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  • Why is everything underlined!
  • Working on Chapter 8 of Sister Type and outlining the story. I have to retype the old chapters by hand and I'll do a major revision as I go through. You can find me on camp nano through the name Snevilly.
  • My current goals are to get as much of ST outlined and witten this month. Then I'm going to start working on The Many Perils as well.
  • I am most active on Twitter, then reddit, instagram, facebook, wordpress, and tumblr.
  • A HUGE shout out to all the reviewers who keep sending me messages and encouraging me to continue!
  • About Me

    Name: Stephanie / Snevilly

    Birth Date: September 24th

    Age: 28

    General: I live with chronic illness. It's difficult to keep up with things sometimes, but I try to come back when I do feel like working on something important. I spend a lot of time doing Written Role play and following politics and social media. I like to keep in touch with what's going on and learn about what other people are struggling with. I'm most active on Twitter with news and politics. When I feel good I am all over instagram with my selfie game. I'm really bad a keeping a blog, but I decided to try really hard this year because I have more than ever to say. I made a Face Book page just to talk about my writing projects, which right now is mostly fanfiction, occasional blogs, and eventually maybe some YouTube videos if I ever feel like I can be consistent. I haven't been on Tumblr in a long time, but it's actually what helped start all of this. I'm looking forward being more present in the future and I apologize for having to take so much time for myself before I could get back to everyone.

    Current Projects:

  • The Sister Type (Ouran High School Host Club)
  • This story has been very experimental for me and writing it was a huge reason that I was able to get so much work done on TMP, as my style and method changed drastically. (It changed even more as I wrote The Many Perils) I have pairings planned for several, but not all of the characters. This was originally a way to explore the different types of relationships between people, but it has evolved into an explanation of Toru's mercurial nature. Chapter 7 was rough to write, it changed the game, in terms of tone and what Toru was trying to tell me so now the story is also an interesting way for me to explore mental illness, which is something I've struggled with for a long time. I do consider this story to be more of a 'by the seat of my pants' adventure than I'm normally used to. I have very rough plans through the end of the anime leading into a single original arc that would be comparable to a two or three part episode.

    I wrote this story with this in mind: Mori fans who wanted a kick ass, but relateable OFC that doesn't overshadow too much of the source material. I wanted to explore everything from a new point of view that stays true enough to a romantic comedy with more serious tones as the story builds.


    The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He'd been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got...Toru. Kyoya's protégée is Haruhi's "sister," eventual Mori/OC.


  • Rewriting and editing Chapters 1-7
  • Outlining Chapter 8
  • Roughing out to about episode 10
  • Getting as much done as possible during July's Camp Nano session. (Feel free to reach out to me there.)
  • Accepting Editors for this project. (PM me.)

  • The Many Perils of Love at First Sight (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • I added an original character to the plot line, intersecting the story starting at Chapter 3 of the story (episode 9 of the anime if anyone's interested.) This is supposed to be a love story for people who are tired of the typical "fated to fall in love" stories. It's also a bit of a tip of the hat to the disturbingly large number of "Hiei's Jigan Eye chooses a mate" stories that I noticed. I wanted to explore a more realistic (IMHO) way for the 'bound by fate' trope. The Scarred, after a bit of tweaking and development, fit into the YYH reality pretty well, I hope. My first goal through this whole thing is to pay respect to the cannon of the English Dub because it was just too damn funny and perfect. I wanted to explore it from an outside perspective, so the goal was to create a character with a fresh outlook and separate goals who would hopefully feel organic enough that a reader could find themselves thinking could have belonged there all along. This is going to be a long, complex story and I have plans that cover the rest of the anime material and include two completely original Arcs that will be comparable to the Dark Tournament and Demon World Arcs respectively.

    I wrote this story with this in mind: Fans who loved the English Dub. Fans who enjoy love stories, but find the typical "fate bound" stories to be too simplistic or idealistic. Also, it's really for anyone who struggles with the social construct of love versus the reality of it. Or, you know, for people who like big magical explosions! I really like to write those in where ever possible.

    Critiques: I'm still editing everything as I continue to write and would love to talk shop about this story to anyone interested. I feel like it doesn't really start til' chapter 3 or 4, so I'm constantly whittling down the bits of 1 that I don't need and trying to expand on the abruptness of 2. I'm very interested in staying true to the characters and I try to abridge the dialogue when necessary, but capture the most important things to move the story along or better develop the cast.


    The curse is something of a mystery. Their archives and family histories were lost and the clan scattered during the Western Inquisition. Sarai wants nothing more than to break the curse she has inherited. She knows one day the magic will activate and she'll fall in love at first sight. All she wants is the freedom to choose. And she'll kick ass and take names to get it.


  • Waiting until after July (2016) for the time to get the ball rolling here. Plans are really loose.
  • All previous chapters are on a dead computer so the first thing is I need to retype my previous chapters, editing as I go along, and retype my notes and outline from the paper notes I kept.
  • Continue with the rough draft for the next chapter.
  • Edit, Edit, Edit.
  • Upload
  • Accepting Editors for this project. (PM me.)

  • Looking for editors, partner writers, and role players for various projects. Feel free to PM me if you're interesting in working with me.

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    The memory brought an embarrassed blush up across his nose. In a way it all made sense, Honey was so fond of cute things, but Takashi had never felt more shocked than when his eyes had caught sight of her wearing that rather provocative shirt. He'd been expecting to see an overweight teenage boy and instead he got...Toru. Kyoya's protégée is Haruhi's "sister," eventual Mori/OC.
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