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Author has written 27 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, Final Fantasy XII, Avatar: Last Airbender, Final Fantasy X-overs, Death Note, Ugly Betty, Metroid, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Dead Space, and Legend of Korra.

about me ...

is . . .

a girl. a virgo. born on 8/27.

my nom de guerre is ... the blearing phoenix

my nom de guerre used to be ... terrismoon

i'm between the ages of ... celebrating being 18 everyday . . . _

i reside in ... the suburban state on the east coast side. try to guess, it's pretty easy really.

my real given name is ... to be announced ... yeah, SURE.

things i can tolerate or i just generally like = rain showers, snow flurries, brown-haired guys (it's an obsession), FFXII, basch x penelo (it's an incurable disease), ashe x balthier, vaan x penelo, basch x ashe, balthier x fran (small doses at times), my vast collection of stuffed animals, small aquatic animals, novels (i.e. my mother's copy of "Pride and Prejudice" or her copy of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame") , video-games, English class, sketching, talented artists who know how skillful they are (i seriously admire people who are confident like that. it's just awe-inspiring, you know), pizza, vegetables, Wendy's, and French class.

things i can not tolerate or i just generally dislike = ignorant people, tomatoes, racist people, people who are just too overly angst-y for words (lighten up!), and odd pairings that would normally make me gag and/or question your sanity (sorry if that sounds harsh but it is the truth) (i.e. gaara and temari or sakura and ino /no, way ... gaara should be alone or with sakura or tenten or something but not with his sister! ew. and sakura and ino ... no comment, that's just wrong and it defies the natural order of things./, rabid little dogs (yes, i know it's random, but seriously ... little white dogs are EVIL ... at least to me), and people who write stories that would make a First Grader's work look like a literary masterpiece.

my pet peeves = loud incessant burping, the incorrect usage of past and present tenses, people forgetting to freaking indent their paragraphs and space them (i can't tolerate that, i mean we were taught to do that in fourth grade, i believe, or at least i was. ), the incorrect usage of certain vocabulary words (i don't need to give examples for that, do i?), and people who constantly ask me for pencils or other writing utensils (it's like they never heard of the dollar store, really. and they never give back my pencils/pens unless i remind them that they're holding them still.)

my favorite books of all time = the thief lord (even though it's recommended for twelve-year-olds, i still adore it. the ending was just way too random for me though. i mean freaking magical carousels in italy with runaway kids and eccentric detectives. please, what the heck is that all about?!), the harry potter series, his dark materials trilogy: book iii - the amber spyglass (i need book i and ii desperately. see, phillip pullman is a literary sci-fi/fantasy god -- it's official), the hunchback of notre dame (seriously quasimodo and dom claude can grow on you. and the ending was just poignant -- the whole story was just touching to no end.), and alice in wonderland by lewis carrol (never mind that i first read it at the age of nine. never mind that it was my very first multi-chapter story, ever ... i still love it.)

my favorite movies of all time = i don't have a lot of movies that i particularly fancy. but here are the ones that i somewhat like ...

the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring, the lord of the rings: the two towers, pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest, spider-man i and ii, the lord of the rings: the return of the king, and shrek i and ii.

see, i'm not big on movies ... i'm really not big on movies.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets (slightly darker than the first. i just love it, but i have a low tolerance for ginny weasley ... a very, very low tolerance for her. i suppose it's because i like hermione's more brazen and more intelligent and analytical approach to things. she's more likeable to me in this one as she's more involved in the whole scheme.)

my favourite video-games of all time = (in chronological order) final fantasy tactics, soul calibur ii, soul calibur iii, final fantasy vi (i JUST got this one a few weeks ago!), final fantasy vii, and final fantasy xii.

my favourite anime/manga of all time = again, as with my "movies" section, i don't have a lot of anime/manga that i like only because school is taking away from my life. (cries here) so i rarely get to watch any new anime on adult swim, if at all.

- naruto

- inuyasha

- bleach

- yu-gi-OH! (oh hush, i used to watch this show. i liked yugi, tea, and joey. i loved all of the darn characters ... i even thought mai was cool with her awesome harpy cards. the blue-eyes white dragon was my favorite card out of yugi's deck, but i can't remember how he obtained it. i even had a little thing for kaiba ... everytime he came on drools a bit ... ah sighs he was so taciturn some times.)

my favorite pairings (the ones i ship - canon and non-canon) video-games, anime/manga, books, and movies:

inuyasha and kagome (it's a mixture between an alternate universe and an original universe that i place them in. i just really enjoyed viewing them banter with one another and i loved how inuyasha put on that "devil-may-care ... NOT" sort of attitude around her in the beginning. as the two began to tolerate each other and as they dove into the fray between naraku and co. they seemed to develop feelings between each other. but on inuyasha's part it took a longer time for him to fully accept how he was feeling towards kagome because he still harbored some light romantic ties to kikyo (i CAN'T stand her she just needed to leave him alone in the first season and stop tracking him down like some phantasmal stalker). but yeah, you will see me ship some of this pairing out every once in awhile.

- sasuke and ten-ten (usually the universe they're in is AU; okay, honestly this is done merely for experimentation purposes. it's one of those fruitless possibilities that you test out just for the heck of it. it's like, penelo and basch, really, without the evidence of cut scenes and similar back-stories.)

- naruto and sakura (naruto; oh, sure naruto seems like your typical goofy, immature, teenager, but really underneath all that, he's a blooming and maturing kid. he has a shady past, all we know is that he was born with the nine-tailed demon fox invested within him. and that's cause enough for some well granted attention. sakura can't stand him at first, but, eventually she learns to tolerate him and she gets to understand him. little by little, (possibly due to their strong connections with the corrupted sasuke uchiha) they start to grow on one another and they become more than teammates. they share an understanding and they're aware of what they have to do.

in short, they grow and mature alongside each other. they learn from each another. they learn to like and tolerate each other.

- quasimodo and la esmeralda (the hunchback of notre dame; it's really more of a blossoming friendship than anything else, since they were ostracized from their society.) oh, and esmeralda and quasimodo are both sweet, honest, loving, and intelligent characters. they're realistic and they're raw and powerful. they feel emotions deeply -- truly deeply -- like it's all rooted in their brains and in the stems of their hearts -- deep. i love characters like that. and you can sympathize with them and their tragic lives and their tragic deaths -- because both of their deaths were untimely and tear-jerking-ly sad (yes, i'm aware that "tear-jerking-ly is not a real adjective).

- balthier and ashe (final fantasy xii; possibly the most canon pairing in the game, yet. they only get three - four cut scenes together. and because of the serious lack of character interaction, the scenes barely touch upon their personalities and pasts. they only give us brief looks at them.)

- hermione and harry (the harry potter series; i actually rooted for them when the first three books came out, but after j.k. rowling paired hermione up with ron, i felt like crying. hermione and harry are like tea and crackers to me -- they just fit. harry actually came from a muggle/witch/wizard family whereas hermione came from a muggle family with traces of magical blood in her lineage. can you say, "coincidental much?".

the two of them would share some mutual understanding because of that, yes, and hermione is always trying to help harry out of his problems. plus, whenever they banter (however rare it is) it's enough cause for an 'aww' moment. oh, and before i forget they seriously kick some death-eater ass.)

- sephiroth and tifa (you know tifa as the kind fighter who worked as a bar hostess in the final fantasy vii video-game. you know sephiroth as the legendary villain of the video-game who was under the mind manipulations of jenova, whom he believed to be his "mother". poor guy. poor tifa. i like the way you can put these two in any situation and somehow make it work, granted, that you characterize them properly. i'm not a die hard cloti fan or a cleris fan, i'm a darn seph/tif fan. ha, seph/tif, and if you can't handle the fics that i'll be writing around this pairing then you don't have to read it. i have a warped mind already (glances down at her "sugar rain" fic) so be cautious about flaming me or telling me that i didn't stay true to the game. i'll be making sephiroth's personality as true to the game and to the movie as i possibly can but there might be tiny little flaws. i'm sorry for harping on and on about it but i don't take flaming (totally different from constructive criticism by the way) lightly and i'm just writing this to warn all of you guys out there that seem to take personal pleasure in degrading someone and their budding craft.

that said, i hope all of you cloti fans don't take any personal offense to me putting tifa and sephiroth together. i hope you can tolerate my crazy writing style and that you can welcome this new pairing with half-opened arms.

thanks for reading this!

- vaan and penelo(final fantasy xii; they both lost their family, they both reside in lowtown. penelo is vaan's babysitter (in my eyes at least), penelo actually grew up with reks and vaan so they're like her adopted family of sorts, and they quarrel like an old married couple.) is there anything else that i have to point out to you about this couple, guys XD? they're adorable!

- penelo and basch (final fantasy xii; what sixteen-year-old doesn't fantasize over some handsome, hunky, 30-something-year-old guy. unless that 30-something-year-old isn't hot or isn't hunky? i know i do that all the time ... ahem. basch is penelo's self-proclaimed father-figure, he never teases her as if she were a mere child like balthier does. and if he does tease her he does it sincerely.

he's over-protective of everyone (including her, c'mon look at that brief dialogue exchanged between them in the ogir-yensa sandsea, unless you missed on it or skipped it). the two of them know what it's like to lose loved ones (well the entire cast can empathize with each other on that but ... you get what i mean.) and despite their ONE blasted scene together, i believe you can work off of their personalities and form something from their past experiences.

oh and age, never really bothered me much, especially when i realized that there are 40-something-year-old women out there who date 20-something-year-old guys. if an old geezer can date a slutty teen, than a loyal adorable-to-bits knight can certainly date an orphaned-dancing-martial arts-fighting-teen.)

oh, i forgot to add...

larsa and penelo (final fantasy xii; larsa is the kind-hearted, overly mature, serious-at-times, prince of archadia. he protects penelo from the confrontation that brings dalmasca to her knees. he oversees that she's cared for, and he also gives her a pretty darn useful charm to boot. (and i believe that you carried it around with you temporarily until you had to do that "mjrn retrieval-mission-thingy".)

he assures her of his older brother's "good" intentions. he convinces her about archadians and how some of them aren't all uppity and mightier-than-thou. penelo is only too glad to write back to him after the devastating events between archadia and her past rival, dalmasca is resolved. there is an implication of a growing relationship between the two at the ending of FFXII. but like everything else in this game, everything is left purely up to speculation.

still there's always a possibility ... right?

oh, and like basch and penelo, age truly never mattered to me with these two. larsa's probably around twelve-years-old in the game, at least. penelo's sixteen-years-old. as they grow older the whole age disparity thing will diminish.

everyone seems older than you when you're around fifteen-years-old. :(

spoilers ahead. i'm warning all of you people who haven't played the game yet!

basch and ashe (final fantasy xii; basch is ashe's loyal knight, he's way too stubborn to ever admit his feelings for her, if he has any for her at all. ashe is just as stalwart and just as stubborn as he is, she's also quite determined. she has the natural qualities of a leader and she demonstrates it at every chance she gets. still she displays some naivete and she does learn to forgive and forget when it comes to basch's supposed betrayal. when all the puzzle pieces are back in their spot, the princess takes up her position next to her knight. but by that time, basch has already abandoned her to fulfill his brother's wishes.

i believe that something can be formed from basch's and ashe's compatibility with one another. their friendship and devotion to one another stems from years of interaction with one another. they're like the toned down version of balthier and fran without all the speculations of 'what ifs' and 'is it love' (s).

balthier and fran (final fantasy xii; this is a challenge for any writer of any real level (whether high or low, it's still bound to be puzzling) to me. balthier is our suave sky-pirate, fran is our wise-beyond-her-years viera who also serves as his partner (not his lover, you silly fishes, but his sky-pirating partner). yet, what they're relationship is ... is merely based on our guesses. from what i can rummage up through the cut scenes they share, i'd safely assume that they have a strong bond. it's probably very much like the ones found amongst companionable best friends.

their bond is one filled with silent communications and already finished sentences (i'm assuming. remember square-enix didn't give us much character development and interaction. so we have to fill in the deeper gaps of the characters' relationships with one another). it's filled with strong devotion, and constant interactions with one another (whether physical or communicative).

it's borne from the seed of familiarity and mutual understanding. balthier ran from his maniacal father and his dead mother and fran ran from the restrictions of her viera tribe. they both lost something valuable -- they both understand each other's pasts and they respect each other's decisions.

if you ever do this pairing and if you succeed in characterizing fran (because she's just as tricky as balthier. she's not as capricious, yet she's less talkative) then i'll give you a cookie for the work. because doing these two is like tackling bonnie and clyde or something.

vaan and fran (final fantasy xii; i swear its total crackdom at its best.) again, as with tenten and sasuke and even spehiroth and tifa, this is done for recreational and experimentation purposes ONLY. don't take it too seriously, please.

Right on to the updates ...

If you read all of that by the way, then I have to seriously commend you for the effort, because I tend to bore myself to death writing out stuff like this.

Thanks for taking a peek at this if you did,

Love you all,

x The Blearing Phoenix

EDITED! Updates: 9/28/'08 NOTE: Hey people, I'm still alive and I still have the greatest urge to write so I won't be diving off the face of the Earth anytime soon. I just put up Checkmate which is an AU third-person story set in New York (I'm using that place a lot lately ) that features characters from: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Final Fantasy: VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, and XII. Namine and a mysterious redhead are my primary characters for this story because I wanted something totally different. The whole tone of the story is darker and more dramatic than any work I've ever done and it's going to drain me. So I hope that all of the time I put into this will not be wasted in vain. Thanks so much for your cooperation and stay well.

The Blearing Phoenix (T.B.P.)

NEW! Update: 10/20/08 NOTE: The evil plotbunny had struck again! The new Final Fantasy VII story is going to be the first multi-chapter one that I've ever written. It's a total AU but it's still set in the universe of Gaia so don't worry. It's going to be a gasp Aer/Seph! Yeah wait for it, okay! It's going to be awesome. I'm thinking of making it a total love rectangle: Tifa likes Cloud but Cloud likes Aeris. However Aeris only sees Cloud as a good friend and she somehow falls for Sephiroth. Like I said this is an AU; it's set before the events of FVII so everyone's all happy-wappy and nice (sort of)! If the niceness disturbs you then when I put this up: Turn away, seriously run, and remember that I warned you.

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