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Twilight Tricks AND Treats Contest

We changed the submission deadline to October 9!

Twilight Tricks AND Treats Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all, and bring us your boooootiful words!

Do you go batty over Halloween? Well, so does your ghostess with the mostest! Whether you cast a spell using a chamber of horrors or bring a little gruesome twosome, or threesome, we want your bewitching words! Just remember, pumpkins come, and pumpkins go, but a jack-o-lantern will steal the show! (Every entry must contain a pumpkin reference of some sort!)

Good luck to all entrants!!!



Secret Keeper




Banner Maker

Mina Rivera



Hadley Hemingway



Postapocalypticdepository (PAD)

Complete list of winners!

Judges' overall picks by score

First Place: Lost Souls

Second Place: Will O' The Wisp

Third Place: Bake Me A Cupcake

Pumpkin Pie Award: Best Use of Pumpkin Lost Souls

Spell-Binding Award - Most Original Plot Sleepy Hollow

Killer Thriller Award - Best Suspense Jack's Little Lambs

Decorator Award - Best Use of Halloween Theme Jack's Little Lambs

Candy Land Award - Best Romance Lost Souls

Haunting Award - Scariest StoryJack's Little Lambs

Individual Judges' Picks

Beegurl13 - Sleepy Hollow

Cejsmom - Bake Me a Cupcake

Postapocalypticdepository - Lost Souls

Contest Administrators' picks

Validator - EnchantedbyTwilight - Sleepy Hollow

Validator - Dinia Steel - Will O' The Wisp

Host's Choice - OhgeeFantasy for Lost Souls

Secret Keeper Lvmi4alwyz - For the Love of Pumpkins and Edward Masen

Public Vote

First Place - Bake Me a Cupcake

Second Place - Sleepy Hollow

Complete list of entries and authors! Truly, you all wrote amazing stories and are all winners in my book! Thank you to each of you for giving your talent to the contest!

1. Title: Sleepy Hollow

Author: Content1

2. Title: Panorama

Author: ForeverRobsesssed

3. Title: Ritual

Auhor: Jmolly

5. Title: Things That Go Bump in the Night

Author: LovePotionsBrewer

6. Title: Jack’s Little Lambs

Author: LadyHazelK

7. Title: Moonlight Castle

Author: Mathisson and Momma2fan

8. Title: Battle as Old as Time

Author: Marie Carro

9. Title: Lost Souls

Author: Content at the Beach (beachcomberic & content1)

10. Title: For the love of Pumpkins and Edward Masen

Author : Ladylibre

11. Title: Fifth and Grand

Author: Collaboration - IfYouWereMine and MapleStyle

12. Title: Bake Me A Cupcake

Author: Newtwilightfan

13. Title: Trickery

Author: BellaC874

14. Title: Trust In The Moon Goddess

Author: CecePrincess1217

All entries must be ANONYMOUS. PLEASE DO NOT divulge any specifics of your story (unless it's to your beta, prereader, or the contest secret keeper in confidence), including the word count, and any other clues as to which entry could be yours.

Please do not post or continue your story anywhere until after the winners have been announced on October 31st. After, please feel free to continue your story into a full length fiction; although, the contest entry must stand alone.

Participants must be 18 or older.

Entries can be any genre, rating, AU, AH, canon, and non-canon pairings.

Entries must be new, original work of the submitting author. One submission per author, although one collaboration with another writer is also permitted.

Entries must be between 5,000 and 12,000 words.

Entries must fit within the theme of the contest or they will be returned unposted. You may revise and resubmit as long as it does not violate the hard limits below.

Entries must be beta’d. We will be validating all entries for grammar, spelling, etc. If there are a large number of errors or the story has issues with readability, then your entry will be sent back to you so that you may edit and revise before resubmitting.

Content Limitations: NO incest, bestiality, rape, Real person fiction, or pedophilia. Offending submissions will be disqualified upon receipt--no resubmissions will be allowed regardless of revisions.


Contest announced July 24, 2015. Submissions should be sent in between September 19 - October 9, 2015. Public voting begins October 10th and ends October 17th. Results will be announced on October 31st 12:00 noon EST on Twitter and the FB group -

Entries should be emailed to Please use word doc format. Do not copy/paste your entry in the body of the email! Entries will be returned to submitting author if there are any concerns upon receipt of entry. If there are no concerns, entries will be posted on at to be open to public reading/voting.


All entries should include the following header:

Penname: (will not be published – only known to the secret keeper)



Title of Story:




Word Count:

Story Summary:

Standard Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable entities herein. No copyright infringement is intended.


1st Place Judges' Vote

2nd Place Judges' Vote

3rd Place Judges' Vote

1st Place Public Vote

2nd Place Public Vote

3rd Place Public Vote

Pumpkin Pie Award: Best Use of Pumpkin

Spell-Binding Award - Most Original Plot

Master of Disguise Award - Best Original Character

Killer Thriller Award - Best Suspense

Decorator Award - Best Use of Halloween Theme

Candy Land Award - Best Romance

Haunting Award - Scariest Story

Host’s Choice

Judges’ Pick

Banner Maker's Pick

Validators' Pick

Secret Keeper's Pick

Wild Pitch by bornonhalloween reviews
Superstar Emmett ("Big Mac") McCarty is a genius on the mound, but fame forces his true desires deep into the shadows. When a certain fan with a knack for numbers catches Emmett's attention, life gets a little bit wild. This NON-drabble story is a prequel to "Benched." M/M Emmett POV. Rated M for major league Edward/Emmett loving.
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Bake Me a Cupcake reviews
Business owner and cupcake chef, Bella Swan, is used to being judged by her dyed hair and piercings. Then a boy who seems to be her polar opposite finds his way beneath her defenses. Over melted toffee and pumpkin cupcakes, she finds herself falling hard. But what if
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Halloween is the time of year when the creatures of the night are at their strongest to wreak havoc and have a little fun … and this year, they have their sight set on Bella Swan.
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Lost Souls reviews
The pumpkin is used to create the jack-o'-lantern, a symbol of lost souls, or so the legend goes. But what you have first is simply a pumpkin. It is the nicks and scars that fashion the jack-o'-lantern, bring it to life, so to speak, much like they do our souls.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,955 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 36 - Published: 10/8/2015 - Bella, Edward - Complete
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This isn't Kansas and this isn't Oz. This isn't the Enchanted Forest where magic pumpkins lead us to our princes and our happily ever after's. This forest is the opposite, dark and haunting in its deadness; a nightmare. We don't know how we got here. All we know is that we are the hunted. BPOV. M for language and one lemon.
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