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Poll: The voting is open. For my story, A Tough Act To Follow, who would you rather see Kylie Mero paired with eventually? Choices listed below. As she interacts with more males, I'll add more options, but for now, these are the few she's had run ins with.. So, vote, please? Vote Now!
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A lot of you might of noticed, I now have a collection of one shots, drabbles, ficlets and song fics/smut fics called The Fantasy Files. I take requests, but only work on 2 at a time. If I post CLOSED or RED LIGHT below REQUESTER LIST, then I'm not taking requests currently. if OPEN or GREEN LIGHT is below REQUESTER LIST, then I am taking requests, go ahead and pm me (or leave a review with the info) after you check out the info below that you need to make the requests.


OC: ( their name, some basic stuff about them if you have that, looks)

PAIRING: (Who you want them to be with during the fic you request. For now, I'm only doing a canon x canon pairing if I actually understand both characters and know a good bit about the fandom you ask for.)

SONGFIC: (if you want a songfic, then tell me the name of the song you want used.)

M OR T RATED: (do you want a lemon, or a more adult M rated one, or a T rated one?)

FANDOM: (this is if you're not requesting a WWE one. The fandoms I can do are listed below Finished Requests)

BASIC PLOT IDEAS : ( this is for anything you absolutely want to and have to see in the story to be happy with it.)


Everyone who requests one will be below here. If it says in progress beside your name and what you asked for, then I'm working on yours. I try not to take longer than a week at least to do them, working on them two at a time. If something happens and I'm gone for an extend period of time, I'll post that here also. :D


in progress


Because You Loved Me - song fic - orton x oc - requested by futureWWEdiva2011- finished

You're A Firework - next gen wwe fic - chris jericho's son x oc - requested by SheamusGirl11- finished




A NOTE: I actually prefer to use oc x canon pairing. But if you ask for a canon x canon couple, and I know the couple, and like them, I might do them as well.


You say you wanted evolution
The ape was a great big hit
You say you want a revolution, man
And I say that you're full of shit

Disposable Teens - Marilyn Manson

Okay, so here's all you need to really know about me: My name is Dani and I'm going to be a senior in high school this year. I'm obsessed with fire and the wwe, supernatural, and tons of other stuff. I'm a huge fan of slasher films and I love the colors black and flourescent pink.

Your mum is so fat her patronus is a piece of cake. Word.

I mainly started this so I could save all my favorite authors and read 'em any time I want to. But, given that I love to write, I will most likely submit a few of my own sooner or later. I've been writing since my 8th grade year, not long at all, but long enough for me to have my own style, and way too damn many ideas.
This is just a hobby for me though, nothing more. So, say what you want about my stuff, but I'm gonna do it my way.. Like Sinatra.









I used to be superobsessed with CSI Miami, but it's too damn hard to write anything for, since Tim was killed off, then they took it off the air. But I love Greg Sanders in CSI and I love Supernatural. I'm torn between Dean, Sam and Castiel. As far as Harry Potter goes, I love Fred Weasley. And I am a team Reid fangirl, all the way as far as Criminal Minds. Now, General Hospital, I just like the off the wall shit they do on there, though I think I might favor Spinelli a good bit.

BTW.. I read slash. I might WRITE slash. I will definitely have hetero sex, and tons of it, in my stories. I'm perverted, deal with it, okay?


Charlie X Kirby (scream 4)

Kane x Lita

Kane X Mickie

Kane X anyone

Kane X Taker

Matt X Jeff

AJ X Kane X Punk.. I'm odd, gtfo.

Favorite Wrestlers



Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes

Mike Mizanin




CM Punk

Daniel Bryan

The above are the wwe personalities I crush on the most. They're not in any certain order, cause if they were, Randy Orton would be a whole lot higher on the list, as would Matt and Jeff Hardy. As far as the Daniel Bryan obsession goes.. I have this thing for assholes. I mean they might be total dicks, but.. They're sooooo sexy when they're being that way.

Favorite Psycopaths

Michael Myers

Hannibal Lecter (young and old. I'm not gonna lie, Anthony Hopkins is pretty damn awesome for an old dude. And Gaspard Ulliel.. dies)

Jason Voorhies

Freddy Krueger



Norman Bates (no this isn't because he's hot. he's actually quite fucking ughly. It's cause he's just so calm. Even when he's ripping someone to pieces.)

... Notice I didn't put Ghostface? Good. Because even though I loved the Scream movies, I could not stand that bastard's voice. It annoyed the literal fuck out of me. Those are in order, by the way, because if you've ever seen the guy who PLAYS Michael Myers in the remakes then ya know what I mean. Hats off to Rob Zombie for finding such a sexy beast to play a silent monster.

(Kylie Mero's Info Sheet for A Tough Act To Follow..)

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