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Author has written 20 stories for Stargate: SG-1, and Stargate: Atlantis.

Fics, Novellas, etc.:

Fic 1: Choices was my “firstborn” fanfiction, conceived after watching the episode "Affinity." I hadn't written in years and writing this fic presented an interesting challenge - to figure out why the Stargate writers had Sam make the relationship choices that she had. It blossomed from an 8-page musing of Sam’s point of view eventually to a 70+ page story, all under the supportive eye of TameFarrar who will always have my humble and heartfelt thanks and gratitude for encouraging me as I plugged away at it. (Please bear in mind while reading it that it's a firstborn fic... it 'twas what is was! While there's always the opportunity to go back and edit it, it's interesting to just leave it as it was to see how one's writing grows and changes.) Uploaded here in 4/05.

Fic 2: Comfort Zone. I decided after the "firstborn" to try to broaden my scope and write a stand-alone story that included more team interaction and some action/adventure, and equally important - to keep it within the 'official' series canon, neatly setting it between two episodes. My heartfelt thanks went to F.H.Bagpuss for having graciously agreed to beta and "nitpick" Comfort Zone - the time she spent reading were much appreciated! Uploaded here in 1/06.

Fic 3: Chameleon. This fic is a stand-alone story that is also a sequel to Choices. It's dedicated to F.H.Bagpuss, who in asking me whether or not I was going to do a sequel to Choices, planted the seed of an idea that eventually sprouted into the story. Written concurrently with Fic 2 and uploaded here in 2/06.

Fic 4: Safe Haven. This fic was the result of my pondering the "what-ifs" of a different relationship pairing than Sam/Jack and seeing where that pondering would go. The Sam/Daniel muse kicked all my other plot bunnies that were in progress to the side of the road in mid-summer ’06 and in a matter of a month the fic shot from a few thousand words to over 30,000. But then real life took over my (and my beta’s) life, and it took until 12/06 to upload it. But I managed to get up over 45,000 words in the tweaking process!

Fic 5: The Other Side of Paradise. I started writing this fic before Safe Haven and had finished it in the fall of '06, but once again real life intervened and it didn't get uploaded until 4/07. I'd never written main character death before and wanted to see how well I could deal with it in a fic. Many thanks to F.H. Bagpuss for having several look-sees at it while it was still in its infancy and many thanks to Strix varia for the final beta.

Fic 6: The Road Taken. While I wasn't thrilled with the way Cameron was introduced by the writers at the beginning of S9, he slowly grew on me and I decided to take a stab at one version of a backstory for a deep, lengthy Sam/Cameron relationship. Took a while to write with real life interfering for weeks at a time. Finished and uploaded in 11/07. The biggest of hugs to Jillybiehn for beta'ing the final version.

Fic 7: Symbiosis. My first attempt at writing a longer Vala POV (she was included a bit in Fic 6) and a developing friendship with Sam. This was created for a Sam/Vala ficathon and was posted in 11/07 at the Women of the Gates Ficathons. (100 words longer here after a brief edit.) The prompt I was given: "Momento Mori - Vala has post-kidnapping issues. Despite her connection to Daniel she's more comfortable with Sam at the moment and they bond, Sam using Adrian Conrad as a reference point and an experience to talk about." Huge hug to Jillybiehn for giving the original fic a quick beta.

Fic 8: The Whole was Greater than the Sum of Its Parts. The story was a result of letting one of the prompts in the alchemy of 4 community at LiveJournal percolate up in the gray matter for a bit. The prompt that inspired this one: "Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night." (Thanks to demon_inthedark for her encouraging feedback!) Written and uploaded in 1/09.

Fic 9: Paradise Found. Another attempt to write general with only the barest hint of ship (Sam/Jack in this case). Set right after The Devil You Know in season 3. After months and literal months of ignoring it, finally said I have to get this done and did, and uploaded it here in 1/09. Thanks to Strix varia for critiquing the initial fight/whump scenes.

Fic 10: An Atlantis Type of Day. My first attempt at writing SG:A characters. It was created for the Women of the Gates Ficathons and uploaded there and here in 9/09. The prompt I chose: "A day in/on Atlantis from the perspective of each (Sam, Vala, Teyla and Jennifer)."

Fic 11: A Day in the Life…. My first attempt at writing a fic from strictly Janet's point of view. It was created for the Women of the Gates Ficathons and uploaded there and here in 9/09. The prompt: "A day in Janet's life as the Chief Medical Officer at the SGC." Many thanks to rdamel for the catch re: Hammond’s wife in the original version.

Fic 12: Spinning to the Xtreme. This fic was written for the Women of the Gates Ficathons and uploaded there and here in 9/09. The prompt: "After Atlantis, Sam gets sent to Hollywood to be Martin Lloyd's "Air Force Consultant." Serious from the character's point of view, but a loving sendup of everything to do with the series, from the powers that be to fandom from the reader's point of view.

Fic 13: The Road Less Traveled. A stand-alone story, but also a sequel to The Road Taken. I enjoyed writing the Sam/Cameron paring in TRT and followed up with a second fiction exploring what if things didn't work out so well; more angst, more anger, more adult. Uploaded here 7/10. Thanks again to Jillybiehn for the beta.

Ficlets, Drabbles,etc.:

"Twinkie Break" was written in 9/06 after watching Momento Mori. (Sam/Cameron ship)

"Hold Me" was written in an hour after my muse was very inspired by a Sam/Cam manip by a Live Journal member named tyniere. Uploaded here in 2/07. (Sam/Cameron ship)

"First Time," "Full Frontal," and "Dinner" were written in 3/09 in response to prompts (Sam/Cassie/ice cream, Sam/Teal'c/going commando, Sam/Cam/on your knees, respectively) listed for the Sam Carter Drabble-a-thon.

"We Believe!" and "Snowbound" were written in 12/09 in response to prompts (got run over by a reindeer/singing and snowbound/candles/sitting on Santa’s lap, respectively) in the Holiday Comment-fic-a-thon.

And the usual disclaimer: "Stargate: SG-1" and its characters are the property of MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp., Showtime/Viacom and USA Networks, Inc. This fan fiction was written for entertainment purposes only and no money has exchanged hands in its creation. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations and story are the property of the author, and may not be republished or archived elsewhere without the author's permission.

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