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What will you do when a horde of undead are coming to your lawn? In Plants vs Zombies, you have to place different types of plants and fungi, each of which has their own capabilities for offense or defense. You have to defend your house to stop the zombies from reaching it that will eventually eat the brains.

Players get to start with limited number of seed packs as well as the type of plants and zombies. As the game progresses and players move on to higher levels, players can opt to purchase additional seed packs to increase the number of plants that you can use in the game. Also, the kinds of plants and zombies also become fiercer as the level becomes more difficult to beat.

In the Day Mode, there will be 5 or 6 horizontal lanes with one lawnmower in each lane. Zombies will move towards the house in each lane. A player will collect suns in order to buy plants to be placed on the lawn. Different types of plants cost various amounts of suns, usually depending on its offensive or defensive capabilities. The zombie-zapping plants include the classic peashooter and its many variants as well as the devious cherry bomb and the sizzling jalapeno.