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Okay so hi there, RevDragon at your disposal- er service I mean. I've known about this site for a very long time, about eleven years, with a few being before I actually made an account, maybe a little less (can't say that's an entirely good or entirely bad thing XD). I may or may not start putting up stories sometime soon but I mainly made an account to be able to review stories and such. I like nice clean, funny, and sometimes romantic stories (okay I admit I'm a sucker for some pairings Lol), I don't go for any of the dirty and perverted stuff that's just nasty so I will probably avoid authors like that. I always try to leave good review, I will offer constructive critcism occasionally, and I'm very open to it on my stories as long as you're polite about it.

My Pen name: It's not Reverend dangit -_-; It comes partly from me listening to Revtheory while I made my account, also the fact that I like to review stuff, it makes me feel like I'm good at something Lol. And RevDragon sounds cooler then ReviewDragon, well in my eyes anyway.

How I write: I always try to keep characters in character as much as possible, unless I write a crackfic for some reason. I won't put language or swearing in a story, (worst I may put in is 'crap') I keep it clean. I'm still trying to give longer chapters, I'm getting better at it as I go along. My longest now is 4K (I still feel like they could be longer, but I'm gradually progressing as I said before). I also write humor, which I guess I'm fairly decent at. One of the biggest comedic influences in my life are actually cartoon characters! Can you believe it? If you guessed Slappy Squirrel then have a cookie! But I don't have a specific writing style yet. I just write what I feel like writing, and I want to enjoy writing it.

What I like seeing in stories: Keeping characters IN character, no swearing (I just don't like reading it, I can handle it to some extent, but in fanfics for kids movies I generally don't like it. I like well thought out OC's that are conducive to the plot, but too many OC's can muddy the storyline, it really depends on what the story is, I suppose. I've read good stories, I've read decent stories, and I've seen stuff that never should have exited the mind of the author, so what I like and don't like is pretty well defined in my mind.

When I review: Like I said, I try to leave a good review. I try to be honest as much as I can without being degrading. If I can help it, I will write a long informative review, which I know some authors appreciate more than: I like dis plz update soon! I can't always write several paragraphs XD, but I try to touch on what the author wants to hear about. Even when I start reading a story late, I'll still review, and when it updates I'll try to review every subsequent chapter that comes out. I take time to consider what I'm going to say and if my opinion has weight to it. I try to avoid one liners (we have a 10K character limit for goodness sake! You can at least try to use some of it.) I'm not a perfect writer and do not consider myself the best on here by any means. I make mistakes same as anyone else on the site, but that's why we review, to help each other get better at our passion.

Random stuff about me: I like playing videogames (a lot), I love to read (hence why I'm on here), I watch/make videos occasionally on youtube. I think chainletters are stupid haha, I've read a lot of them and I'm not dead, which proves that they don't work. I speak freely, and I'm not afraid to voice my opinions on an issue. I extremely dislike slash pairings. I will stand behind my opinion on something, whatever it may be, and I couldn't possibly care less if you hate me for that. I have a website for the movie Alpha and Omega, feel free to check it out if you want, it's: Alpha and Omega Fansite; simple right? Just type that in your little search box and click, it should be right at the top of the links. It has a chat room, blogs, and some other cool stuff on there, not to mention I'm the admin too XD. I've been to the dark side and back, trust me, the cookies are crap.

If you think you have too many copy and paste its on your profile, then DON'T friggin' copy and paste this into your profile! It's not helping you break the habit! (point in case, I think those are stupid.)

I would name all of my favorites for you, but the list of the movies, games, cartoons, etc. that I like is very long Lol, but I'll give you a few.

Games: Sly Cooper, or Call of Duty (for crackfics X3), and Halo too.

Cartoons: Okay seriously I am a huge cartoon nut, mostly 90's stuff. There's a really long list of cartoons I've watched or am watching. Anamaniacs-- Rita and Runt, and Slappy the Squirrel

Movies: Space Jam, Kung Fu Panda, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Balto, Cats Don't Dance, Zootopia! (not in favorite order) etc.

Comics: eh not really much in this department, I read: Peanuts, Housepets, and Catena Manor, but I wasn't really pleased with some of the fanfiction on it.

Anime: Used to hate it, now it is my main hobby almost. I have many favorites, but my number one of all time is Code Geass.

Books: Bible, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars :D.

Okay that's about it as far as the categories are concerned. Oh wait yes duh, music, I like clean rap -points down-, a lot of movie soundtracks, instrumentals, whatever suits me, country is the exception. My favorite techno/electronica band is definitely "The Luna Sequence." I generally don't like rock, but there are some songs I like in that genre. A few of my favorite songs are:

Team MFN- "Rebuilt this City (On Black & Gold)"- This song means a lot to me.

DMX- "Right/Wrong" - Of course I like the song, if I would put lyrics down there, XD, it's inspiring.

John Rzeznik- "I'm Still Here" -Another amazing song off the Treasure Planet soundtrack.

I feel the need to put this here because this is just amazing, these are some lyrics from "Right/Wrong" by DMX

Made me a leader before I was ready to lead
Took away my hunger, but didn't give me greed
Made me successful, when I just wanted to be heard
Give me the light, cause all I need is the word
Give me a life, that I'm responsible for
I'll give him what's right, cause I'm responsible for him
And into the night, I'm gonna be there with him
Facing a fight, I be right there with him
Ready for Heaven, cause I done been through the Hell
And since I was seven, I've had a story to tell
See God is great, and that's why I'm still livin'
He gave to me, so I'ma keep on givin'
The bravery of a man's mind is slavery
Is making me the man I was made to be
I hate to see when cats know but don't spit it
Right is wrong, when it's on you gon' get it

Any story below Night Drive is pretty much dead and gone as far as my ever updating them because I wrote them far too long ago to really remember what I wanted to do with them. However I will be writing at least one more Zootopia story about Judy and Nick which will be the sequel to Night Drive.

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