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The Twi-Muses presents: The Naughty and Nice Holiday Contest The holidays are among us and what's better than twi-characters all running around being jolly? Are they Nice or are they Naughty? Give us your best Holiday-inspired OS. The pairing is up to you. We will accept all pairings. Will You be Naughty or will You be Nice? RULES: 1. Your entry must be between 2000 and 8000 words. 2. Lemons are not mandatory, but will be gladly accepted and strongly encouraged. (We love the smut) 3. Collabs are welcome. 4. You must be 18+ years to enter. 5. Entry must be beta'd as we will be validating all One Shots for grammar and punctuation. 6. Human or vamp entries will be accepted. We will take any pairing. 7. Slash is welcomed. 8. You may not continue your story until after the winners are announced. That includes a chapter saying vote for me. 9. Your entry must be written just for this contest. We reserve the right to refuse any fic based on the above rules. We’ll answer any questions you may have. Contest Dates: Entries will be accepted until December 10th. Voting will begin on December 11th and end on December 18th. Winners will be announced on December 20th. Voting details: There will be four winning categories 1st place Voter's Nice Choice 1st place Voter's Naughty Choice Prizes: 1st place Voter's Choice’s will receive a custom-made winner’s banner, as well as being interviewed on the Twi-Muses Blog. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: Once your story is beta'd and uploaded to, email a link of your story to Along with the following information: Authors pen name and profile link (if this is a collab then send both names or the combined screen name with both profile links) Title of OS: Contact Info: When entering your OS on to the site, we ask that the following information be posted at the top of your story for clarification. For category enter Naughty or Nice. "Entry for the Naughty or Nice Holiday Contest" Summary: Pairing: Category: Word Count: Disclaimer: Once your OS has been reviewed and approved, we will send you an email telling you the status of your entry. Your OS will be added to the “Favorite Stories” section of the contest page. Make sure to follow the contest page for all entries. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, then feel free to contact us. Directly through the contest page: Or by Email: Now get to writing and show us your best Naughty or Nice story.

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