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Author has written 7 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Silent Hill.

Some stuff about me.

Hi I'm Red Vision:

Real name: Eugene

Age: 25

Hobbies: writing, video games, metal music, reading

Favorite place to be at: my room.

Favorite colors: red, blue

Other interests: Watching tennis, drawing

If you wanted to be any one in the world who would you be: I would be me.

Personality type: Polite and caring but at times can get to a boiling point, due to violent mood swings, Don't get on my bad side, "Just kidding"

Favorite dragon ball z character: Gohan

Favorite TV shows: Dragon Ball Z, Heroes, Smallville, Hercules, Simpsons, Family Guy, Two and a Half Man, The King Of Queens, American Dad.

favorite movie- Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Favorite Metal Bands: Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying ,Lamb Of god, Mudvayne, Flaw, In Flames, Slipknot, Korn, Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, Unearth, Finch, Thrice.

Occupation: Currently entering a training program

Favorite Foods: Any thing I can stuff my face with, well not everything silly.

My advice on well being: To drink eight glasses of water every day and don't forget your soymilk, also spinach makes you strong: Well if you disagree on this then why are you still reading this.

Things I hate- Telemarketers, clowns, annoying people.

Things I love- me, my parents, metal music, dbz, Ps2, Ps3, DS, psp, Wii.


April 2005- I'll be putting up new material later, check back.

June 2006- hello, I'm back. Writing a couple of dbz fanfictions right now. Posting already too. :)

October 2006- Gohan To The Max will be concluded soon, I'm going to start working on the Evil Seed Soon, then after that I'll start writing Gohan: The Teen Years.

November 2006- I'm still going to write Gohan To The Max and will soon be writing The Evil Seed.

April 2007- I'm still working on Gohan To The Max. it will be finished sometime this year.

Coming Soon: Gohan The Teen Years. (This will be written after Gohan To The Max, So it will be in a while) - This is a short story of Gohan's life in his teen years. Highschool, love, homework and comedy all in one short story of how the Teen Years of Gohan were before the Buu Saga happened.

Coming Soon: The Evil Seed. This is the story of Brolly, his Quest to find Goku.

To be posted soon: Silent Hill: In The Wake Of Dreams, is a AU Silent Hill fanfic I'm working on. To post soon.

Have now posted first chapter of my silent hill fanfic Silent Hill: In the Wake Of Dreams

July 2007: I'm Finishing up Gohan to the max, and will be done in about a week or two, then I'll start a new story called Gohan The Teen Years.

Look At my silent hill fanfic it's great as well. :) cheers

I want to thank the people reviewing my story Gohan To The Max who are Shiva The Sarcastic, MysteryYoungster, and Writer person 05.

July 2007 Part 2- Have now posted The Evil Seed dbz Story

August 2007- Finished Gohan To The Max. Now Will Continue My Brolly story.

August 2007 continued- written 6 chapters already for "The Evil Seed" story about the dbz character Brolly. Haven't got any reviews yet. Awaiting reviews.

September 2007- Well I'm still writing The Evil Seed still at the moment and it's turning out to be amazing. Hope people review it. If you haven't noticed already, I have finished Gohan To The Max a few weeks ago. Well That's all for now.

September 2007 continued- The Evil Seed Chapter 13 up. This story is progressing well, and i'm going to continue to write the story for some time, then i'll branch off onto other projects.

October 2007- Still writing The Evil Seed, it's coming along good, not getting any reviews though, only two so far.

Please Review my stories. I love feedback. I like people's opinion's on my work. Just be nice and be constructive.

I finally completed the Evil Seed. hope I get reviews.

October 2007 Continued- Have now posted the first chapter of second Gohan To The Max part in my trilogy.

November 2007- As you can see i'm busy writing Gohan To The Max: The birth Of Gohan Jr. I have other ideas and stories already previewed in the works coming soon section, that will be posted as i finish my current projects. I'm planning to write a third part for the "Gohan To The Max Saga", after I finish Gohan To The Max: The birth Of Gohan Jr. There is no title for the third part, so i will not post it in the coming soon section yet.

November 2007 continued- wrote a short story Gohan's shadow check it out.

December 2007- posted some new chapters of Gohan To The Max: The Birth Of Gohan Jr. Planning to write part 3 of the Gohan Jr saga after this one is finished.

December 2007 continued- Posted The Other Me. A fan fiction about Pan

December 2007 continued 2- I'm busy writing lots of stuff so i'll keep on updating my works frequently. :) Please Review.

January 2008- Happy New Year every one. I'm slowly updating my stories again; I had a holiday break but I'm back now.

January 2008 continued- I'm thinking of writing some poetry for specific characters from my stories in the near future and putting them into a collective poetry chaptered story. It could be cool I think. C ya. I'll keep who's reading this up to date.

January 2008 continued- Soon putting up the poetry collection. Will be up in a few days.

January 2008 continued part 2- Posted character poem collection. Will update it frequently. :)

The Other Me- Fixed and revised, will continue it still...

March 2008- Revising The Evil Seed at the moment, soon will start revising silent hill story. I'll keep you posted.

March 2008 continued- Revised gohan to the max the birth of gohan jr. Revised silent hill in the wake of dreams.

planning to revise my other works.

June 2008- I'm back and writing after a long haitus.

November 2008- I'm putting new chapters up soon. Upcoming stories are to be posted.

After a long break from writing, I'm back to it in 2012.

Stories Currently In the works

Silent Hill: In The Wake Of Dreams- In Progress

The Other Me- In Progress

Character Poem Collection- In Progress

Stories complete

Gohan To The Max- Complete

The Evil Seed- Complete

Gohan's Shadow- Complete

Gohan To The Max: The Birth Of Gohan Jr- Complete

Revised Works

Gohan To The Max: The Birth Of Gohan Jr- Revision complete

The Other Me- Revision Complete

The Evil Seed- Revision complete

Silent Hill: In the wake of Dreams- Revision Complete

Works coming soon

Character Poem Collection. A collection of poems based on the characters from my stories- Posted.

Gohan The Teen Years: About Gohan's life in highschool. Summary- Gohan has just defeated Cell with the help of his father, can he now make it through the tough years of highschool. With Sharpner and Erasa on his back and Lilly the new girl that has the hots for him and can't stop following him, what will he do. To be posted early 2013.

Three Blood Brothers: Summary- This is a Smallville fanfiction: Clark meets another Kryptonian who has lived in smallville in hiding for the past 15 years since the meteor shower. He later becomes friends with Clark and learns new powers and techniques from him, but wait they are somehow related, what will Clark do now. Can they together save smallville from what will come next...the 34.1 experiment, a clone made from Clark's own blood. To Be Posted early 2013

The Gohan Jr chronicles: Summary: This is a whole new series and a continuation of my Gohan To The Max series. In this story Gohan Jr is in his adult years; he leads his life alone on earth after a complete destruction of the entire human race and the sayjin race by Ifrit the fire spirit and Gohan jr is left as the only survivor on the planet. There are survivors now but who are these survivors and where are they from. This series is going into a whole new direction into more of an adventure genre and less action genre. Late 2012

The Evil Seed Part 2: Brolly's Awakening- Coming Soon. Summary to be posted.

Silent Hill Part 2 - Coming Soon- Title To be Posted. Sequel To Silent Hill In The Wake Of Dreams

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This is an AU fanfic about Gohan's life after the Buu Saga. There is no GT, to me it never existed. New enemies come after Gohan defeats Buu, Some enemies return. This story is about adventure, action, love, and simply my own continuation of Gohan's life.
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