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Yay! Aren't you proud that I actually made a account that I actually tell people about_ Anyway, this would go into my AIM profile, but I just have too much to say and not enough space, so...

Welcome to the mind of sugary fluffball...Who's buried in schoolwork, but nonetheless sugary!

My Personal Stuff since this IS a profile:

Name: Toni

Age: 19.2

Where I’m from: China! Haha, I’m an illegal immigrant here in the US:P

B-day: November 8, 1988

Enjoys: Stuff. Blah. I dunno. Anime, manga, even American cartoons like Fairly Odd Parents, Mario stuff, drawing, web design (actually it's a pain in the @$$, but the rewards are worth it), video games especially RPGs like FF, Tennis, Skating, Swimming, Skiing (no I'm not THAT athletic)

Random Fact: Streets are actually named after people! O_O Here are all the ones I’ve found which I wasn’t looking for intentionally, but when I saw the sign, I was reminded of them from school:

Heather Lane
Allen Street (ok, so it’s spelt wrong…who cares? . )
Brian Street
Evans Avenue (ok, the extra “s”…)
Henry Street

That’s it for now. Yeah, I didn’t find much, but I was surprised. ;; Oh, and Saruki's friend found out there was a Joshua tree somewhere out West too! Thas cool! Thus Saruki is a nickname (it means Monkey Tree in Japanese )

Another Random Thing:

Lorgey Porgey,
Puddin' n' Pie,
Gave us an essay,
And made us cry.
When the students,
Came out to stone,
Lorgey Porgey,
Ran on home...

Current obsession(s):
1) My New VPT Crew o I finally have one OMG YAY!!!!!! huggles chibis MnN...giggle

2) Tae Kwon Do:D I wish I had sparred at the MIT tournament...:( But next time I'll definitely train and do my best!!

3) Grey's Anatomy!! xD Hehe got hooked by my college pal Jeanne :3

4) This isn't really an obsession, more of a former fascination. I am still fascinated that I managed to get THREE "The Racks" out into play in the first 3 turns...O.o I had two in my hand to begin with, and then I drew the third...Wow. is STILL in awe

Quotes and Such:

"I do not believe the degree of curvature of the man's pantaloons is sufficient to justify your asking price." -Oatmeal-san

OTM: I belong to Tech House.
Sensei: Eh?
OTM: Tech House.
Sensei: Take...out...service?
Sensei: ...Steak House??!

"Guess what I did today? I learned how to flip a sheep!" -CF

"Let's go hunt and kill some more Wils and Sheebas and Ireens!" -CF

"The bangs-to-angst ratio applies to all hot males...except for Yami." -Me
"Yami is a special case altogether, dude. He's...over a thousand years old, and the fate of the world is on his shoulders, and he doesn't even have his own body. Ifhis bangs were somehow proportional to his angst, he'd be all bangs." -thevoiceofzebra

"Rafiki should dance to Bootylicious!" -Me

"Poor Yami! He doesn't even know his own name!" -Me
"Yes...I shall call him...Sheryl." -CF

"Kish's voice suddenly got all deep..." -Me
"Yay instant puberty!" -cruelfeline

:pictures Pai in a towel: -Me
"You're doing it all wrong!" :pictures Pai without the towel: -CF

"May Kakashi bless your dreams with his hot ass." -CF

"I ish the saddest of sad girls." -Me
"No you aresh not!" -wildebeest0001

W: i like hot water xD
W: warms the body
SF: lol and the soul
SF: tho i hope i warm ur soul too
W: but u can't always warm my body -
W: unless ur like Aoi in the third ep of Ai Yori Aoshi
SF: hehe oh, if i could, i would warm your body every minute...
W: @_@
SF: jk jk xP

"I was supposed to get FFVII and VIII from Dat between 2:30 and 5:00. That's like egg-frying-on-the-sidewalk time." -Skygazer

"According to the Ouija Board, you'll have 3 wives!" -Inukag to Tad

"WATT is the UNIT of POWER!" -Mr. Gangji (the REAL one ;;)

"Oh My God!" -some random girl
"Yeeeeees? Did you call?" -Mr. Gangji (who calls himself God)

"Bak!" slaps forehead "Hallowwww!"-Mr. Lorge

"Cripples kick ass in corners!" -ForceofEvan while backed in a corner by Mao

"Racist! Sexist! I lost cuz y'all were picking on da yellow man!" -Mao

"POKE" -Everyone who has ever spoken to me online, ever O.o;;

"Bush is Brain from Pinky and the Brain, except he has no brain." -ForceofEvan

"Get it? See? Oh, boy, oh, boy, how clever, how clever?" -Lorge

"Stalkers bring people together!" -Cruelfeline

"Hey, you know Mr. Zanco, right? He's the cool guy who leads Gaming Club!" -Me
"What? OMG, Mr. Zanco leads a Gay Men's Club!" O.O;; -Anonymous

"Gaia doesn't make any sense, because it should be that the more active you are, the less clothes you have, and thus the closer you are to the stage of perfection (total nakedness)!" -Cruelfeline

"There are two kinds of knowledge. One is you know it and the other is you know ABOUT it. I don't wanna see people on my test going 'ah, mm, ah, mm'!" -Mrs. Netto

"I'm just teasin. Not really into neone right now cept maybe for this hot grl named ." -Tad

"I would butcher you and turn you into a fluffy kitty instead of a fierce tiger unintentionally. ;" -Me
"And I'd rip you open for it... but with lurve " -CruelFeline

"OMG, I hate ! I should should a stick up his ass until it comes out of his tiny tiny dick!" -Tad

"Yayyyy! Lovin's gaaaaaaayyy!" -Justin (Sorry, Lovin, really, no offense...;;)

"April's gay, April's gay,
Very gay, very gay,
April is a homo, April is a homo,
Every day, every day!" -Pikagirl

"Docking Station Norns are horny little animals." -Cruelfeline

"C'mon, hurry up and do a pullup!" -Me
"I...can't!" bursts out laughing cuz a song is playing "You lost weight! You lost weight!" -BeyondStoopid


"Actually...I think I gained weight. Too many french fries." -BeyondStoopid

"Hey, this is weird. You're talking to the guy I like and I'm talking to the guy you like." -Me
"There is a misalignment in the universe!" -Anonymous

"Sylvia wuvs her Mishou. She wants to crush him with LURVE! She wants to hug him and squeeze him and pet him...and call him George." -Cruelfeline

"Hey Y'all. I'm Teraieesa Taaan from da souuuth!" -Bob

“Here, watch the trailer for Rumble Roses! But don’t be surprised. I’m the world’s biggest pervert!” –Bhagamu (who would like to mention he has NEVER actually watched um…inappropriate stuff O.o;;)

“Oops...I put the wrong pic. This is actually what I look like." attaches a pic of a REALLY fat girl thrashing around merrily (Go here to see it for yourself : ) -Rendikisulandath

“NAKED TIME!” –Dumbledore from “Bothering Snape,” a Harry Potter Puppet Pals Performance

“Alas! A cornucopia of love!” –Dumbledore again

“You understand question 6?” –Me
“No, I’m still on #5 and am distracted by my pencil…” –Skygazer

“Oh, I know! “Extravagent” is spelled wrong! There’s um…supposed to be an M!” –AB

Top Twelve Highlights:
1) "CARCH'D!" -Kelly
2) "Honey, you mean HUNKULES!" -one of the muses from Hercules
3) "Voila! Oh, you look" -Lumiere
"Stupid." -Beast who farts
4) "Ahhhh!" -Husband with hands behind her neck
5) "Aya, duo yu!" (Aya, too many!) -Husband again
6) "Xiao jie, yi wan mei yuan!" (Miss, 10,000 American dollars) -Husband pretending to be a slot machine and in a mechanical voice
7) "Chi fan lo lo lo lo lo la!" (Time to eat!) -Wife while banging two chopsticks together
8) "I think you can do that for me." -Wife while looking like a rat and doing his funny walk
9) "I'm off to the fair!" -Maurice, Belle's father, and then gets hit in the head with a flying log piece
10) "Liu Xuekun xian sheng, nin de tai tai zhao nin!" (Mr. Xuekun Liu, your wife is looking for you.) -Loudspeaker at Park
11) "Wo hai you hen duo bu qi ke yi zo." (I still have many ways I can go.) -Kally while playing her cousin at Connect Five and her cousin already had four in a row with neither side blocked
12) "Black (Xuekun) and Jack (Xuezhi) and Crack (Dan) and CARCH'D (Xulan)!" -Me"Ni, ni na ge ya, ya shua shen me wo do na xia lai le." (Y-your t-toothbrush and stuff, I took them all down.) -Grandma

"Ni zhun bei hao le ma? Hai yao gan shen me, sa niao?" (Are you ready? You got anything else to do? Go pee?) -Grandpa, talking to Grandma

"Hey sugary. Tomorrow equals failure." -Bhagamu
"Blah, blah, and blah are all the books we read this year, right?" -Me
"Yeah. Failuricious." -Bhagamu

"Leather is skin tight and shows off much..." -cruelfeline

"Ooh! They're farting again!" -PacFicAzure as she moves tight latex gloves while dissecting pigs, but sadly they aren't leather

"Hitomi turns into a blonde. A very...voluptuous blonde." -Inukag16

"Hey look, Henry, it's...PEOPLE PLAYING CROQUET!" -Bob

"Hey look, it's...PEANUT BUTTER BOY!" -Bob again

"BRASS!" -Gay Lussac

"Anthony, stop staring at John's racks!" -Me (I meant the Racks as in the Magic cards)

"Metals are lustrous, so nonmetals are...?" -Ms. Siark
"Illustrous!" -Yaag

music plays and does his little dance "Whoa-o-o-oa! Ooh, ooh!" -Founder of Handball and PH

”Hey, Lovin left his artwork here without naming it.” –Mrs. Renna
“Oh, that’s ok, we gave it a name. A Beautiful Day in India!” –Mike

"Ooh, I know what you should name yours, Grace! ...A Beautiful Day in Korea!" -Me

"My thesis for question #6: Orsini was scared of Borgia because he's tricky." then, self grades "Wonderful! A!" -Darknight

"She looks like a woman who boozed too much." -Dragoneyes

Friends: look at you strangely when poked
Best Friends: squeak when poked -cruelfeline

"Honey BALLS of Oats!" -someone, with a pic of Ms. Ball in their hand

licks fingers and rubs...uh, certain places "Ooh...Kaiba!" -Quadpants

"Look at our piggy Cesare Tungsten Borgia! Or CTB or CWB!" -PacFicAzure

"Chicken, Garlic, and Mishou!" -cruelfeline

"Just call me Giant Coffee Lady!" -Giant Coffee Lady

"Hey, Bob and Scab! Let's play Egg Checkers!" -Me

"I told them (the guys who play Magic) that if they ever wanted to get girlfriends, they had better find girls who play Magic." -Mr. Gangji (Actually Mr. Zanco, but it's fun and funny when you call him Gangji)

"Ohhh! SHAVE. MY. FACE! OHHHHHH!" -dude from Haskalicious

"Ooh, I love Mario Kart! Let's play Mario Kart!" takes off 15 layers of clothing -same dude
"Dude, what are you doing!"
"Hunh? Oh! Mario Kart, my bad! Nah, you know, I don't feel like playing it anymore."

"Here's how to make cookies! You need cucumbers and a cracked wooden bowl!" -same dudes (again!)

"Aaaalexander the Greeeeeat! Who really wasn't so great..." -Psycho H

"Hey, look! I won because Evan cheated for me! Yay!" -Me

"Supriiinkle of Incest!" -Bob

"Who will I marry?" -said Tad to the Ouija Board
"T-E-R-E-S-A" -Ouija Board
O.O;;; -Tad

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" -Quadpant's famous deep n' evil laugh

"When I get my own house, I'm gonna have a Yami cat, a Seto seahorse, and maybe a Joey dog. I'll have to train Yami not to eat Kaiba though, and Joey not to chase Yami..." -Me

"Damn, I'm running out of tea...Need...more...TEA!" -Skygazer

"And I want x-ray vision for my eyes as well. I wanna see big large cocks." -Tad (the little perv)

"I feel so bad for Yami. He doesn't even know his own name! What should we call him?" -Me
"Hmm...I shall cal him...Sheryl." -cruelfeline

"OMG! An 82 with Pharaoh Yami on the love calc!" _ -Me

"I have an A average in math!" -Tad
"Oh, Lord, hell just froze over." -cruelfeline

"Hey, the horse is talking! Let's throw things at him!" -Joshua (which is not Bob; he's my 7-year-old friend)

“You shall all fall to me in Badminton!” –Quadpants
“Yes, but you shall all fall to me in Goodglove!” –Bob

“But we probably have better things to worry about than our diamonds turning into pencils. Similarly, we probably wouldn’t expect our (mortal) enemies to spontaneously burst into flames.” –Kaplan SAT II Chem Book

to Scab over the cell phone “I know you want me to take you RAW!” –Bob

“Where’s my deck?” –Quadpants
“Ok, John, if Heather doesn’t have it, and Toni doesn’t have it…process of ELIMINATION…” –Bob
“Douchebag!” –Quadpants

“Hey, Mr. Zanco, I might have you for Physics next year.” –Me
“Oh yeah? Well then. You want me, right? Come on, you know you want me. Tell me you want me. Make me happy!” –Mr. Zanco

“You are deceptively sugary, like toothpaste!” –Inukag16
“Yes, but I have poisoned you with my toothpasteyness and now I have none left.” –Me V_V

"Drinks like a man! ...Farts like a woman." -my DAD (don't ask!)

"Honey, gai chou xue le!" (Honey, it's time to draw blood!) -my MOM (also, don't ask...)

"He's so cute and fluffy and he squeaks when poked!" –someone…forgot who

"I'll be glad to speak to me." -my Dad in a letter to a teacher

"His nickname shall be...Drenched Four Eyes." -Joshua (talking about his dad)

"And Drenched Four Eyes married Drenched Two Eyes." -Joshua again

"My back hurts." -Me
"Here. I got some exercises for you. Use my "AAAAAHH!" method, ten times forward and ten times backward." -Carch'd/Husband/Selena/my Aunt

"STOP SMOKING! How about this? If I can go a day without playing Minesweeper, then you can go a day without smoking." -Me, to my uncle/Jack/Wife

"Ni zai gan ma ne?" (What are you doing?) -Kelly
"Wo zai wan...SAO LEI!" (I'm playing...MINESWEEPER!" -Me

"Lai bur lei bur!" -my Cousin Billy (no meaning, btw)

"Can you imagine three hundred students sittin' there, going drink, clink, drink, clink!" -Mrs. Marby

"Mrs. Marby, what's REFLE?" -stuck up kid

"Can anyone tell us what happened in chapter two?" -Ms. Mill
"Oh, I know! Daisy founded a bloody towel!" -AB
"...Daisy wasn't even IN this chapter." -Ms. Mill

"It'sa me, your worsta nightamare, the Italian Plumber!" -Bob

"Daisy on a pole. Suuuweeeet!" -Scab (OMG! Scab has a quote!)

"Kaiba's Carvinal of Cocks!"
"Pegasus's Pussy Parlor!"
"Mai's Museum of Molesting Monsters!"
"Seto's Salon of Slimy Satisfaction!" (Kaiba's dark side) -Bob

"Come on, we need more transparent shirts! I'm waiting for more transparent shirts!" -Nandini

"I would try chicken but I chicken out." -Nandini

"Hey, Prenay, lemme see that clown article again..." -Me
once I receive it...stares and laughs uncontrollably

"Wow. Your PC must like you...very very much." -Me
"If you know what I mean. Make love to your PC. If you know what I'm talkin' bout. I'm talkin' downtown." -Darkknight

"My monkey side is evil cause I have little monkey shines that I do." –Bob

Lines that I Identify People With:

Bob: Yeah. (he adds it to the end of every sentence in Moka) and Ha huh! (according to him, it's kind of saying interesting cool and lol all in one)

Skygazer: And if V6 sings it, I'll spit on them...CUZ THEY CAN'T SING AT ALL!

Cruelfeline: tackle glomps Mish

Darknight: My favorite yellow.

Bhagamu: I'm gonna bhoast him/I'm gonna do it bhoastingly well. Bhoast!

Now for my rant on pairings... (of course, you know I'm joking...right?)

Sesshoumaru and Kaede 4ever! Dun dun da dunn_

Shippo and Jaken too!

And let's not forget the traditional PEGASUS and MOKUBA! Mwahahahaha!

Kagome and CELL! (Bob, Wrestleman, Inu, and Koga: Noooooooooooooo!)

gasp Did you ever know...that Luigi is GAY! OMG! So that means...Mario and Luigi 4ever! And guess what? They're ADOPTED BROTHERS! Mwahahahahahahahaha! So there's no "sprinkle of incest"! want my REAL rant on pairings? Well, ok, here goes:
1) Yu Quan/Shao Qi (Tai Ji Zong Shi) Soooo cute! Oh, the fluff! In each episode, there's just enough without overly sapping it.
2) Ulrich/Yumi (Code Lyoko) As quoted from CF, this pairing "is PROMOTED. It's not hinted, it's PROMOTED!"
3) Jeremie/Aelita (Code Lyoko) It's just cute. I know how Jeremie like someone that isn't real...or close to not being real anyway.
4) Kyou/Alice (Alice 19th) This is pretty cute! I love how it unfolds for Alice--she doesn't even try; things just work her way. Wish that was true in real life...
5) Syaoran/Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura) Oh, God, how could I forget this_
6) Ash/Misty (Pokemon) SO WHAT? I happen to used to LIKE Pokemon, OKAY!
7) Yuu/Miki (Marmalade Boy) It's just...cute! Soooo cute! From one of the top soap operas out there_
8) Kanata/Miyu (Daa Daa Daa) See above_
9) Daisuke/Riku (DN Angel) It's so sweet how they emerge together from the tangled love square!
11) Banjo/Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) Dammit I know it's wrong, but's SO CUTE!
12) Chrono/Rosette (Chrono Crusade)
13) Roy/Riza (Full Metal Alchemist) Riza is so so so pretty! Too bad Roy's a womanizer though -.-
14) Brago/Sherrie (Zatchbell) Uh DUH BS! It's a SIGN!
15) Wonrei/Li Ren (Zatchbell) THEY KISSSSSSSSSSSED!
16) Will/Lyra (The Amber Spyglass) Yes...they're a book pairing...SO WHAT?
17) Langdon/Sophie (The Da Vinci Code) I've taken note of every single hint!
18) Sorata/Arashii (X/1999) C'mon just get together already!
19) Zabusa/Haku (Naruto) Must I comment? It's obvious that they're together!
20) Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter) Ooooh yeah, the 6th book, I bow down to you!

You know, I've noticed something. The more I lack any sort of romance in my life, the more I love seeing other people enjoy theirs. _ Which makes me sugary. Yeah, that's my analysis. ;;

To everyone and anyone who takes Chem: THE SAFETY VIDEO_ Ooh, the stabbing and the blood and the glass randomly breaking...tis fun.

VPT: Villians are People Too
Hug a Cartoon Villian Today!
Co-Head of F.L.U.F.F
Proud Co-Founder of the Bangs-to-Angst Ratio

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