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Mentoring plays a crucial role in effective leadership, according to Steven Odzer. As CEO, he emphasizes the importance of devoting ample time to mentorship, considering it a fundamental responsibility. Odzer recommends establishing routine mentoring sessions with the executive team, fostering relationships, providing transparency, and empowering team members to understand how their performance contributes to the company's goals. He encourages open communication, rewards exceptional performance, and values input from all team members. By setting clear agendas and detailed action plans for meetings, Odzer ensures that the team's time is respected and utilized efficiently.

Another aspect of leadership that Odzer emphasizes is the development of a strong company culture. Acknowledging the opportunities for asserting leadership and motivating teams through culture-building, he advises new CEOs not to overlook this critical aspect. Odzer suggests various tactics, such as celebrating small victories collectively, granting access to sales goals and data for all team members, rewarding innovation, prioritizing inclusivity and diversity, and fostering open and transparent communication. He urges new CEOs to actively shape the company culture, ensuring it aligns with their vision for the organization.