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Vote for the 2nd chapter here, Firm members!

Please note: The poll will be open through July 5th, 2010 only, so please vote as soon as possible! Thank you.

Hey, everybody! Welcome to The Firm.

For those of you who would like to know what The Firm is, we are a collaborative headed by camnstarr4eva, and co-run by Jusmine. We have two projects currently running, the details of which are below.

We have Arithilim to thank for our lovely icon. Give her a big hand, everybody!

The Firm is now hosting a Prompt Challenge!

So this is the deal:

Each month, we will post four prompts. Anyone who wishes to participate may write as many of them as they wish.

The prompt must be written as a new story (sometimes known as a "promptshot"), not as a chapter of an existing story, or as a sequel to an existing story.

The oneshots cannot be posted until the last week of the month, so that no one's interpretation of the prompt is clouded by what others have written.

The oneshots will be posted on your own accounts, but the summaries are required to state that it is part of The Firm's Prompt Challenge, along with the prompt, and the month.

When you post a promptshot, please PM Jusmine with the story's name, so that we can add the story to our C2.

Prompts for June 2010:

1. Regression
2. Cigarette
3. Pain
4. Rules

Promptshots can be posted between June 25 and July 1.

Please remember to PM Jusmine or camnstarr4eva when you post a promptshot! We wouldn't want to miss putting your promptshot into our C2.

Prompts responses for previous months can be found here:C2.

The other, original, Firm project is a group of people writing an Alex Rider story together, round-robin.

Here are some details:

-Each participant writes one or two paragraphs when we send it to them.
-There is no set plot, but the story must be as realistic as a story about a teenage spy can be.
-The content cannot exceed a rating of "T".
-We will ask you to re-write your paragraph if we don't think that it flows well with the rest of the story.
-We will beta your contribution.
-When you're writing your paragraphs, please remember that somebody else is going to come along after you, and try to figure out what they should write. So please, please, please leave an opening for the next writer!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If you would like to join, please PM camnstarr4eva. Be warned, though, that we may not accept all requests, and we will require you to audition.

The authors who are writing in this collaborative are:





Simply Shelby











Jake Caldefore




Pallas Athen






Whether you're involved with the Firm, want to be, or just want to admire our high level of insanity, check out our forum. Really. You won't regret it. You can find it here. See you there! :)

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