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Author has written 7 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Wolf's Rain, Misc. Anime/Manga, and Avengers.

You'd like to know more about me? Really?! Well, okay. :)

I'm a proud American that loves to daydream, work with animals, and write. I've joined this site back in '08 and over that space of time, I like to think that my writing has evolved for the better. No Long in the Human World to my latest work is a fine example. When I first began writing, I strickly only wrote anime, now; however, I'm starting to write with "real people." Princess of Asgard (PoA) is my first "real people" fanfic and I have more swirling around in my head. My forte is mostly fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural and romance; I have a feeling I'd suck at writing mystery, since I'm so blunt.

Although I love all my stories, I kinda lost the umph to continue writing my anime stories faithfully. MARVEL, Supernatural, and Phantom of the Opera have stolen my heart for the time being. I'm now into the habit of writing more chapters before posting them. That is... if people review/follow them. ;)

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Archive of Our Own:

- For more... mature/explicit scenes.

Princess of Asgard(PoA):
I'm Tessa Rosalin Maberry of NYC & NJ. I'm an actress of many movies/plays, a singer of songs, & former model of poses. My family & friends are very important to me. I believe in heroes,those who wear capes & can fly & those who cannot, & I believe that every girl/woman is a princess & should be treated as such. And, I often wonder how my life would be if I was truly royalty.

PoA Characters Models/Face Claims (OCs):
Tessa Rosalin Maberry: Is, as of three months ago, twenty-five years old. When she was a newborn baby she was found on the side of a road, which is not often used, with a silk white nightdress made for an adult dressing her and a sterling silver key nacklace hanging from her neck. She was raised on a farm in NJ with a large group of close friends and a tight-knit family. She always had the feeling that she was adopted, with her family being Italian and dark haired. She dreams big and fights for her dreams. With her first serious boyfriend's (Logan Richardson) death surging her onward, Tessa is now the most sought after young woman for roles for differing movies and plays.
Madison "Madi" Lough: Is twenty-four years old. In her pixie cut brown hair, there's a hot pink streak. She's very smart, but not stuckup. She works two jobs with...difficult bosses and a good pay. She's fair. She keeps Tessa grounded.
Logan Richardson: Dead. Died from an advanced stage of leukemia. He was a tall, lanky boy with dark brown curls and kind brown eyes. He loved playing the guitar and listening to Tessa sing. Laying on his death bed, he made her promise to become a star. The brightest star in the sky.
Abraham "Ab"Louis Maberry: Father to Tessa and owner of the Maberry Farmland, which is a professional stud farm and houses theatrical jousting. After a near death experience, he retired from jousting. Although, he does continue to ride and teach others how to joust. He's furiously protective of his family.
Rosabella Myla Maberry: Maiden name: Celestina. Mother to Tessa and co-owner of the Maberry Farmland. Rosabella is a good/protective mom (often classified as Momma Bear to the press), a faithful wife, and a loud Italian woman who can cook circles around most people. She is caring to all she meets; unless, someone challenges her way of life. Once Ab's accident happened she begged him to quit jousting and simply work as a farm man. She begrudgingly allows him to teach it.
Uncle Pete: Big brother to Ab, and Uncle to Tessa. Pete is a large, heavty, grizzily man with an even bigger personality. His family comes first, his animals nearly tied for that position, and then his job. He works with Ab on the Farmland -- also a retired jouster.
Thomas "Tom" Deering Bates: Is twenty-six years old. A dear friend of Tessa and Madison. He was in Paris, France during the attack on Manhattan, New York. He's a professional photographer for People's magazine. He's sweet, fun-loving, and loves smiling and making others smiling.
Dreng Ivarson: Dead. He was the farmhand to the Royal Family and lover to the Princess of Asgard. He was hanged for murdering a young Lord, who was engaged to the Princess and attempted to rape her.
Another picture of Dreng 'cause his face claim is so damn sexy.
Gersemi Jaridottir: The Princess' handmadien; her best (and only) true friend. She was more of a sister, than a friend or servant. She knew of Dreng before anyone else. Gersemi is a soft spoken, kind-hearted, sensitive, rule abiding young woman. She is also easily manipulated if friends are used as bait. Gersemi was sold to a brothel by her father. The Princess saved ("bought") her and their friendship flourished.
Lodur Leifson: Royal Sorcerer/Alchemist. He created the potion that caused everyone in Asgard to forget and remember the Princess.
Randolph: (He has icy blue eyes and a longer beard.) Grand library's librarian.

The Norse Gods and Goddesses (Not OCs per say):
Tyr: Wolf's Joint, One-hand. God of War. MORE TO COME
Balder Odinson: The youngest son of Odin and Frigga. He was sweet and loving, trained to become a warrior like his king father and brother. Was killed at a young age by poison. MORE TO COME

UPCOMING Projects!

Frost Bitten (FB):
Carina, her name is Carina, and she, unlike so many, is gifted with a shrouded purpose. She can feel it - the cold flowing inside her like rapid rivers and roaring waterfalls. "Never be afraid of it," a man whispers in her head, "else it will take over." Steve/OFC

Characters Models/Face Claims (OCs):

Carina Bianca Coulson: Is a young woman, twenty-two years young, with a Masters Degree in Art. While she is able to paint and sketch, take breath-taking photos, and weave/tapestry, her specialty is sculpting. Ice sculpting specifically.
Her imagination takes her to wild and interesting places. It often comes to her creating what she sees. Sometimes she does so unwillingly; her natural born powers see to that. From a young age she was able to control her powers, listening to the accented voice inside her head. "Never be afraid," he always said, "else it will take over." With his help, the random sculptures were a thing of the past. Then, he simply vanished.
Phil Coulson: Father to Carina, agent to S.H.I.E.L.D.
Coulson had always known of her abilities, all of S.H.I.E.L.D. has known she was a baby. Since she could control it, Coulson saw no need to send her away to Xavier's Institute. He even enjoyed the little gifts she made for him -- the ones in the winter were the most beautiful. He loves her as any great father loves a daughter.
When she went missing...he had all but lost it. He (and Fury) sent agents all across the globe in search for her; fearing the worst. Three years are a very long time to a grieving father.
Yet, she found them as they found her.
Floki: A common house kitten. Why Carina named him that, she has no idea.
Louis Ralph Odden: A young man, whose known Carina all her life -- since they were children. He's a couple years older than her; they started dating when she turned sixteen. He helped her with her studies and sculpting projects. Never has he seen her ice and snow powers.
They "split up" when she was twenty-one.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Shepard:
Victoria wakes with a jolt -- her stomach drops to her feet, while her heart rises to her throat -- feeling ice cold. Colder than she has ever felt before. Her bones ache as she rises; she just wants to curl back up in a ball and sleep. Her eyes widen when she sees her hands covered in slick, warm blood and tastes copper in her mouth. OMC/OFC

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Shepard Characters Models/Face Claims (OCs):

Victoria Rose Shepard: At the young age of sixteen, she lost her parents and was accused of murdering them. She was found in the woods behind her house, covered in fresh blood, and surrounded by large paw prints. She was found innocent; the authorities were led to believe that a cougar (or tiger) had killed them.
After the hearing, Vicky was sent to a foster home. She bounced from home to home for two years; she constantly went out at night to Her bones told her to -- told her to run on and on, until she couldn't any more. Daily, nightly, her bones itched and ached to move -- to change. She's an animorph: she can change into any animal her bones wish.
When her rage takes over her, she changes into a raging beast. What, she has no idea. Even when she's twenty-three, she can't control it.
Richard Lo Wulf: An undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent, who trained beside Agent Grant Ward. The two finished their training at the top of their class. During those years of hard and brutal training, a sort of companionship formed. Although, both would never say it out loud, they consider themselves to be brothers.
Since the death of Mr. and Mrs. Shepard, S.H.I.E.L.D. has been following Victoria. The fact that the large cat paw prints led to nowhere but her...intrigued them. Richard (aka Lone Wolf) was assigned to follow and break Victoria by any means necessary. To know what truly happened to her parents. For those seven years he's followed her and lost her when tracking from afar. He had to get close to her; he had not expected to actually fall in love with her. He's been compromised.
Obi Onaedo: She is a well-known, and well-respected, journalist for BleedingHeart magazine. This company features the common celebrity interviews, what to wears, what to have, and short stories.
Obi is a determined and fierce woman; she's not afraid to speak up. At the age of thirty, (now thirty-seven for story) she climbed up the ladder at the BleedingHeart company. Becoming a manager for the one in NYC -- the home office being in California.
When Vicky sat down for an interview, with just a thin folder of her own short works, Onaedo did not see a trailed, cold-hearted killer (as many have called her), but a young woman who knew how to write. She was hired.
Abigail Lynn Jenkins: The kind, passionate, mother-figure for all that gets close to her. She is a professional dance teacher. She's a single mother to Antonia -- and a surrogate mother to Vicky.
She married young and had Antonia at a rather young age. When she was pregnant, she and her husband didn't have a penny to their name. It was hard for them. It had gotten so difficult that the husband left before Abigail gave birth. She had to move back with her parents' house.
Abigail had multiple jobs to get a decent paycheck -- at one point she even stripped cause the pay was so good. Her pride got too much in the way though. After a few years of searching for a decent dancing job (she loves to dance), she came across a small studio. There she excelled in ballet, flamenco, and Latin dancing. Now, at forty-seven, she teaches and this is her only job.
Antonia Jenkins: A very sweet and childish young woman that goes with the flow and loves to dance. While she takes (free) dance classes alongside her mother, she is a waitress at a local diner with Victoria.
She isn't one to follow major news events; other than the Avengers. Antonia didn't know who Victoria was when they first met at work. Nor did she care when she found out. (She's twenty-two.)
Jack Tyler Williams: A beloved professional novelist with lots and lots of tattoos. Through his works he writes about his hardships -- changing names and dates and tweaking the truth a smidgen. Only to leave the reader feeling great heartache.
Jack was sexually abused by his mother and the "guests" she brought home, he dealt with drugs, and drowned his sorrows in alcohol. His life was in a downward spiral for years. He was in and out of jail for years.
The last jail he was in had the Second Chance program; a program where the detainees train abused dogs. Jack's life changed for the better after that program -- he trained four dogs. He cared for one new born pup, a four month old pup, an old gray face dog, and a young, reckless wild thing. He had to train himself to care and love them. Once out of jail, he got his life together.
A few years after his third novel, after he got his dog, Yeller, he met Victoria. She e-mailed him, telling him how much she loved his books and (on a whim) would like to discuss other works. He knew about her and her trail; he was apprehensive to meet her of course. However, he's glad that he did. He even became her mentor! (Jack is thirty-five.)
Yeller: A six year old, yellow English Labrador. A companion, buddy to Jack.

A Heart of Scales and Ice:
Blah, blah, blah, blah.

A Heart of Scales and Ice Characters Models/Face Claims (OCs):

Astlyr Reiderdottir: blah
Reider: blah
Gale: Blah

Cheza's (Wolf's Rain) Lullaby:
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah...
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney...
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Omen nio hah...
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah...
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney...

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