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Author has written 16 stories for Spyro the Dragon, Inheritance Cycle, Bolt, Star Wars, and My Little Pony.

Important Notices


Due to the fact that my grades in college are not that good at the moment. I may be more focused on doing college work then writing stories. If i do managed to get a chapter done, i will most lickly post it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Likes: Video Games, Good Fan-Fictions, Cartoons, Chinese food

Dislikes:People who Flame

Update information.


I have been getting quite a few reviews about the timeline of Sora’s adventures into the other worlds that I am doing so I have taken the liberty of creating a time line for you all to follow. Those that say 'UNKNOWN' are worlds I have not typed up yet.

Dragon Realms (ANB, TED, DOTD)

The Force Galaxy (Star Wars)








Dragon Realms (Aftermath)

Alagaesia (Books 1-3 and my own view on book four if it does not come out before I get it.)

I hope this helps.

OC Information

If you want, I will be more than happy to allow you to use my OC for your stories. All I ask is that you first send me a PM that has the name of your story, what OC you want to use, and how you are going to use my OC. I will then take a look at your story and see if I want to allow you to use them. I will then send a reply back stating my decision.

My Dragon OC


AKA: The Dragon God

Age: 29 but can be changed

Appearance: Silver scales with a golden underbelly. Black wings and a tail fitted with a sword. Two horns and claws that is as clear as diamonds. Golden spikes and blue eyes.

Personality: He is strong and focused on the task at hand but is always caring about his family and friends. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. He tries to avoid a fight if he can help it but he knows when the time for diplomacy would have ended and it is time to fight. A caring father and a loving mate who always thinks about his family health before his own.

Element(s): Being the Silver Dragon, Spirit has been blessed with all the elements that exist in the world which are Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, Poison, Wind, Fear, and Shadow. He also carries an ancestral element known as Concavity. This breath has the power to cleanse a soul of darkness. (Note that in order to use the Concavity breath you have to ask Viperwatcher for use and then send a PM saying that it is okay.)

Mate: Krystal

Children: Despair, Amy, Fira (This OC is the property of Viperwatcher so you must ask him for permission.)

Relationship (In terms of Viperwatcher’s series TBD):

Demex, Delnok, Spyro: Son-in-law

Malefor: Brother-in-law

Nomex: Sister-in-law

Damien, Felix, Demila: Grandchildren


Age: 27 but can be changed

Appearance: Deep blue scales like the ocean with a lighter shade of blue for the underbelly like the sky. She has two blue horns and green eyes and her tail is set with a heart. Her body build is the same as Cynder but a bit slimmer. She would be found wearing a necklace set with a pure aquamarine gem and/or a green neck brace lined with topaz.

Personality: caring and sweet. She is willing to fight to protect those she holds dear. She values her relationship with her mate Spirit above most other things and is almost always looking for a way to prove her love for him even if he has told her that she was all he ever needs. She is very protective of her children and grandchildren.

Element(s): Ice

Mate: Spirit


Age: 10 but can be changed

Appearance: Black scales with a yellow underbelly. He has two yellow horns and blood-red eyes. His tail is set with a trident like blade and has red wings. He also has yellow spikes.

Personality: Protective of his sisters. He thinks that because of the fact that he is the son of the Dragon God, he has to prove himself in some way. However, he has enough sense to know that he shouldn’t go looking for trouble.

Element(s): Earth and Convexity

Story about the Convexity dragons,

When a dragon is born, they have a certain sense to the realm of Convexity. Depending on their sense, the dragon can develop certain abilities like able to see into the minds of people and know what is going on in places far away like Ignitus to being able to tell if a dragon has a good heart or not like Spirit and Fira.

A few dragons, like the purple dragon, have enough of a sense of Convexity that they are able to use it as an element. However, this is risky as to use an attack would cause a massive strain on the dragon. The best can barely hold on the attack for more than a few seconds. It is also possible for a dragon that has been touch by darkness but has been free to develop that trait but it happens very little.

Now, there are dragons that when born have such a high sense of Convexity that they almost lose their original element and that becomes the Convexity element. The dragon is able to use the Convexity power almost like a normal element with almost no restrictions. There is still the strain of using it and they can only access the element when there marks appear. Since a Convexity dragon can be born from any type of element and have a wide variety of scale colors, there is no easy way to classify them.

Mate: To Be Determined


Age: 8 but can be changed

Appearance: She has yellow scales and the same golden scales as her father. She has the same build as her mom with the same green eye color. Her tail is tip with a lighting symbol and has a birthmark that looks like a lightning bolt on her left check.

Personality: The more reluctant of the twins. She would mostly stop and think about a problem before charging in. She is very loyal to her father and would often ask him for information and advice. Always seeking to learn new things and is just as protective of her family as her mother.

Element(s): Electricity

Mate: Viperwatcher’s own Delnok


Age: Same as Sora

Appearence: The same general body build as Sora in addition to the same height. He is an anthro dragon with purple scales with black markings on the overbody and red scales with golden marking on the underbelly. his claws are ivory color and he has six horns, two golden and four ivory. his tail is set in a scyte-like blade and he has two color eyes, one purple the other green. Wears his form orb around his neck.
Update: Aros's left arm and hand is now a silver color rather then purple as edvidence of his status as an A.S.D

Personality: Calm most of the time but can be easily annoyed. He has a desire to see the outside world and is more free-will compared to the other Forms.

Element(s): Fire, Ice,Earth, Electricty, Posion, Wind, Fear, Shadow, Convexity

Relation to Sora: He is Sora Dragon Form or as Sora sometimes calls him his D-Form

Non Dragon OC

Richard Eldridge

All Information about this OC is under a 2 million bit encryption. Access is denied*


Age: 15

Appearance: the same species as Bolt but with darker fur. He has blue eyes and carries a scratch scar on his right cheek. He wears a heavy roan colored collar that has a single gold circle that has his information.

Personality: Trustworthy, smart, humble, and strong are some of his defining traits. He mostly acts on instinct and it has served him well up to this point.

Past: Read Chapter 19 of SideKick

Mate: To Be Determined

Special Abilities,

Feral Sights: Able to see weakness in building, vehicles, even people.

Healing ability: Able to repair his wounds at the cost of energy.

Feral Speak: Can leave a message for another human or animal to hear when they do a certain action. Any promises made in Feral Speak are binding meaning if you don't complete your promise then you die.

Feral Rage: lvl 1: Vision now has a yellowish tint to it. strength, endurance, healing ability, sights and other senses are improved. Minor recovery time.
lvl 2: Vision now has a orange tint to it. everything stated above is double comapred to normal. Major recovery time.
lvl 3: Vision now has a redish tint. everything stated above is now triple compared to normal. Thunder can now stand on his hind legs alone while in this Rage. Massive recovery time.

Ben Seaswine

Age: 21

Appearance: Tall with an average build. He wears boots, jeans, a jacket or coat, a hat when appropriate, and a shirt.

Personality: He is kind, honest, and straight forward. He likes making new friends but is slow to trust. You have to earn it first.

Status: Officer of Firedancer

Marks of importance,

Firedancer guild mark: represents him as a member of the Firedancer guild. Also used as the focal point for Fear attacks.

Family Mark: acquired when a Seaswine has discovered their ability. Ben is located on the right shoulder.

Relationship status: Single

Alternate Identity: Spirito


Age: Unknown

Appearence: Sky blue coat. Eye color is also blue. His hair is mostly kept short and flat and is a light brown color. His tail is also the same color and is about medium length. His Cutie mark is a sword pointing 20 degress to the left and has a cresenct moon instead of a normal crossguard. is usually found carrying pack that contains his personal items and items he needs for missions.

Weapon: a simple longsword made from rather outdated metal for some reason.

Special skills: Appears to have the ability of magic despite the fact that he is not a unicron. He also appears to have develop longevity similar to the Princess of the Sun and the Princess of the Moon.

Personality: He desplays a sense of loyalty but he also has a rather humorous side to him. Has a good understanding of right from wrong but appears to be withdraw about something. Loyal to Princess Luna and appears to have known her before she became Nightmare Moon.

Appears: Knight of the Moon

Items that Sora has collected

Summon Necklace
Obtained: Alagasia
Use:Sora can use it to summon an ally into battle, however, this one does not seem to work.
Description: Looks like the other summon necklace execpt for the picture on it. The picture looks like five symbols (a red lighting bolt, an orange apple, a blue balloon, a dark purple gen, and a pink butterfly) orbiting around the sixth symbol (a purplish-pinkish star)

Tools of My Trade (I.e what i use to write my chapters if you all were curious about it.)

Microsoft Word 2007
Dragon speech software version 11.0

Project(s) Completed

TLOSora A New Beginning

TLOSora The Eternal Darkness

My Imagination

TLOSora Dawn of the KeyBlade

My Life

TLOSora Aftermath

My Younglings

Unexpected Love

A Dragon Thanksgiving

A Dragon Chrismas


Spyro and Sora Cycle (Part one)

Project(s) working on

Spyro and Sora Cycle (part two)

SideKick II The Gang Wars

Projects on hold due to college

The Keyblade Jedi

Knight of the Moon (Yes it is a My Little Pony fan-fiction.)

Project(s) coming up

Project(s) in the future

Spyro and Sora Cycle (part three)

Spyro and Sora Cycle (part four)

Project(s) in the thinking area. (Which means that i might make them actually stories if i can flesh them out.)

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