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Poll: Now that Joanne has announced Luna's mother was named Pandora, do you think I should change the name of 'Estelle', Luna and Harry's mother, in 'Harry Lovegood? Vote Now!
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Hi, my name is Kaitlyn but everyone here calls me Kab. I'm 23, an aspiring author, blogger, fic-writer, and am currently working as a bookseller for Barnes and Noble Inc. (Talk about a dream job, right?!)

I have an addiction to Harry Potter fanfiction, in that I write WAY too many. I have a whole document devoted to HP story ideas I've gotten but haven't written...yet. I live in the US but I spell things 'the British way' - colour, organisation, et all. Suitable for the Harry Potter fandom, right? However, I still say Sorcerer's Stone rather than Philosopher's Stone, merely because that's what I grew up with (I started reading HP when the paperback of SS came out in the US, when I was about 4) and I feel uncomfortable with changing it. Sorry to all the HP purists and British people :D

I live here. I have special tags for Harry Potter; a few are /tagged/twin-brother for posts specifically about Harry (I've grown up with him, so I call him my twin brother. It's a thing), /tagged/hogwarts-students for posts about what kids at Hogwarts do/experience (IE something like 'I bet one kid a few years behind Harry thought when he left the school 'finally, now I can actually get some work done' and similar things), /tagged/hogwarts-houses for posts/graphic/meta about the houses, and many more. My everything-HP tag is just /tagged/harry-potter.

I've been sorted into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw pretty equally, and while I call myself a Hufflepuff (because my first Pottermore sorting was into Hufflepuff; tbh I was floored), I'm probably a lot closer to Ravenclaw. SO JUST CALL ME HUFFLECLAW OR RAVENPUFF I GUESS SINCE I CANNOT DECIDE.

I am in the market for a beta. PLEASE message me if you are interested.


I write lots of Harry Potter AU stories, usually involving twins, triplets, different events, or a different sorting. Some of my stories (especially with a new female character, like a female Harry or Harry's twin sister and so on) may seem like Mary Sues until they develop, but that is not my intention. They WILL become obviously 3-dimensional as the story progresses, and every original character/work is that way, really, at the start.

[A big pet peeve of mine is when people writing fics like the ones I write (Wrong Child-Who-Lived, Girl!Harry, Harry in another house, etc etc) change a characters name, add a new character, or change the character's gender and give them a name that's one of the following: 1. Super odd (like Lillianasa Jadeth Marioanna Petranella Potter or something), 2. Very unique (like Calliope Gemyni Hyacinth), 3. Modern (like Xaleca Abcde Zen Potter or Axel Maddox Zayden Potter), or 3. Very, very old and rarely used nowadays (like Edna, Harrius, Winifred), without changing anyone else's name (like if Harry's name was still Harry but his twin sister is Cassiopeia or something) or without explanation (I have a story where Harry has a slightly older sister named Eathelen and she's the main character; it's a wrong-child-who-lived fic. Her name is Eathelen because of an agreement James and Lily had where Lily got to name any daughters and James got to name any sons; James preferred traditional names, and Lily wanted something unique. Eathelen isn't a made-up name though; it's a very old name (and even then it was rarely used), but like I said, I explain why she has that name). In another story I have a character named Juniper who goes by Juni; the name fits because it's a plant/nature-based name (which as we all know are popular in the Wizarding World) and the nickname fits because her siblings are Harry and Ivy. I'm also working on a new fic I'm very excited about where James and Lily have a child after Harry who Lives instead of him, and she's named after James's mother - who has recently been revealed to be Euphemia Potter. So she's Euphemia Potter The Second. I really love the name and what it does for her character.]

But anyway, let's be real: you could consider Harry a Gary Stu for several chapters of SS, maybe even most of the book, because the books focused on long-term character-building; I have to do it quickly to avoid my characters being hated for not being 'flawed' or 'unique' enough. If you message or review about a character of mine (especially if they're female/identifies as such) being an MS, 2d, author-insert (unless it actually is one, because I do that sometimes because I like to, though that will be in the summary), or similar, rest assured that I will send you a long message detailing why X is not what you've claimed, probably with graphics, full of spoilers for the rest of my story and future 'books' in it, if it's a series, possibly with a powerpoint included, and with one of those character questionnaires you can find online filled out.

But don't think I jump down people's throats or anything, guys. If you're like 'I think X seems like a Mary-Sue...' or 'X seems kinda plain and not very flushed out to me...' I'll be like 'Hey, I get how you'd think that. But here, I'll reassure you...' or 'Oh yeah, it really seems that way because of Y, but you'll seen in chapter...'. I am not an asshole unless you are first, and event then I have a reasonable tolerance, so gentle critique is absolutely encouraged, though I will remind you that this is FANFICTION, this isn't my practice for 'real' writing (I practice that with my own original 'real' books), it's for fun and stress relief and the entertainment of those who would like to read it. I love feedback in general, and ideas for the plot are always always always welcome! Even if I don't use them, be assured that I will adore you for suggesting them, and probably use them in another plot or add them to my HP Fics ideas folder. So, like, if there's a misspelling or formatting problem or a sentence seems a little sloppy or gives the wrong impression unless you read it 100 times, please do tell me! I promise I won't get mad; I really don't go off on people; the most I do is refute them with 16 pages of evidence or meta or something (as I said above ).


I have several other fanfiction accounts; I make more to organise my stories by category or type or by when I got the idea. To be honest, they're not really organised. I'm just like, 'oh, all these have 4-6 stories each, I'll make a new account for Story X and Story Y'. If you wants links to the others, message me. I won't put the links here because I don't want to be reported for it (if that's even a thing???). I try to keep it to 3-6 active stories per account. It just gets confusing to me to have more than that on one account; see below if you want to know why.

If you review any of my stories, I assure you I will reply to your review (I've gotten behind on Harry Lovegood; I'm sorry, I'm just not used to that many!!), usually in great detail if you mention one thing in particular you liked/disliked/are confused about, or ask a question, or speculate about the future of the fic. At the least, if your review is minimal (which is totally cool!) I'll thank you wholeheartedly.

Thanks to all who enjoy my stories; I love you.


Harry Lovegood: Here

Us Against The World: Here

From Beneath The Thorns: Here

The New Rulers: Here

More about me (if your into that sorta thing...)

Orientation: Pansexual/Demisexual

Gender: Genderfluid, though I'm AFAB. She/her or they/them pronouns preferred.

Astrological Sign: Gemini (ironic, since I actually was a twin once...for a short time) - though with that new NASA report, I would qualify as a Taurus... (?!?!)

Myers-Briggs personality type: INFP-T

Favourite drink: I'm gonna be honest but boring: water is my #1 favourite drink. Ugh I love water. Second favourite is tea, and my favourite type of tea is black, preferably Earl Grey.

[I might add to this later, but that's all I can think of at the moment that isn't already at the top]

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