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Hey everyone! I'm 16 and an all-round Who-nerd.

I also write trock songs (about both Classic and New Who) under the same name on YouTube, so please visit!

Favourite Doctors

My favourite Doctor has to be Seven. He's just so small and awesome and funny and mysterious! Plus, he can rrrroll his rrrs and has a Scottish accent. No one can beat that. :D

Close behind is Eleven. He's by far the best of the modern Doctors, mainly because, like Seven, he has the perfect blend of quirkiness and subtle darkness. Plus, I like his random hand movements and twitchy moments for some reason.

In third place is either Eight or Six. Eight's just so gentlemanly and always seems so calm (in the audios anyway). He's definitely the one whose companion I'd most want to be. Six is just wonderful in every way and is made of pure win. He and his beautiful costume are highly underrated. :)

Favourite Companions

Ace, Rory, River, Turlough and Romana. And Donna. I also have, strangely, a soft spot for Adric. I haven't as of yet worked out why.

Whoniverse Ships

I don't really ship the Doctor with that many people. To me, he's generally too alien to have normal 'human' romantic relationships. I am rather fond of Eleven/River, though. I don't read stories where they have kids and all that, but I like their relationship as it currently stands.

I ship Seven/Ace in a completely platonic way. The age gap makes anything else a bit squicky, and Seven doesn't really seem the type to engage in that kind of relationship. However, they are extremely cute together and I like those fics where they go on little innocent trips and just have fun. :D

Another pairing I adore is Nydric (Nyssa/Adric). I've only seen a small handful of other Nydric shippers, but they're so cute together! Not only is Nyssa the one who finds Adric the least irritating, but they're both about the same age, have similar interests and he's REALLY protective of her. (Just watch 'Logopolis' and you'll get where I'm coming from.)

Also Eight/Romana slightly.

John Smith/Joan Redfern was also adorable, and so so sad! D:

I'm not a fan of Ten/Rose. At all. Same goes for Two/Jamie. I like them both as characters (okay, maybe not so much Rose, but I don't dislike her) but Ten was more like a best friend and Two is more of a favourite uncle. Doctor/Master and Six/Peri also make no sense to me.

Favourite Episodes (My Classic Who repetoire is patchy, so there aren't that many Classic eps in the list)

Spearhead From Space

Four To Doomsday (Apart from Tegan's mental breakdown and Adric being annoyingly naive, it's actually pretty good.)

The Two Doctors

Time and the Rani (I don't care what people say. Apart from the regeneration, I love it.)


The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (I had nightmares for days, but still...)

School Reunion

Human Nature/The Family of Blood


The Waters of Mars

The Beast Below

Amy's Choice

Let's Kill Hitler

Asylum of the Daleks

Things I Don't Like In Doctor Who

The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors' deaths. Six barely even got a death scene (although the lack of an actor didn't help). Seven's was just heartbreaking. It's horrible to see your favourite Doctor (who is supposed to have superb clarity of insight) get gunned down just because he didn't check where he was first. Also, I think he deserved a much more noble death than a botched-up cardiac operation. I don't like Eighth's death because I don't know how it happened. XD

Overuse of the sonic screwdriver. I am ever so slightly irritated by the constant use of the sonic screwdriver as some sort of magic wand to get out of every situation. This is partially why I love the JNT era so much. It enabled writers to come up with more interesting solutions. (I now feel slightly hypocritical as I've used the sonic about 5 times in my latest story already. I'll need to work on that...)

The fate of Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor. In my personal opinion, Rose should never have come back after Doomsday. It would have made her ending so much more emotional, but it kind of fizzled out the sadness by bringing her back. Also it would have been nice to see her show she could cope perfectly well on her own, rather than give her the Meta-Crisis Doctor. It also highlighted how human the Tenth Doctor was, as there was pretty much no difference between the original Doctor and the human one. I'm not sure if I like the idea of a Doctor who would be happy to sit around and eat chips for the rest of his life.

The Eleventh Doctor's companions. Don't get me wrong - I adore them, but I can't help but feel that they've been shaped more around the timey-wimey cospiracies in which they're caught up than their individual personalities (I'm talking Amy, River and Clara here). Also, it would be nice to have a proper alien companion, which we haven't seen in the TV series since Turlough left in 1984.

Six, Seven and Adric hate. Six was brilliant and I don't really understand what's not to like. I find him hilarious at times. XD I sort of get why some people don't like Seven, as some of the acting there is a bit stagey in places, but I really quite like that. A lot of the anti-Sevens I've seen are Six fans, which is rather sad. I don't know whether it's to do with Time and the Rani. :/ I know Adric can make one want to smash their heads against the wall at times, but I think pretty much everyone can relate to him at some point in their lives, and he's really not that irritating when you get used to him.

The incredibly short run of the Jacobi!Master. He could have been so much more interesting! He needed much more time to develop. He would have been positively wonderful, I'm sure of it.

The Master in The End of Time. I know he was meant to be all savage and all, but it just felt a tad OOC to me. Also, the idea of the Master in a hoodie just doesn't really fit.

My Definition of Canon in the Whoniverse

To me, everything in the books and audio plays are canon unless it is contradicted by the TV series (things like Human Nature, for example.) If there's contradiction between books and audio plays, I go for the one I prefer, and if the TV series contradicts itself, I go for the one that is most supported.

In this two-tier canon system, I think the extended media stuff can be acknowledged (in the TV series or fanfic wherever), but can also be ignored. Anything in the TV series should be acknowledged unless it contradicts itself (ie. the extinction of the dinosaurs).

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