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Love life:


Music tastes:

I love all music. I have a large music collection over 35,000 songs.


Hmmm, where do I begin? Well, for starters, I am a computer junkie. I work for Apple Inc as a Mac-Specialist and I'm training for my Genius certifications. I know the big three OSs (Windows, Macs, Linux) in and out. Sigh, I live on the computer. I build and repair computers...have been for 12 years now. I also design basic websites. I also specialize in programming (C, Objective C, Java, Cocoa, AppleScript, Automator Actions, etc). I am also on the Mac OS X dev. team and the iPhone dev. team as well. So yes, I am obsessed with computers. I love writing FanFictions. Besides that, I love making AMVs. You can see my AMVs here. I also have things up on DeviantART as well. Feel free to checkout my deviant art profile here. I'm also reachable/available on Twitter. You can follow my Twitter page here. I do have MySpace as well. You can follow me on MySpace here. I have Facebook too. You can add me/view me on Facebook here. Also, check out my personal website here.

I love Music, Movies, FaceBook, etc. I do have a life outside computers. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I enjoy outdoor activities like Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Boating, Fishing, etc. I don't work out as much as I would like. I do lap swimming and have a gym membership in my condo complex. I do walk 2 miles everyday and ride my bike too. WOW, I guess I work out more than I think. I can't drive since I am legally blind. So, I don't do a lot of sports. That's ok though, I do get exercise.

Quotes that have inspired me:

"Nothing starts until you take action. If you have time to worry, just run!" - Sonic The Hedgehog, STH NextGen

"Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain? It lets you know you're not dead yet." - Master Chief from GI Jane

"Any 'Solution' that leads to a problem isn't a solution -- it's just a PROBLEM!" - Someone on

"Don't give up the ship in a storm because you cannot direct the winds. And don't arrogantly force strange ideas on people who you know have set their minds on a different course from yours. You must strive to influence policy indirectly, handle the situation tactfully, and thus what you cannot turn to good, you may at least--to the extent of your powers--make less bad. For it is impossible to make all institutions good unless you make all men good, and that I don't expect to see for a long time to come." - Thomas More, Utopia

The History:

Growing up in the 90's, I always loved Sonic The Hedgehog. Recently, I got back in touch with the 90's side of me when I bought NextGen Sonic The Hedgehog on Xbox360. Having played that, I got myself caught up with the latest TV shows and the movie and the latest games as well, in addition to getting Mega Collection Plus to play all the old classics. I am a huge Tails fan because I am very geeky when it comes to gadgets, and like him, I have the latest and greatest technology. I also fly planes, so naturally, I always have liked Tails.

Why i write FanFictions:

Well, like a lot of people, it is a way to express my imagination skills, just like making my AMVs. I write FanFictions because...well...I love to write. I have a BA in English, History, and Communications. Now that I have good writing skills, I want to give back to my favorite Sonic character, Tails. Tails is my alter-ego. Like Tails, I fly airplanes and know a lot about them. I am also very technical and have lots of the newest technologies out there. I love technology and fixing things. So, this is how I can give back to my childhood hero, Tails.

Summaries of Completed Works:

Well, I don't have any published completed works yet. I do have completed Works though entitled the BD Series. They involve Tails in some crazy adventures, but they are in a specific order. 5 are completed, with a 6th one in progress.

I don't want to post my other WIPs because I don't want my ideas stolen or plots given away. All my FanFics are tied together. So that's why I am working on Tails' Turmoil first...so the other Fics will make sense as they are posted.

My Cousin (and brother at heart) are co-authoring a FanFic that will take a lot of time to complete.

Also i just want to say a big thank you to all those who have read and reviewed my work and continue to do so. I also extend my gratitude to those who have added my works to their favourites. Anyway, I love what I have read so far of the Tails FFs. I'll be sure to R&R soon.

Peace all!

My FanFictions are dedicated to:

Silver M. (My Cousin, Brother at heart)

Cream M. (His sister)

Tikal M. (Cousin's cousin)

Rouge M. (A dear friend)

Blaze R. (Cousin's GF)

Audra B. (My sister)

Mitch B. (Her BF)

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