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I'm a Power Ranger fan through and through, fan of old-school MMPR (although I'll watch anything with spandex and zords. I love giant robots) and I'm a proud Australian to boot :).

Years ago, when "Power Rangers" first began airing in Australia in 1994, I fell in love with the show and the characters. So I came up with my own series of stories, about the MMPR team with a second, junior team (of six younger Rangers). They're told from the perspective of Peter the Orange Ranger, and include his friends Teresa, Scott, Sarah, Brendan and Ian (and Aaron, the first Aqua Ranger who lost his powers in Divided We Fall).

I planned out this really long series (culminating almost three hundred stories later with my own version of Countdown to Destruction). But I knew I'd never have time to write all of them ... so I wrote the first 8 stories in the series (from The New Team up to Vigilante). And I was pretty happy with them. They've been hosted by various fanfic archives in the past, and I've rewritten them a few times, and I was really happy with them.

... until a few years ago, when I started to miss my characters. So I had this great idea. Go back through all those stories I planned to write (but never did), and pick single, standalone stories to tell ... but switch up the POV. So each one of the Rangers gets a single short story (and some of them weren't that short!) where they get to be the narrator. We'll get to see how that Ranger views the world, their mission and their team-mates, and hear their perspective on everything.

So Jason tells the story in Identity, and we get to hear Tommy's thoughts in Time Off. My original characters get to tell their stories (like Teresa learning a valuable lesson about helping people in Here to Help, Brendan understanding his value to the team in The Little Guy, or Aaron's thoughts on being an ex-Ranger in Powerless). My continuity unfolds a little differently than in the show's continuity. I always wanted the original MMPR team to stay, so that's how I wrote my stories (and we see in Kimberly's POV story Lost and Found in Greece that she chose to stay as a Ranger, rather than leave for her athletics career).

And that allowed me to tell some really interesting stories. Like the story from the point-of-view of Lord Zedd called Omega, or a story from Zordon's POV (A Day in the Life, about a crazy 24 hours in the lives of Zordon and Alpha). My grandest story was the recent The Impossible Boy, a story told by a random boy who gets caught between the Rangers and a crazed supervillain, and after being infected by an alien virus, he has to go on the run with the team while they try to save him.

Along the way, I also wrote some really cool one-shots like Seito and its sequel Saikai, which were two parts of a classic team-up (here, the MMPR team meets the Samurai Rangers and they all fight together). The timeline doesn't quite match up, but most things still happen in my series (as they happened on the show), they just happened in a different order.

I hope you stick around and read some of my stories. I promise they're quite good :). Like I said, I fell in love with the franchise a long time ago, and I still am :). And feel free to leave some feedback, as well. I know it doesn't sound like much, but nothing makes a writer happier than knowing somebody enjoyed their story.

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Here to Help
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Saikai reviews
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The latest in my series of POV stories sees Aaron the ex-Aqua Ranger take the lead. On assignment in the Arctic, Aaron, Teresa and Peter are stranded in Norway for the night, when they run into who else but Dominic and Fran! But as usual for the Rangers, trouble is lurking just out of sight. I hope you enjoy! Reviews welcomed! :)
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