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Author has written 10 stories for Xiaolin Showdown.

About the author:

English teacher in Wuhan, China. Vagabond. Can and will talk. Eater of feelings.

Tumblr and Instagram for fic-related art: p3ac3fulfor3st

Xiaolin Showdown Questionnaire

1) Who’s your favorite character and why?

Gotta love Chase Young. Wickedly snarky but also manages to have so much finesse.

2) What’s your favorite Shen Gong Wu?

This is a tough one. Emmm... Probably the Jetbootsu. Defying gravity? Flying? Sign me up!

3) Which character do you hate and why?

Hannibal Roy Bean. Not only a disgusting little monster but also heavily responsible for Chase's corruption through use of deception.

4) What’s your favorite pairing and why?

Chase and Jack. The amount of sexual tension between the two of them throughout the show is staggering to say the least. Jack is wildly transparent about how he feels about Chase but Chase (being the emotionally constipated villain that he is) stays strongly in denial. I blame the Lao Mang Lone Soup, honestly. They're also both kind of... Loners? I mean, neither of them really have anyone else in their lives. Unless you count Wuya and I don't (no sense of loyalty there).

I admit, I also have a soft spot for Raimundo and Kimiko.

5) Who do you hate together?

Anyone with Omi. I've always seen him as asexual. I also really despise Chase and Wuya together for rather obvious reasons. Jack and Katnappe makes me want to hurl.

6) What’s your favorite episode?

That's a difficult question to answer. I've got to say, though, I really enjoy The New Order. I live for Chase/Jack interactions and the banter between the two of them here is classic. Runner up is Oil in the Family. Chase and Jack work together? Hell yeah.

7) What’s your favorite scene and what episode is it from?

From The Year of the Green Monkey:

Chase: *grabs Jack's hand in a vice-like grip* I have a proposition for you.

Jack: Look, he's touching my hand! *pointing at his throbbing hand with tears of absolute joy (pain?) in his eyes*

8) What’s your favorite quote?

From Big as Texas:

Jack: *watching Clay and his father hug it out* *turns to Wuya* How come we don't have a relationship like that?

Wuya: I'm not your mommy! Now, pick up your toys, Jackie, and let's go home. *flies off as Jack picks up the broken remnants of JackBots*

I really like Wuya being somewhat of a surrogate mother to Jack. Warms my heart.

9) What scene or moment do you feel should have happened?

Jack needed to take the monks out for ice cream. I also felt like Jack should've truly become Chase's apprentice at some point.

10) If you could go to any location, where would you go?

Give me time and I would explore Chase's citadel top to bottom. I bet he's got all sorts of interesting things hidden away.

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What if Xiaolin Showdown was just a game of make-believe? What if the monks and villains were all actually children living in the same neighborhood? Well, that is Jack Spicer's reality. And the new kid across the street has his undivided attention. Jack/Chase, neighborhood AU, high school AU, based on the song Wild by Troye Sivan.
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