Twilight Anniversary Challenge
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Hosted by Justine Lark, edward-bella-harry-ginny, and Gleena.

Thank you to all who wrote, read, reviewed and voted for the Anniversary Challenge! I know we were all impressed by the wonderful stories that were submitted; some of them by first-time authors!

First place: Secrets by TheSingingGirl


Second place: An Unexpectedly Good Day by Eagleswings81


Third Place: An Unexpected Surprise by BMC1984


Congratulations to the winners, and fantastic job to all of our authors who participated!

Justine Lark thought fan fiction was a complete waste of time. Her philosophy was: if Stephenie Meyer didn't write it, why would anyone want to read it? Then she took a chance on Dark Side of the Moon! She decided fan fiction could be worthwhile. Apparently Stephenie Meyer was never going to write what Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper said to Edward to prepare him for the honeymoon, so she might as well try to picture it and write it herself. She sat down at her computer and a few days later, on October 30, 2008, she posted her first chapter.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, edward-bella-harry-ginny was trading her Harry Potter fan fiction addiction for Twilight. She had started a Harry Potter fiction but just didn’t get very far before Edward, Bella and company took over. After she read First Light and Brotherhood, she was bitten by the writing bug again and she decided she wanted to know just how Charlie would react if Nessie spilled the beans. On November 4, 2008, she posted her first chapter.

It took a few more months, but in another corner of the country, Gleena was reading Twilight at the behest of her mother. After going through the entire saga five times in a month, she found herself stuck at a week-long conference in January in Minneapolis with little to do in the evenings besides use the free wireless. Desperate internet searches for information about Twilight led to fan fiction sites. A month of frenzied reading later, Gleena decided "I could do that," and proceeded to write the sequel she had wanted to read.

Since then housework, children, paid employment and even our darling, tolerant husbands have suffered a little at times as we've churned out dozens of stories and hundreds of thousands of words, inspired by each other, our readers, the characters of Twilight and pictures— oh the pictures!— of Robert Pattinson.

So in honor of Justine and ebhg’s first year anniversary, we are sponsoring the...

Twilight Anniversary Challenge!


-Canon pairings.

-The story must include an anniversary. Be creative! It can be a 1st or 100th wedding anniversary, a grave-side observance, a celebration of the day a couple met, a remembrance of the death of Bella’s truck-- anything!

-Entries must be an original one-shot of 1,000-15,000 words. (Excluding the header/author's notes)

-English only please, with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. (Nobody is perfect; don’t be afraid to ask someone to edit and revise for you.)

-Be rated K-T.

-No lemons, smut, or anything graphic in nature.


-Any genre/type (angst, romance, suspense, humor, vampire/AU, human, in canon, etc.)

-Any setting/time.

-Any POV.


-Justine Lark, edward-bella-harry-ginny and Gleena each wrote a story for the C2. We'd love to hear what you think! (These stories weren't included in the voting.)


-The first, second and third place stories received a banner designed and created by edward-bella-harry-ginny.

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