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Author has written 13 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, 21 Jump Street, Misc. Movies, Alice in Wonderland, 2010, Teen Titans, Avengers, Thor, and Crimson Peak.


My pseudonym is Rawiyah.


Curious? It's an Arabic name for : "The Girl Who Tells Stories".

Quite simply;

I tell stories.

Whether they be fanfiction or my own work.

I tell stories. And I enjoy it.

Who am I?:

I'm just your average eccentric girl. You know? The one that wears long, printed skirts and sips Darjeeling during classes?

I'm a nerd... just like the other 70% of FF.net.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not Arabic. I am not Somalian, and I am not from any ethnicity that has Arabic as their first language.

What do I write?:

I have quite a few fandoms, I used to write mostly Johnny Depp stories, however, it's been a few years and I'm now beginning to write for other fandoms such as Teen Titans, Avengers and Batman.

I try to avoid writing about the same couple or same movie,TV Show, anime or cartoon twice.

If you notice that I wrote one story involving one movie, or one character... you may not see me make any more stories involving either that movie or that character anymore for a long time. Sorry to disappoint. But I don't do repeat performances.

What am I currently working on?:

*Avengers. I'm currently working on my first Avengers fic, mostly Loki centric, but still an Avengers fic nonetheless. This one is more closely related to me than my other fics because it comes from more personal experience. It's an interesting fic, I think, because I feel it sort of looks at a side of Loki that most people don't really see. They just see Loki as a sexy villain, but Loki is a very hurt, sad character. He just hides it very well. I personally love writing this one because I get to explore my memories from when I was in the psych ward, how I felt, what I did. I've stayed in the psych ward four times and I find each time was slightly different. But this story is so much fun because I can go through all of the letters I've written while I was locked up and I can take all of those sad, hopeless, crazy feelings and put them into a story.

Update: That story is now complete.

I am currently working on The Renewal and another One-shot. Someone sent me a request for more Thor/Loki and an mpreg story, so that is what I'm currently trying out. It'll be a one-shot, so no long chapters like my last story. If I finish that any time soon, expect to see that posted here in a while.

*Teen Titans. I started a Teen Titans fanfiction a LONG time ago. I mean way back in early 2011. I loved it so much when I started writing it, but later I couldn't figure out what should happen next, so I gave up on it. About two years later, in 2013, I had a dream that gave me inspiration to work on the story, but I was only able to crank out half a chapter before I was overcome with writer's block once more and I stopped working on it. Again, two years later, I have some inspiration back and I'm ready to get to work on this story.

Are you ever going to finish your other fics?:

Some of them is a definite yes. All The Tired Horses is going to be finished soon, I've been rewatching 21 Jumpstreet episodes for a while now and I'm starting to feel the ideas come back to me, so I'm guessing I'll start working on that story again soon.

Stories like Desiderata and Love of a Mother, not so definite. Just assume they are discontinued until I get ideas back.

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