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I've been writing since I was eleven years old and it's an important part of me as a result. I've written four 50,000-word manuscripts during National Novel Writing Month and I'm currently working on another science fiction novel. I'm a pharmacist in the state leading in corn and obesity.

My jams: Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, Beirut

Current reads: A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin

Current viewings: THE LEGEND OF KORRA, Star Wars Rebels

Contact: skype: nopermanentharmdone


Republic Commando: Burdens

Burdens is the culmination of wanting to write some sort of fanfiction in honor of the video game Republic Commando and Karen Traviss' wonderful Republic Commando series. If you like Star Wars and you like the EU or you have read my story and liked it, I highly recommend the series! My story centers around a squad of commandos (Sigma) and the two Jedi who get mixed up in their shenanigans (Padawan Amiel Kurr and Master Signe Amrun). Sigma Squad is comprised of Oni, the squad leader who was originally a sniper and had to take over the leader position when their original leader was lost on Geonosis; Gev, the loud-mouth communications expert who I have given the nickname of "Mr. Totally Uncalled For"; Jatne, the "new recruit" sniper who was so perfect that I had to shoot his ear off; and Morj, Moody McDownerpants and the demolitions man/medic.

Grand Army of the Republic:
Commandos (Sigma Squad):
RC-4111 Oni (Squad Leader)
RC-1788 Jatne (Sniper)
RC-6531 Morj (Demolitions/Medic)
RC-0329 Gev (Communications)
CC-1588 Law (Legion Commander)
CC-1863 Naro (Regiment Commander)
CC-1871 Slon (Regiment Commander)
A-31 Harsh (Captain)
CT-1789 Sprocket (Pilot)
Sergeant Rem Meshkad (Mandalorian)

Jedi Master Mal Vannevar (KIA)
Jedi Padawan Amiel Kurr
Jedi Padawan Lyda Kala (copyright Triya)
Jedi Padawan Sennia Inada (copyright Triya)
Jedi Master Signe Amrun
Jedi Master Guy Ramseur (copyright Triya)
Jedi Knight Avan Kaden

Governor Grenel Fach
Amyr Meshkad
Jatne Meshkad
Tracyn Meshkad


Who will follow orders and who will survive when Emperor Palpatine gives the final order of the Clone Wars? Well, I guess you'll just have to read it.



An Old Republic fic I'm toying with to get excited for the upcoming MMO! I don't have much for it yet, but please check it out! :)


Unfold takes place about a year after the end of the Clone Wars. It follows the story of Jatne Meshkad, son of Amyr and Rem Meshkad, two former Cuy'val Dar training sergeants for clone commandos. Jatne must reconcile his parentless childhood with his present, and he must also overcome his bitterness toward a clone that might as well be his brother. It's going to have a lot of hijinx and adventure, relationship problems, and maybe a little sleaze. :D


The Mandalorians

Jatne Meshkad (22, sniper specialty, mercenary for hire, red armor)
Jaro Meshkad (28 (14) year old clone, sniper specialty, mercenary for hire, second-hand gray armor)
Amyr Meshkad (40, heavy weapons specialty, former clone training sergeant, green armor)
Rem Meshkad (38, assault tactics specialty, former clone training sergeant, silver armor)
Tracyn Meshkad (12, warrior in training, white armor)
Verda Jatekara (28, espionage specialty, Amyr's little sister, purple armor)

Teroch Galaar (22, demolitions specialty, Jatne's childhood friend, mercenary, blue armor)

The Others

Batholdemus Flyn-Jatekara (Total mouthful, huh? 18, Mirialan, former Jedi Padawan, healing specialty, now Verda's son)
Nola Tanostell (23, Imperial Medic Division Pharmacist intern)
Aveena Venadi (23, Rutian Twi'lek, Imperial Senate, and mentioned only in passing)

I really appreciate good feedback. I use fanfiction to practice for my own original work, so if you see anything you love or hate, I would like to hear from you! Thanks!

Oya Manda!

- Toft

PS - icon is Meshkad Sisters, Amyr Meshkad, by Daennika. :) Thanks Dae!!

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Return to Mandalore: Unfold reviews
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