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Hey, Tomoyo Ichijouji here. (If you want to know, yes, the first part of my penname is from Cardcaptor Sakura's Tomoyo Daidouji, and the last part is from Digimon 02's Ken Ichijouji.) I've actually been writing fanfics for a while, but my writing pace is slooooowwww~~~, so I've only actually finished a scanty few. My first finished fanfic (at least ones not written for schoolwork sweatdrop) can't be on here, since it's a type of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story about Pokemon (although, I know how annoying 'bad' endings are, so the actual storyline is the same, just different dialogue, sorta like in RPGs). If you want to know where to find it, go here:
Right now, I'm clinking away at the Princess Tutu fanfic I'm posting on here. It's one of them loooonnng novelesque stories, so it'll take a while. But I'll finish it, someday! (And btw, if you really want to see more of it, chances are I have some more parts of the fanfic posted somewhere @ /~tutufic. You can post comments there, too, even if you aren't signed up, so if you're curious, have a look there too!)
I also have a little Angelic Layer drabble that I dug up from some long time ago that I wrote when I thought ep. 19 could've had a better after-battle talk than it did. It's nothing much but I'm satisfied with it, considering I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it or anything.

06-13-05: I have a fictionpress account! So far I've posted two little works on there that are among my favorites that I did for school. It's the same username as this one:
09-25-05: Also, if you're curious about what the various new characters from my PT fic look like, check out my folder of sketches I've uploaded: /resonance/char-designs-rough/ If you haven't read through most of episodes 27 and 28, there are spoilers, so be warned. It's a mix of old and recently-drawn character sketches, so some are a bit different from each other.
Also, I'm quite busy this year with school and all, so I probably won't be updating very much if at all anytime soon. However, I am still working on the PT fic, and when things get better you can bet I'll be at it again.
05-29-06: I am alive! Really! It's not quite the end of my busy-ness yet, but come summer I'll crank away at my long-dormant PT fic, and you may see something happening here! (For once :D;; )
06-24-06: I'm back to working on the PT fic! And in fact, some new rough scenes are posted on the Tutufic LJ listed above. :) Also, Mangaka-chan has drawn some lovely fanart of a few characters from Chapter of Bird, which you can see at /resonance/char-designs-rough/fanart_by_mangaka-chan/. I've also updated the other character designs folder with some new sketches.

01-04-08: Yes, I am still writing. No, I don't have the next chapter up yet for Chapter of the Bird (if people are still reading that ancient thing XD;; ), but I actually have been working on it (check tutufic LJ if you don't believe me). What I have done just now is to post a few ficlets and drabbles (all in response to prompts or challenges) that I've written over the years and have decided to post here for the record (for the most part they are unedited).

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One day, Sagi receives a letter from a dear friend. A postlude of my post-series fanfic Chapter of the Bird, so contains spoilers for that fanfic's ending.
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