The Citrus Tree Contest 2011
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Write a citrus filled story starring your favorite SVM characters. Each chapter must contain at least ONE lemon or limeWrite it classy or trashy, either way, it should be filled to the brim with sex.


What is a lemon? Wikipedia defines a lemon as: Lemon features explicit sex stories, and they sometimes fall under the broader PWP distinction. The name derives from a term which comes from a Japanese slang term for “sexy” that itself derives from an early pornographic anime series called Cream Lemon.

What is a lime?
Wikipedia defines a lime as: The term lime denotes a story that has sexual themes but is not necessarily explicit. Authors may call their stories “citrusy”, indicating that their story is a lemon or lime to varying degrees.

For the sake of this contest and appropriateness, Limes can be anything from strong sexual tension to soft core but there should be attraction there from the first chapter.

What is PWP?
Wikipedia defines PWP as: ”Porn without plot” or “Plot? What plot?” are terms used to indicate that a story contains little or no plot, and instead contains little more than sexual interactions or pornography; PWP is also called smut.



Virgin and Experienced should take a shot!

Participants from sites other than are encouraged to enter!

100 – 100,000 words including Authors Notes and header.

If you can’t make it work with that much range then this contest might not be right for you!

There are two categories to choose One-Shot or Multi- Chapter Fic. No limit on the amount of chapters but do not forget each chapter must have some form of sexual theme.

Canon SVM, AU, OOC or AH! No Crossfics, please!

Open pairings but slash, BDSM, and other extremes must contain BOLD WARNINGS in the A/N.

Entries require a beta through the whole piece. If you know you need one, there are people to help you.

Maximum 3 entries. Collaborations welcome but each person can only have 3 submissions total.

Must be a new story. If we see it was posted before the submission date it will be disqualified and removed from the C2 and voting.

Include a disclaimer (on each chapter) that you do not own the SVM characters.

Be sure to give credit to any media that influences you

.Must be 18 years old to enter this contest!

Gratuitous violence or rape will not be tolerated. Pedophilia will not be tolerated. Just because it is labeled BDSM doesn’t mean that if you create a rape scene to force the character into submission it will be allowed. Your story will instantly be pulled from the C2 and blogs. Please use good judgment when writing questionable themes in your story. Remember YKINMK “Your kink is not my kink” when writing.

Be sure to direct people to this blog for voting. We will be using to tabulate votes as well as the polling Voting begins Oct 1st and ends Oct 23rd.

Send a direct link to your story when you enter.

Entries Dates and Requirements:

Submissions begin: Monday, August 1st, 2011
Final submission: Friday, September 30th, 2011 @ 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.
This contest requires your story to be marked complete by Midnight CST on Sept 30th. No exceptions.

Public voting runs from October 1st- 23rd.

Judges vote runs from October 1st- 23rd.

Please vote, it is the only way to make sure your favorite gets the recognition it deserves!

Winners Announced October 28th by Midnight CST!

Send entry location link in an email to [email protected].

Title the email Contest Submission By: (Pen Name).


We are honored to welcome the following as your judges: Crisi TM, LadyHlin, murgatroid-98, Jan of Arc, Fairyblood, Violetbat and AuntieL!

Judges will be given a judging sheet and asked to score up to 20 points for writing, 10 points for grammar, 10 points for diction, 10 points for characters, 10 points for dialogue, 10 points for organization/ structure, 10 points for creativity, 15 points for emotional impact and 5 points for quality of topic. The maximum score a story can receive is 100 points.

Those scores will be averaged in with the percentage of the public vote received to come up with overall winners in the 2 categories.

Winners and Prizes:
1st place One-Shot

2nd place One- Shot

3rd place One-Shot

One-Shot Host Pick

1st place Multi-Chapter Fic

2nd place Multi-Chapter Fic

3rd place Multi-Chapter Fic

Multi-Chapter Fic Host Pick

Each winner will receive a banner for their story and 1st place in each category will get a custom designed coffee mug.

Send entries to [email protected]!

All fics must contain the following info in it’s Authors Note on the first chapter: Contest Name, Title of Story, Pen Name, Beta Name (Include all you use), and Disclaimer.

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