drama's essentially the same thing. But not. Well, drama does make this one rated M, so there's that.

Wave: Epidemic - Shallow Tide is a special secret episode. What could it be?

Wave: Pandemic is actually edging ever closer. This is the third in the Wave series. It has a lot of promise, actually! I got some high hopes for it. Should be kickin' strong by 2016.

Wave: Paradox

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Promise Hour

CURRENT WORKS: Kingdom Hearts Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crossblade - CANCELLED

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liquid Starlight - CANCELLED

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: EoS Elucidation - CANCELLED

Wave: Endemic - COMPLETE! *fanfare*

Wave: Re-Endemic - Doing stuff.

Wave: Epidemic - Well on its way.

I'm hoping to meet new people and get many ideas from each and every one of my alerted authors. Which, by the way, put me and my story on alerts if you so desire! Makes me feel a little better about myself too...

I've found that reviews make the world go around... o.o

Wave Timeline!

Endemic --> Endemic: Splash / Epidemic: Part 3 (The Renegades) --> Epidemic: Part 3.5 (The Ancients) --> Epidemic: Part 4's First Days --> Epidemic: Part 1 (The Pokemon) --> Epidemic: Part 4 (The Prisoners) / Epidemic: Part 2 (The Stand) --> Epidemic: Part 4.5 (The Champions) --> Epidemic : Part 5 (The Circle)


Warning! The following may contain spoilers!


Vince Maire: Male, 16. A cross-country runner who works on his father's farm. Opening character for Wave: Endemic. Vince is the first to suffer infection, although, uniquely, transforms from someone other than Laza directly. Vince is transformed into Celebi.

Drew Maire: Male, 10. Vince's brother. Notably, he is interested in Pokémon. Drew is the first victim of the meteorite, thrown into a coma when making contact with it. His mind has grown an additional brain, which seems to belong to a source of infection. Drew's body is transformed into Azabell, or Edge. (See DeviantArt C-Mnesia, or the cover of Endemic for reference)

Mrs. Maire: Female, 41. Vince and Drew's mother. Transforms into Deerling.

Mr. Maire: Male, 46. Vince and Drew's father, a farm owner. His transformation is not yet encountered.

Lazareon: Male, age unknown. Laza is the supposed infection to start the Wave. Upon initially drilling his way into Drew's body, he builds off of Drew's knowledge and love for Pokémon, reincarnating himself over time, growing more powerful with each victim he infects. Lazareon, often called Laza, appears to have the power to manipulate others' perception of reality, as well as reality itself, to an extent. He is a mutated Espeon, with a white body rather than pink, blue streaks and hieroglyphics in his fur. He appears to have translucent blue orbs at the tip of his tails and ears.

Topher Ashley Reigh: Male(Note: Topher is a transvestite who appears female), 16. Lives with his aunt and uncle after being neglected by parents. Unusual character facing the infection. He nearly makes direct contact with a meteorite fragment. The contact he does make was with his cousin Cruce, which passes an unusual substance into his body, shielding him from indirect infection. Laza manages to break through and transform Topher into Land Forme Shaymin, with hidden potential.

Cruce Maximilius: Male, 17. A student of Metedia and hobbyist in martial arts. Sometimes called Max. Potential counter against Laza. Cruce is Topher's cousin, the second victim of the meteorite. Likewise, he slips into a coma, although appears to be growing a second mind akin to Topher's. At this time, Cruce's body is completely immune to infection. Cruce has formed a clique called the Circle in which he has invited his closest friends. In Re-Endemic, Cruce is the main protagonist, alongside Vince. Although his physical body is not affected by Laza's infection, his spirit becomes that of pure gamma and transforms into a shiny Espurr. Like other gamma beings, such as Laza and Scion, this spirit can't be seen unless infected with the appropriate gamma.

Xima: Female, age unknown. A mystifying girl who first came to Cruce nameless. She tells him that there is hope.

Celebi: Female, age unknown. A natural Pokémon who Cruce first met in the strange Timescape. Her intentions are unknown; although, upon "falling" to Earth and infecting Vince, she allows for him to see Cruce.

Jovany Aloe: Male, 15. An orphan whose family belonged to the Native American tribe dubbed the Vishnu. Original tribal name unknown. Jovany is a recurring figure with the Circle who meets his apparent end when Laza forces him into the meteorite in the Obsidian Circle, located deep in Autumnridge's woodland.

In Elucidation, Jovany is Snivy.

Zatch Hummings: Male, 16. A musician who performs live concerts with his older brother and younger sister. Zatch exemplified how the infection affects brainwaves, alluring one to an infected individual. Zatch is changed into Pikachu.

Zelda Hummings: Female, 11. A young student who has a passion for making music with her older brothers. She knows Pokémon well, and provides the others with useful information. Zelda is changed into Pichu.

Zack Hummings: Male, 19. A Senior in Metedia who is apparently popular all-around. He organized his younger siblings into a music group called 3-DJ. Zack is the first to attempt to resist the pull of Laza's infection. He is changed into Raichu.

Nickolas Wright: Male, 16. A Sophomore from Metedia who lives in the poorer sector of Autumnridge. He considers Cruce his closest friend, and thus is a member of the Circle. Nickolas is the first to experience a direct insult by Laza, after which he is changed into Minccino.

Al Sanders: Male, 16. A passionate rugby player. Expresses pride in his position on the team. Al decided to remain astray from the Circle until high school, joining along with Emelina. He is transformed into Shinx.

Emelina Greene: Female, 16. A cheerleader who practices routines for football and rugby. Closest friend to Patricia and has expressed interest in Al, thus joined the Circle. She is transformed into Vulpix.

Patricia Vienna: Female, 17. A gothic girl who prefers to stay quiet, despite her active participation in the Circle's affairs. She is tightly knit to each of them, especially Emelina. Patricia is transformed into a mutated Mudkip. She stands upright, with a small blue ponytail drooping from the back of her head.

Gibson Maximilius: Male, 38. A tinkerer father figure to both Cruce and Topher. Transformed into a Pachirisu.

Janet Maximilius: Female, 37. A young-hearted mother figure to Cruce and Topher. Transformed into a Meowstic.


Part 1: The Pokémon "Look at me now. Look at what I have become."

Bryan Denali: Male, 16. A Metedia student who expresses nothing other than an obsession with the "walls" and the infection around the early stages of the Wave. Despite his affiliation with the Circle, he ran from Laza in hope to avoid infection. He is the first to become a Pokémon through a piece of infected land called the Grove. After being transformed into Buizel, Bryan assumes the role of a leader figure for the recently transformed.

Lazareon: Male, age unknown. Laza is Edge's tormentor. Laza claims to be doing no wrong to the world, directly appearing to the victims which he transforms, providing them comfort should they yield to his infection.

Al Sanders: Male, 16. A rebellious Shinx who has developed a distaste for humans. Originally a late leader of the Stand resistance, he joined up with Edge and Topher and left association with the humans.

Topher Reigh: Male (tranny!), 16. A Shaymin deprived of his cousin, he follows Edge with the hopes at this "blue miracle" will be capable of awakening Cruce.

Edge: Male, age unknown. A Pokémon who appeared to be wandering the hospital halls. He is the supposed anti-Laza, or opposing force to Laza's infection. He is rumored to be incredibly powerful and intelligent regarding all things Pokémon. His memory, however, seems to be shattered. He expresses unrest when asked about himself, and appears perpetually frightened of Laza. Wherever Edge goes, the land itself succumbs to infection. Edge is an Azabell who doesn't recall being human.

Travis: Male, 15. A student who managed to avoid being capture by the authorities after being turned into Marill. He's responsible for tenderizing Bryan and bringing him to the level of the infected individual.

Atticus "Atti" Denali: Male, 12. Bryan's younger brother, allegedly infected after spending some time outside in a hot zone. Transformed into Chespin.

Zatch Hummings: Male, 16. A Pikachu who expresses love interest in Topher. He follows Topher wherever he goes, but plays a quiet role in the early stages of Epidemic.

Zelda Hummings: Female, 11. A young Pichu who helps others understand what kind of Pokémon they transform into.

Zack Hummings: Male, 19. A Raichu who looks after his younger siblings.

Maya: African American woman who incorporates herself into a Pokémon group. She is a Gardevoir.

Lucia: A former business owner who acts as a sort of bolster for the Grove's Pokémon. She is a Bellossom.

Part 2: The Stand "We are your sons, your daughters, your neighbors."

Danithan Baker: Male, 18. Danithan is a Senior at Metedia and a member of a club called the Stand, formed at Metedia when students began to realize that Autumnridge was falling apart fast. Being a friend of Zack's, Danithan is heavily affected by the loss of Vince. After a fallout with another member, Danithan meets Laza and becomes Quilava. From here, he respects Laza, giving new meaning to the Stand. Danithan encounters Laza twice, receiving a particular gift the second encounter.

Laura: Female, 19. Laura is the love interest of Zack, who has fallen into a deep appreciation for the Stand. She mourns the loss of order in her life. After being transformed into a Floette, she assumes leadership of the Stand next to Davidson, with a strong fascination for Laza.

Derrick: Male, 15. Derrick is an Indonesian student at Metedia who has come to terms with the American culture. Derrick appears to have a deep struggle with decision making, which defined his transformation as one of the most unusual early infections. Laza split Derrick into two: Minun and Plusle.

Ericka: Female, 15. Ericka is the other half of Derrick which was pulled from his personality and given a body. That body is Plusle, while Derrick's is Minun. Whereas Derrick is less direct, Ericka appears to be more excitable and uppity.

Stanley Davidson: Male, 39. An English teacher who works at Metedia. He is known for being personal with students, his room hosting various clubs and activities, such as the Stand. He is the overseer of the Stand's operations after learning of Laza's intent and becoming a Blaziken.

John: Male, 17. An aspiring chess player who is a quieter voice within the Stand. He is seen with Joel most often. John becomes a Vivillon.

Joel: Male, 16. Another chess player with the Stand, Joel is John's friend, naturally the leader of the two. He is transformed into Helioptile.

Mariposa: Female, 16. A Sophomore at Metedia who remains with the Stand. She becomes a Buneary.

Sgt. Rodriguez: Male, 36. An officer with the authorities who quickly abandons the cause after being transformed into an Arcanine, as he discovers his niece, Mariposa, is a member of the Stand.

Sgt. Sanders: Male, 42. An officer of Autumnridge who meets infected victims, only to find that they are his friends and family.

Nirvaneon: Male, age unknown. Known as Nirva, this being is similar to Laza, albeit physical. Nirva is a gamma poisoned Leafeon with incredible, unique potential.

Part 3 and 3.5: The Renegades and The Ancients "Only I can bring myself to my knees."

Katalyn Valentine: Female, 19. Rogue human immune to Laza's infection. Obsesses over Cruce's situation. Allegedly infected by something other than Laza. Katalyn's scenario in Wave: Endemic opposes that of Edge's. She is seen of as an enemy to all man and 'monkind by Edge. Katalyn, along with her desire to ensure that Cruce is alive, experience hallucinations and surges of demonic power during emotional fever pitches. Katalyn has been transformed into an Eevee once. She is also one of the first to be injected with two types of gamma.

Lee Valentine: Male, 47. Katalyn's father. Transformed into Umbreon. Repeatedly appears to his daughter, yet flees at the sight of her still being human.

Mari(us Setschur): Female, age unknown. Young girl who follows Katalyn. She is called a Skywisp by Topher, and later Katalyn. Her memory has been shattered into pieces too small for her to gather, however within her rests a very powerful source of gamma that emerges only in great circumstance. This power seems to be sentient, calling itself Mars. Mars is female, her age unknown, although she habitually refers to everyone as a kid, including even O'Brien. She is a mysterious entity who proclaims her physical appearance to be that of Mari's. Allegedly, Mars is much like Celebi. She, like Scion, is not a Pokemon, however. Mars seems to have a lifelong quarrel with Scion.

Caden: Male, 11. Young human who was captured by the authorities time and time again. Reported to be one of the first transformation cases. Follows Katalyn as a Victini.

Xima: Female, age unknown. A mutant Wave victim who has not fully transformed. Extremely powerful. Seems to follow Laza. She is a Siren Meowstic.

Brackor: Male, age 39. An authority agent who attempted to subdue Katalyn. Experienced a strange burn after making contact with her. Appears to be incredibly unstable and obsessed with taking Katalyn's heart. He doesn't experience an immediate transformation.

Jack Vasquez: Male, age 21. A street gangster who was captured by the authorities for an unknown act. The science team agreed to run an experiment on he and Kieran, ultimately resulting in the manipulation of Mari and Brackor in order to further research the Wave's effects on victims.

Kieran Bailey: Male, age 17. An innocent, admittedly geeky boy who was captured with Jack, who appears to show compassion for Kieran. With Jack, Kieran was taken and inflicted with the Wave by Mari, after which he made contact with Brackor. After a slow transformation of fusing into Jack's body, Kieran emerged as a parasitic creature similar in shape to a skywisp: a Chlorowisp.

O'Brien: Male, age 76. An important figure of the mysterious science team that conducts brutish experiments on Wave victims. O'Brien's attitude toward the wave is that of a mixed indifference, desiring to possess its power so that he may live with the knowledge of two different eras. O'Brien is transformed into a Skywisp.

Westley Winston: Male, age 30. A young doctor and astronomer who had an early profession in astrobiology. After being transformed into a Goodra, Winston remains associated with humans, namely the authorities. He appears to have lost a considerable chunk of his sanity, evident in his research journals.

Scion: Male (?), age unknown. Appears to be a being of incredibly perverted barbarity. Possessed Katalyn. Seems to utilize Cruce's body in visions. Upon revealing himself to Mari in a vision, Scion proclaims himself as the Storm, Ruination incarnate, the Will of Hypera. Appears to be like Laza in many ways, another gamma being.

Nasceon: Female, age unknown. Known as Nasce, this being is similar to Laza, albeit, like Nirva, physical. Nasce is a gamma poisoned Glaceon with outstanding capabilities for any Pokemon.

Cruce: Cruce makes his debut in Epidemic as a shiny Espurr in order to maintain continuity with Re-Endemic. He only appears to Katalyn and other gamma beings, however.

Solacea: Mars' mysterious weapons, shaped like curved batons, with strings orbiting their tips. It's full name is Runic Sutures: Symbi Solacea. Solacea is capable of healing any wound as though it never existed in the first place, in a sense deleting time from injury.

Crossblade: Scion's weapon. As the name suggests, it is a cross-shaped staff, wielded upside down. Its full name is unknown, however it, too, is a Symbi. Crossblade seems to imprint immortality onto a mortal for as long as it is in the body; it cannot kill. It does, however, cause pain just by being present. In Scion's grasp, Crossblade is capable of slicing through space.

Part 4 and Part 4.5: The Prisoners and The Champions "Must I make a heaven out of hell?"

Nikki Wright: Female, age 17. Nick's captivity proceeds with him as an experiment in the Delta Meadow labs. After an exposure to a fragment of the meteorite, Nick shifts to Nikki, evolving into a female Cinccino. Nikki's primary concern is finding her friends in order to find herself, and only then can she feel she has truly escaped.

Young: Female, age 30. Young is a rebellious professor of the Delta Meadow Science Innovations. Her intentions are unknown, however she appears to be completely immune to the Wave.

O'Brien: Female, age 76. O'Brien returns as a Skywisp, largely with an unchanged mentality. Still in her adolescent years as a skywisp, she is one of the lead researchers at Delta Meadow.

Westley Winston: Male, age 30. A Goodra who is growing increasingly different and deranged, fascinated by the Wave element and how it alters a person's makings. A lot of the "dirty work" gets sent to him at Delta Meadow.

Cryhex: Androgynous, age unknown. Known as CR-HX5, Cryhex is one of the Delta Meadow projects born out of the Wave. It is a mutated Zorua with cybernetic attachments, such as a mechanical, metal wing. Cryhex seems completely stricken of its will, acting as a computer. While mainly following O'Brien's orders, it tends to show loyalty issues elsewhere.

Jack-Ki: Jack male, Ki female, age 21 and 17 respectively. This mutated duo, formerly Jack and Kieran, appears in Delta Meadow, more accustomed to their transformation. In fact, due to their plight, the two of them possess unparalleled endurance.

Del Cruz: Female, age 40. A Skywisp who served in the black ops as a field medic.

Mari Mars: Female, age unknown. Seems to have allied herself with Delta Meadow for unknown reasons.

Emelina Greene: Female, age 16. A Vulpix who was taken to Delta Meadow early in the timeline of the story. No apparent changes have been made to her.

Patricia Vienna: Female, age 17. Seems to identify as Cryhex as well.

Chevron: Male, age 30. A scientist who has experimented--or been experimented on--in the way of the Wave element. Still human by this point, he has the ability to phase through solid objects. He is manipulative and cold; however, he tends to lose his demeanor in situations beyond his control.

Death Knell: Male, age unknown. A mysterious masked agent wielding Symbi Orochi, working under Delta Meadow. He has shown incredible strength. It is unknown if the figure beneath the armor is still human at all.

Arcadia: Female, age 17. A Cinccino Siren, Nick's new identity, as well as the name of the magical staff. The staff--Arcadia--is a Symbi that is capable of absorbing energies and releasing them as a different form, something which creates life and removes obstacles.

Zatch: Male, age 16. Contender of Endemic!

Zelda: Female, age 11. Contender of Endemic!

Zack: Male, age 19. Same as above.

Serapheon: Female, age unknown. One of Laza's "Champions", much like Nirva and Nasce. She appears to be a gamma poisoned Sylveon.

Orochi: Death Knell's weapon, a Symbi. Details of the scythe are unknown, however it seems to have maintained an element of organic nature, possessing a single living eye in the center of the head.

Part 5 and Part 5.5: The Circle and The Wave "The Walls come down, the Wave goes 'round, the World unwound, in Wartime drown."

No more descriptions for characters, because anything from here on out is dangerously spoily~!

The Circle and the Wave deal with every character from Wave so far, putting them all together in a massive arc full of plot twists and bad news!

Part 6: The Flux "We hear the primordial sound through the holes that host our eyes."



Allen Foster:





Mister Gauze:

The Doctor Kaiser:



Everyone, thank you so much for your support! The support I get from all of you further fuels my motivation, in turn inspiring me to expand all my content and even create some new stuff!


1.) Shaymin Sky Forme.

2.) Meowstic Male and Female.

3.) Flareon.

4.) Pachirisu.

5.) Sylveon.

6.) Cinccino.

7.) Espeon

8.) Servine.

9.) Zorua.

10.) Braixen.


1.) Keldeo Resolute Forme.

2.) Lucario.

3.) Mega Absol.

4.) Yvetal.

5.) Mega Mewtwo Y.

6.) Rapidash.

7.) Mega Charizard X.

8.) Luxray.

9.) Moltres.

10.) Mega Blaziken.

Personally, if I were any Pokémon (mentioned above), I would think I'm a Meowstic. I'm quiet, usually, but potentially social! If I could be a legendary, Shaymin would definitely be my choice.


These goals are pretty specific and are applied differently for my stories and such.


OVERALL GOALS - Not expecting all of them to be completed.

[ X ] - 2 Stories

[ X ] - 5 Stories

[ ] - 10 Stories

[ ] - 15 Stories

[ X ] - Complete a story

[ ] - Complete 2 stories

[ ] - Complete 5 stories

[ ] - Complete 10 stories

[ ] - Complete 15 stories

[ X ] - 10,000 Words

[ X ] - 30,000 Words

[ X ] - 60,000 Words

[ X ] - 120,000 Words

[ ] - 250,000 Words

[ ] - 500,000 Words

[ ] - 1,000,000 Words

[ ] - 5,000,000 words

[ X ] - 10 Reviews

[ X ] - 25 Reviews

[ ] - 75 Reviews

[ ] - 150 Reviews

[ ] - 300 Reviews

[ ] - 600 Reviews

[ ] - 1000 Reviews

[ X ] - 1000 Views

[ X ] - 3000 Views

[ X ] - 6000 Views

[ X ] - 10,000 Views





[ ] - Complete the Wave series

[ X ] - Be on the author alerts list of more than 10 people.

[ ] - Be on the author alerts list of more than 40 people.

[ X ] - Have stories totaling at 30 favs.

[ ] - Have stories totaling at 100 favs.

[ X ] - Create art aligned with a story.

[ X ] - Create music aligned with a story.

[ ] - Have a story of each rating.

[ ] - Make a collaboration story.

[ X ] - Have OCs in another's story.

[ ] - Have some shout outs!

[ X ] - Have some shout outs in other people's stories!

[ ] - Make babies.

[ ] - Have a character that I'm attached to die.

[ ] - Ask some experienced writer to smack me in the face if I make a Mary Sue.

[ ] - Followed by actually making a story with a Mary Sue and somehow powering through it.

[ ] - And then kill that Mary Sue at the end.

[ ] - Join some more C2s!

[ ] - Post more in the forums!

[ ] - Be less detached(?)

Those are all of my immediate overall goals. It's a lot, but, like I said, I'm not planning to have them all completed for a while, if not at all.

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My play-through of the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky but better. Follow a shiny Eevee named Elenayru as she and her partner Luca, a male Riolu, form the best rescue team ever known! Good luck with that!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,852 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 9 - Published: 6/20/2011 - Eevee/Eievui, Riolu
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Wave: Epidemic reviews
The sequel to Wave: Endemic. The wave of change spreads, driving friends and families apart as those fighting for their humanity attempt to control the infection. The surreal, space-born fragments rest in the town of Autumnridge, having planted the seeds of mass transformation. Join the victims of the aftermath as they come together, facing challenges small, large, and awkward.
Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Mystery/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 50 - Words: 497,202 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 8/23/2016 - Published: 6/27/2013
Trans-Meowstic reviews
Would you like a TF story? I could do that for you. Let me see what I can pull out of my head region. Oh, here we are. Bit of meta for you all. Let's do this: A TF story within the desire to write a TF story. Might as well make it about Pokémon, no? Hup hup, everyone, let's look at some familiar characters under a much brighter light.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,403 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/14/2015
Wave: Re-Endemic reviews
No one cycle is the same. Every one has its own discrepancies, and there is not a soul alive who can properly account every detail. Not even the progenitors of such cycles. Many can be certain of one thing: change. Again, change is coming, slowly but surely. It's time to return to Autumnridge and face the Wave within a new limelight.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 31,263 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 4/11/2015 - Published: 1/10/2015
Wave: Endemic Original reviews
"Liquid starlight" is a substance which projects a particular portion of the mind to concrete reality by any means necessary. If the conditions are met, mass transformation could be the result. Change is coming, slowly but surely. TF epic. One tale ends here, but so begins another, where a changed mankind must unite and face the world's most unusual threat. THE ORIGINAL TRASH ! :D
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Mystery - Chapters: 21 - Words: 80,515 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 12/2/2014 - Published: 12/22/2011 - Celebi, Shaymin
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: EoS Elucidation reviews
CANCELLED and stuff
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,613 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Published: 7/16/2012 - Riolu, Snivy/Tsutarja
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liquid Starlight reviews
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,821 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 2/7/2012 - Published: 9/3/2011 - Treecko/Kimori, Snivy/Tsutarja
Kingdom Hearts Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crossblade reviews
Erm... Cancelled unfortunately.
Crossover - Pokémon & Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 49,247 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 1/1/2012 - Published: 7/14/2011 - Riolu, Sora
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